3 Statements That Have No Place in Your Office... or Your Life by Chad Dorman

There are some statements that you hear or, (gasp) may even say to yourself, that can oftentimes be frustrating or even downright aggravating. They may show a moment of weakness, a window in time in which you’d rather give up and give in, rather than give it all you’ve got.

You cannot expect a positive outcome with negative thoughts and the same goes for what you say as well.  You need to change how you think, and change what you say, to instill a positive influence in your life both at work and at home.  Things will, at times, become difficult to manage.  There is no doubting that.  Remember that you need to believe in yourself, take the ‘bull-by-the-horns’ as they say, and strive to overcome the obstacles presented to you.  Opportunities for success come with every issue and crisis - it’s up to you what you do with it.

I can’t.

How do you know?  Did you try?  I mean, did you really try?  You cannot quit on your business, your clients, your team or yourself. Unless you absolutely, positively cannot achieve something due to a physical ailment or illness - continue to work for, and find, a way. Saying ‘I Can’ even in the slightest moment of doubt - taking a positive stance and being proactive - will build confidence in yourself and others to discover the way required to complete the task at hand.  

It is what it is.

This is a statement that tells others that you’ve simply accepted that you cannot do something. And, with that understanding, you will not try. Any way you slice it, this phrase shows that you quit. Don’t quit. Instead, do what you have to do to succeed, to rise above the challenge. Is it a fear of failure? A yearn to just be comfortable, to let others determine your fate? Push those thoughts out of your head.  You could just go with the flow and maybe, just maybe, it’ll take you where you want to be…or you could work hard, grind, hustle, and make something of the yourself and the situation.  This statement ultimately becomes an excuse – work to make a result instead.

I’m not sure.

Fine, so you may be unclear regarding a certain situation.  However, the trouble with this statement is that it portrays a willingness to simply stop – to stop thinking, stop working, stop caring.  Of course, there will be things that you may not understand, or that you cannot control, but what you can always control is your level of effort.  Nothing will ever work for you or your team unless you put forth the work and the effort required to do so.  If you do find yourself saying, “I’m not sure” follow that up with “But I’m working to figure that out” which would, again, show that you are positive, proactive, and ready to hustle and grind in order to BE sure.