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The first week 2019 trading options for Herbalife Nutrition Ltd

The first week of 2019 brought about various trading options for the investors of Herbalife Nutrition Ltd. Before the expiry of the session in August 2019, investors are keen to know the stocks that are likely to bring in the highest returns so that they can invest in them. The problem, however, is that the data available from previous and current trading activities require a lot of interpretations before it can be used to guide future investments.

Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 4.57.29 PM.png

People are pegging their success on the value of time, and therefore, it is good to look at the possible returns on this stock based on time. What we cannot overlook is the fact that currently, there are two stocks that anyone should monitor closely.

The put contract to watch

If you look at the stocks, you will notice a bid of $4.60 attached to a put contract of $57.5. The reason you have to watch this bid closely is that it has the potential to bring high returns before the expiry date. Notice the way that it can make you pay $52.9 for a contract that would cost $58.6. This possibility has led to a lot of interest in this share.

If you are going to invest in it, you need to know the value at which it is likely to expire and the other factors that are likely to affect its performance. It is a good thing that buying this share allows you to keep the premium and therefore, your investment in more secure than when you invest in other options.

There is a 2% discount attached to this put share. With such a cut, the stock is, and as such, it is likely to expire worthlessly. The analysts put the odds of expiring without value at 59% meaning that they are confident that it will happen that way. When the expiry happens that way, you can be sure to gain an 8% profit on the money that you committed to the contact. C0onsidering that there are only just about 200 days left to the expiry, you can be sure that this is one of the most lucrative shares that you can put your money in.

The call contracts to watch

On the call side of Herbalife Nutrition's option chain, there is a share to watch; the one that is going for $60. It has generated significant interest from investors because it has a bid price of 5.15 dollars. If you buy it at the current price of $58.56, you can sell it as a covered call, and you will make 11.25% profits.

This happens because many other upsides are attached to the table. The gains can be far much more than that if you get the other riders that come with it. It is all about making smart choices when it comes to buying this company's shares because there are those that will produce profits while others will not.

One of the things that should make you happy when buying Herbalife Nutrition Ltd shares is that there are many upsides to it. For instance, if the shares soar, investors will make more than what we are projecting here. Checking the business fundamentals and analyzing its history are some of the practices that will make you earn more from your investments. In addition to that, the call contract share that we discussed above can expire worthlessly and so; the investor will have the opportunity to retain both the share price and the premium paid on it. Of course, there are many other stocks that investors can monitor to make money when they expire in August 2019.



Buying Crypto: Four Currencies to Watch in 2019

Investing in cryptocurrency isn’t always a bed of roses. Recent fluctuations in the market have made it a somewhat uncertain area of finance. However, given the right conditions, the right development of blockchain technology, and its wider public and corporate adoption, it can pay to watch the market for the right time to invest in cryptocurrencies.

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It might take from six months to a few years for blockchain technology to finally reach wider market take-up, which will ultimately translate to higher prices. As many more cryptocurrencies are expected to die off in the next few years (many have already been found to be dead or scams), those that remain will be in the strongest position to survive, develop, and grow into strong investments.


According to many market observers, investors should be looking for ‘low risk, high reward’ cryptocurrencies, and one standout crypto with the largest market cap would be Ripple’s XRP. It is primed to be the one to come out of Bitcoin’s shadow in 2019 and is also being touted as the Federal Reserve’s preferred technology in 2019 too.


As the leading indicator for the entire crypto market, Bitcoin remains a powerful investment opportunity for many who feel it is still riding a long term bull market. While it isn’t going to deliver the huge tenfold returns it has in its previous seven years, it can certainly consolidate more as it matures as an investment. It will be a key indicator of the market as a whole, either going up, down, or staying neutral, and one that the best crypto exchanges will be watching closely.

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Source: Pixabay


This cryptocurrency has a much smaller cap, just $3 million, but what it lacks in size, it more than gains with a thriving development of blockchain solutions for enterprise security and privacy products. It offers a scalable ecosystem that includes unlimited permissioned blockchains and private networks. Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, it seems to acknowledge the need for effective communication with the everyday Joe on the street.


Similar to Ripple, Stellar was designed to be a fast and relatively inexpensive way of sending international payments. Unlike Ripple, it has focused on targeting individual users rather than institutions and large business corporations. Although, if it is to have a real effect on the market then companies currently taking a minor interest, like IBM, would need to start taking a much bigger interest.

If trading in a fluctuating market is too much, there are always safer industries to invest in; however, the cryptocurrency market has certainly developed and continues to evolve. While Bitcoin will remain the market leader and the crypto that will act as an indicator of the market - it doesn’t have the best technology, maintains slower transactions, exhibits higher fees, and experiences larger energy uses. Other currencies have much better technology, and when the time is right, they will inevitably replace Bitcoin at the top of the tree. Perhaps it’ll be one of the other three on our list, or maybe the already well-established cryptos like Ethereum, SKY, EOS, TRON, IOTA, or Enjin.



