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Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets*: Award-Winning and Available at More Retailers Now

Hyland's has been a trusted producer of high-quality homeopathic medicines for over 100 years. The company has a line specifically for babies with products that aim to comfort infants and relieve a broad spectrum of symptoms. Hyland's Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets, which are different than the previous Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets, are a great example of this. A homeopathic solution for relief of overall oral discomfort, such as pain, irritability, and gum swelling, Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets are specifically formulated to provide relief for babies age two and under. The award-winning product provides the easy and fast remedy that moms are looking for to comfort their babies. Other products in Hyland’s Baby line include Hyland's Baby Tiny Cold Tablets, Baby Mucus Cold Relief, and Baby Colic Tablets.

More specifically, Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief tablets contain naturally active ingredients that provide relief for several oral pain symptoms such as swollen gums, sensitive teeth, and overall oral discomfort. Designed for babies and toddlers age two and under, the tablets are small and soft, and they dissolve easily in the mouth. Furthermore, Hyland's Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets are formulated in such a way that they do not contain belladonna, benzocaine, artificial dyes, flavors, parabens, and other ingredients with potential harmful side effects. Instead, they are based on a formula that contains naturally active ingredients and is therefore safe and gentle. It’s also sold in a nighttime version, Hyland’s Baby Nighttime Oral Pain Relief, which is a package of 125 oral pain medicine tablets that retails for just under $10.

By virtue of relieving a broad range of oral pain symptoms, Hyland's Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets are not a replacement product for Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets that addressed a narrower array of symptoms. In 2016, Hyland’s decided to discontinue its Hyland's Baby Teething Tablets that were eventually recalled in 2017. This was in response to the request of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which had concerns about a labeling issue and belladonna. Despite the fact that neither Hyland's nor the FDA found amounts of the homeopathically-prepared Belladonna beyond the company's established safety threshold and despite the trust in its medicine's safety, Hyland's decided to discontinue use of belladonna in its products. Even though Hyland's stands by the safety of its products, Hyland’s put its clients first. The company ultimately decided to leave out the ingredient to provide parents with more peace of mind as they are administering Hyland’s products to their babies and children.

"People come to our brand because they are looking for a gentle, safe choice made with natural active ingredients," said Les Hamilton, president of Hyland's. "In many cases, they are searching for an option that does not contain NSAIDs and will not interfere with other medicines they may be taking. Complementary medicines such as homeopathy, which dates back to the late 1700s, fit that description well."

Hyland's Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets have recently won a 2019 Retail Excellence Award from Drug Store News that recognized Hyland’s as one of the leaders within its natural category. Specifically, Drug Store News deems Hyland’s a company that has made major strides through product innovation and merchandising and, as such, has greatly advanced the field of natural remedies. According to Drug Store News, "these leaders stood out from a field of companies for their role in helping continue to grow interest in natural products."  

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Hyland’s roots date back to 1903. The company has worked diligently ever since to earn and keep the status of being the oldest and largest homeopathic company in the United States. Hyland’s has been trusted for generations and aims to continually cater to the needs of its customer base that is dynamic in both its composition and demands.

As such, Hyland’s shows no signs of slowing down. Building on the successful story of Hyland’s Leg Cramps, the company has launched a children’s version called Hyland’s 4Kids Leg Pain Relief. It then debuted Restful Legs PM for individuals who have trouble sleeping due to excessive leg cramps. “Our gentle, safe medicine is made with natural, active ingredients and no aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or naproxen, and it has no known drug interactions,” said  Hamilton. Hyland’s also launched a new premium brand called Doctor Wise Homeopathy, a line of five different homeopathic formulas, each of which is designed to ease the symptoms of menopause.

Additionally, Hyland’s has announced a significant increase in the availability of Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets by bringing it to more retailers. In addition to its previous repertoire of retail stores that includes Amazon, CVS, Rite Aid, and Target stores nationwide, Hyland’s has recently made its Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets available at Walgreens and additional Walmart stores. Specifically, as of April of this year, Hyland's Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets can be found in the baby section of over 1,500 Walmart stores and at 5,900 Walgreens stores. 

