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Today’s Nice Guy guest Dr. Phil Carson. Anytime you have a guy that has Feeling Good Friday on his Facebook Page has got to be nice. He is a believer and lover of all things good for you. He talks about a healthier body and a healthier mind, and we know that is NICE. 

Some of the questions you’ll hear today:

Tell us what we are doing wrong?

Dr. Phil, what makes you an authority on this stuff?

We all know soda and fast food is not good for us, but help us make a few good choices right now?

Have you always been into clean eating or is this something new in your life as well?

I have a friend who has a program called, Sitting is the New Smoking. We don’t get enough exercise today, so many people staring at a computer screen. What’s the workaround for this? We all have work to do Dr. Phil.

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