James Dondero has Philanthropy in his DNA

James Dondero’s vision for philanthropy is a force to be reckoned with in Dallas. He remains consistent, resilient and innovative with all his initiatives. Philanthropy is so vital to this CEO and co-founder of the Highland Capital Management, that he oversaw the creation of Highland Dallas Foundation, a charitable arm of his company that focuses solely on philanthropic activities.


The Dallas community has certainly benefited from his spirited philanthropic touch. The at-risk populations and the youth form the bulk of his efforts which lean heavily on education.

The Family Place

When Dondero, a University of Virginia alum set a $1 million challenge grant for a shelter, it was as good as done. The Family Place provides family violence services in Dallas by offering professional counseling services, shelter, and education for families of violence victims.

It does not end there, as a preventative measure, they also educate students on bullying and teen violence. The Family Place also runs the pioneer family violence shelter for men and children in the entire state.

Hippo Habitat at the Dallas Zoo

The Dallas zoo has also benefited from his philanthropy. He donated $1 million towards the construction of a state of the art Hippo Outpost. His donation built an area for private events and special education displays. This beautifully blended his love for conservation and appreciation for education.

SMU Towers Scholars Program

The Highland Capital Management’s commitment to education is unfaltering. A testament to this is a $2 million endowment gift to Southern Methodist University. The funds going specifically to the Tower Scholars Program Fund which supports politics and international affairs undergraduate students. The underlying goal is to stimulate an interest in ethical public service, says Mr. Dondero about the initiative.

Education is Freedom

Education is Freedom (EIF) is yet another organization that has enjoyed Mr. Dondero’s support. EIF provides financial assistance to at-risk youth wanting to get college degrees. The organization offers mentorships and internships as well as professional development at Dallas’s top corporations and nonprofit organizations.

For several years now, the Highland Capital Management has sponsored the annual job fair for the Mayor’s Intern Fellows Program and gone a step ahead to sponsor interns for other charitable partners. This means that Highland Capital absorbs the cost of the paid internships in select nonprofit organizations. This gives the interns invaluable hands-on skills they would have otherwise missed out on.

The Bush Center

As the beneficiary of $5 million from Highland Capital Management, the Bush Center has definitely gotten a helping held from Dondero’s initiatives. The Bush library and Museum holds artifacts and historical records that provide a wealth of knowledge regarding the Bush administration. On its part, the Bush Institute aims to advance policy, develop leaders as well as add its voice and solutions to the problems facing the country today.

After the initial donation in 2012, Dondero further made a $10 million commitment to ensure the sustainability of public programs dubbed “Engage at the Bush Center, presented by Highland Capital Management.” This program sees leaders, authors, and newsmakers come together for discussions throughout the year.

Speaking on the event, Dondero said that the events foster important dialogue regarding policy.

The Perot Museum of Natural Sciences

As a longtime supporter of the Perot Museum of Natural Sciences in Dallas, Mr. Dondero and Highland Capital were among donors that saw the construction of the iconic museum building come into fruition.

The Perot museum provides a space where children can learn math, science and technological skills practically. Highland Capital Management sponsored a recent exhibition dubbed ‘Journey to space,’ which gave the Dallas community insights on the dangers, conditions, and rewards of space travel. The exhibition, which welcomes people of all ages, showcased the advancements in spacecraft and spacecraft technology.

The Perot’s latest exhibition, Ultimate Dinosaurs, which opened in June and will run till January 2019 was also sponsored by Highland.

Snowball Express

Mr. Dondero believes every single American has a responsibility to help the children of our fallen military heroes.In this regard, Highland Capital Management initiated another $1 million that matched every $1 for $1 donated. The initiative raised $1.7 million towards this cause.

Capital for Kids

This brings together investment management professionals who volunteer to help kids in need. Its mission is to assist organizations that protect, educate and provide encouragement to at-risk kids. Again, Highland brings together a host of beneficiaries to assist Capital for Kids to roll out quality education programs.

For James Dondero, philanthropy runs in his veins. However, he understands that a lot needs to be done and he cannot do it alone. This is why he strives to pull in other organizations, corporations, and even the citizens to join in the effort to create a better Dallas.



Buying Food Franchises California: What You Need To Know Before Buying One


Buying a franchise can be a daunting task for aspiring entrepreneurs. However, with the right preparation and knowledge, it can also offer huge rewards.

Technically, it means that you will acquire a brand with its corresponding system which includes financial, customer service, and marketing. For many, doing so offers huge returns without excessive investment and added risk. Franchise Know shares a lot of franchising ideas that you can check on.

For now, here are some of the things you need to consider before buying a food franchise:

1. Cost of Investment

The first thing to know is how much the business will cost you to get it running. This should include the amount of money you need for running operational costs, marketing and purchase costs, capital needed before you break even.