About Hyland’s

The company originally began with eight Los Angeles physicians in 1903 in the downtown area of the city. Initially called Standard Homeopathic Pharmacy, it changed its name to Hyland’s when George Hyland took charge of ensuring that customers got the medicines they needed without having to wait for shipments from Midwestern or eastern pharmacies. Hyland’s, which is named after the original pharmacy’s top-selling brand, is now the largest and oldest domestic manufacturer of homeopathic medicines in the United States. It is also one of the nation’s leading homeopathic companies

Hyland's is one of the largest homeopathic companies in North America, creating homeopathic medicines for consumer health and wellness. Rooted in experience that spans more than 100 years, Hyland's continues to be one of the top natural over-the-counter brands and has been passed down by families for generations. All Hyland's products are prepared meticulously by following the strictest standards of preparation and with the highest quality naturally active ingredients. Hyland's dedication to supporting the health and wellness of families everywhere is unmatched.

For more information about Hyland’s, please visit the company’s website. Additional information can also be found on the Hyland’s Facebook and Instagram pages. 

*Claims for Hyland's products are based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. They are not FDA evaluated.*



Four Employee Retention Tips Not to Miss

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No matter the size of your business or the industry that you are in, being successful is something that a company has to consistently work hard at. Success isn’t something that just falls into the lap of a business owner, rather it is like a puzzle where all the pieces have to fit perfectly together. One of the biggest, most important pieces in that puzzle is your employees. Without skilled, talented, and productive employees, it’s impossible for a company to excel and meet all their goals. Finding those “perfect” employees can be challenging too, so the last thing you want to do is risk losing great staff.

If employee retention isn’t something you’ve given much thought to, it’s time to examine it closer and look for ways you can boost it. To help you out, here are four employee retention tips that you can use.

Invest in Training for Staff

One of the best things you can do as an employer is recognize the potential in your staff, and help them to realize that potential by offering training courses. Investing in employee training means you'll be able to look to your existing staff when it comes time for a promotion, and they will have the kind of skills needed to help the business to move forward.

Take, for example, the Corporate Coach Group, which offers a variety of practical leadership and management training courses. Employees will learn how to better their communication skills, set and achieve goals, manage their time efficiently, learn how to delegate, deal with conflicts, and even get some inspiration.

Provide Employees with the Correct Tools to Succeed

Another way you can work on employee retention is to provide them with the latest and greatest when it comes to the tools needed to do their job. That could mean new computers on a regular basis, the best software for their particular job, machinery that is modern and user-friendly, and so forth. Instead of each day feeling like a struggle to get their job done, things will be smooth thanks to the fact they are provided with modern tools and equipment. 

Ensure Your Salary and Benefit Packages are Competitive in Today's Market

Of course, a big part of employee retention is paying your employees fairly. The salary you are offering needs to be competitive in today's marketplace. It doesn't mean you have to offer way more; it just means you need to be on par with the competitors. As for a benefit package, this acts as a huge incentive for employees, so offering one can make the difference between finding and keeping the ideal staff, or missing out.

Provide Comfortable Working Conditions

The physical health and well-being of your employees should also be a top concern. You want to ensure their work station is safe and as comfortable as possible. Of course, this will mean different things for each industry and company, but try to put the employee's comfort in mind as you design their work space.

Don’t Risk Losing Your Top-Notch Employees

Each of these tips will help to reduce your risk of losing your top-notch employees.



Jeunesse Global Honored with the Best New Male Hair Product for their RVL Scalp Infusion Treatment


Jeunesse Global proudly accepted the honor bestowed upon one of their most highly acclaimed products, the RVL Scalp Infusion Treatment, at the 2019 Pure Beauty Global Awards for Best New Male Hair Product. The international health and beauty company was gratified when taking responsibility for developing the category winner as they earned this coveted recognition at the prestigious invitation-only awards ceremony held on April 16, 2019.

The RVL Scalp Infusion Treatment is just the newest kid on the block in the company’s renowned RVL Advanced Hair Care System, a three-step system which also consists of an Ultra Refining Shampoo and Multi-Perfecting Leave-In Conditioner. Obviously, the product line’s mission to help you Reveal Your Best Hair™ is not just an empty tagline; they have indeed delivered the “Best” after this recently debuted scalp treatment received the top honors for having the newest and greatest men’s hair care product at the 2019 Pure Beauty Global Awards.

Reveling in the Victory

The Pure Beauty Global Awards is an international arm of the esteemed Pure Beauty Awards that recognizes and celebrates excellence in beauty on an international level. Winners for 2019 were announced at the luxurious Four Seasons Resort of Dubai at Jumeirah Beach during an art-deco themed event. 