It is important to note that there should be no hidden charges in addition to all the payments. Moreover, it is also essential to know how the business will be financed for you to assess better the opportunities you can or cannot pursue.

2. Distinguishable Territory

Location is important and crucial to success. In franchising, territory can be defined in many ways. Some of the most common definitions are through zip codes, which are closely related by county. Another way to establish territory is through demographics.

You need to know prior if you will get exclusive territory, meaning it will give you an opportunity to control a specific area where you are given the assurance that no other franchise will be there. Basically what you want to know is what your territory includes, if it has room for growth, good economic conditions, and has the right demographics for your business.

3. Strength of Brand

There are many ways to assess the strength of a franchise, and one of them is through branding. The most concrete way to check is by looking at the profitability of the franchise, its growth, longevity, and how recognizable it is in general by the consumers. There are also factors to consider such as social media followers, number of years franchising, and overall reputation of the franchise.


4. Business Equipment

This is very important to note especially for a food-based franchise wherein equipment can be costly to repair or replace.

A lot of the major franchises may assist in checking any issues with the equipment, and if any repairs are needed, it is crucial that you ensure it is organized before the sale is finalized. Once done, all responsibility of repair and replacement costs will fall under the franchise. Make sure that additional budget will be included and be taken into account.

5. Track Record or Proven System

One of the main reasons for buying a franchise is because it already has an existing model. A proven system on all levels for marketing, design, payroll, customer service, and upsells that already works.

Research or a simple online search can help you check a franchise reputation. These are the common details you need to check:

  • Can you find a history of legal problems?

  • Are there some complaints made by customers or other franchises?

Although no company is perfect, this will help you determine a track record and what kind of system it has in place.

6. Leasing obligations

Most likely you will operate your franchise from a particular premise, and it is essential that you understand your responsibilities under your lease.

It is essential to consider some of the following:

  • The term and duration of your lease; make sure that you can renew within the term of the franchising agreement.

  • Rent and outgoings. Make sure to check this against your business plan and project into the future as your rent might increase.

  • Make good obligations. What is the requirement for you to reinstate the premise at the end of your lease?

Given the substantial financial obligation a lease requires, it is best to seek legal advice as well as regarding your contract.

Running a franchise can be an excellent way of starting and running your own business, but you need to understand the how, what, and why you are getting into it. The better you understand the reasons for these questions, the higher the probability that you will succeed in this endeavor of buying and running your franchise.



4 Ways You Can Make Your Business More Collaborative

Collaboration is essential in modern business. No worker should be isolated or cut off from the changing business environment. Workplace collaboration means better productivity and a better company, but fostering a collaborative environment can be a challenge. That challenge will need to be tackled because every modern business needs to promote better collaboration. That’s because a more collaborative workplace can help you take advantage of a variety of skill-sets and expertise, and integrate them into a single piece of work. Doing so will make your overall output more efficient, more professional, and more effective. If you want faster workflow, higher standards of work, and a more efficient business, then here’s how you can make your business more collaborative.

Improved Communications

Collaboration between departments usually relies on emails, but these are fast becoming the bane of the office environment. Consider the fact that:

Avoid email workflow disruption by using an alternative means of communication. One of the most popular options at the moment is Slack. It can help cut through the rubbish in your inbox and allow for direct communications.

Sharing Files

This is another business area that has been traditionally bundled into emails. That’s a very slow and inefficient way of sharing workloads. Modern solutions are available, but the essential thing to consider is using cloud technologies. Dropbox or Google Drive is much better for sharing large and small files and also allow for real-time collaboration on those files. If you have a team presentation coming up, waiting for email replies can be frustrating, so optimize your collaboration by making use of the wide variety of cloud platforms that have been designed for business use.

Office Design

The trend of the open plan office is not a surprise when collaboration has become such an important area for businesses to focus on. If you currently have a closed plan office, then you are secluding your workforce and making it harder to collaborate. Changing the design layout of your office can be expensive, and it may be cheaper to simply move to a new location. This can be an ideal time to consider cost-saving options like shared offices provided by The Brew. Managed office spaces have additional collaboration benefits too, as you may be joined by other business professionals in entirely new sectors, meaning that you have an untapped well of unexpected skills and resources close to hand.

Evaluate Meeting Efficiency

Workers can waste a lot of their working day in meetings, and the majority end up being unproductive. Make sure that you design your meetings proactively. Keep them short and to the point. You can improve on collaborative elements by skipping the boardroom meetings and opting for walking meetings instead. These have been shown to break down the barriers that prevent lower-level team members from contributing. Keep these meetings focused, and you benefit as well from greater efficiency as well as improved collaboration.

Greater collaboration makes it much easier for a business to reach its goals and adopt better flexibility. By making use of your entire team, your business will be stronger and more efficient. Always look for ways to foster a more collaborative environment, and your company will only benefit.