The distinguished event was hosted by Layne Redman, the beloved British TV actor/writer who worked the room of numerous beauty industry insiders and experts, making the event a fun and exciting time for all. In addition to a large number of industry insiders present, the select group of nominees and judges were also on hand to experience the cream of the crop in the beauty industry. 

Equally impressive was that there was a record number of international entries were submitted for consideration this year. Entries were received from over 30 nations for inclusion, including four inaugural “Best Awards”:

  • New Natural Face Product

  • Skin Care Treatment

  • Inclusive Beauty Brand or Collection

  • Influencer Brand or Collection

The Pure Beauty Global Awards of 2019 consisted of 40 categories that concentrated on the latest innovations currently found in the beauty industry. Beauty industry newcomers stood toe-to-toe with well-established brands in their battles for victory. Nominees and attendees enjoyed the festive atmosphere as they waited with bated breath for the much-anticipated announcement of the winners. 

Some of these professional leaders comprised the international panel of judges at the 2019 Pure Beauty Global Awards. With knowledge and experience spanning across the entire industry, the acclaimed panel included male grooming specialists, make-up artists, facialists, hairdressers, retail experts, over-the-counter beauty product suppliers, manufacturers, and buyers from worldwide retail outlet leaders, among others. This esteemed panel was tasked with narrowing a large number of qualified entries down to a shortlist of the final nominees before making their ultimate choices.

Judges had the difficult task of selecting the products and brands that were truly worthy of holding the title of “winner” in their respective categories for the best beauty products in the world. The esteemed group of judges was comprised of many types of individuals who all brought their individual specialty expertise to the panel to make the selection process more thorough and well-rounded.


Criteria included qualities such as the usability of a product, as well as its effectiveness, packaging, special selling points, innovation, and overall functionality. RVL Scalp Infusion Treatment evidently has all of the right elements to earn its spot as a stand-out product. Not only is it clearly effective and highly functional, but it excels at innovation with its inventive and resourceful plunger applicator designed to prevent contamination and seepage from occurring within its packaging. 

This kind of attention to detail exemplifies Jeunesse’s quality-centered commitment, not only to the RVL Advanced Hair Care System but in all the products they develop or distribute. As with other winners in their own respective categories, the RVL Scalp Infusion Treatment was praised for symbolizing a first-rate and exciting product launched within the prior 12 months.

These 40 categories consisted of specific awards divided among the following broader areas:

  • Male (containing the Best New Male Hair Product Award)

  • Natural and Organic

  • Hair

  • Beauty Tools

  • Body Care

  • Make-Up

  • Fragrance

  • Inclusive

  • Brand Innovation

  • Retail Innovation

The Big Reveal

Being presented with such validation in a fiercely competitive, multi-billion-dollar industry is a considerable triumph. Winners of the annual Pure Beauty Global Awards are judged by an impressive panel of respected experts in all areas of the vast and busy beauty industry. Since determinations are made by these leaders who carefully use incredibly high standards to distinguish and differentiate between the best products from across the globe, the winners are representative of the industry’s most favorable innovations. 

Having this international platform is fitting since the RVL collection is currently available throughout North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific (“APAC” which also includes Greater China). The company regularly tries to penetrate new worldwide markets so they can roll out the product line for the world’s people to experience.

With a seemingly endless number of contemporary items coming to market each day, particularly for men, the importance of this honor was not lost on the developers of the RVL Scalp Infusion Treatment. Scott Lewis, the Chief Visionary Officer for Jeunesse, expressed his gratitude, not only to the panel of judges for the accolade but also to the Scientific Advisory Board for Jeunesse for their heavy involvement in developing premier products.

As Mr. Lewis previously stated when the RVL line was initially released, the company uses “innovative, exclusive, and science-based formulas” when developing their products. The panel of judges clearly recognized this as well through their acknowledgment of the RVL Scalp Infusion Treatment as the Best New Male Hair Product. 

If the 2019 Pure Beauty Global Award bestowed upon the scalp treatment seems like a somewhat broad classification, that’s because the Best New Male Hair Product category most certainly did cover a wide range of products - making this an even greater victory for RVL developers! The class encompassed a wide array of new male hair care, management and styling products (including electrical styling tools), targeted at the popular and ever-growing male market.

Well-Deserved Recognition

The RVL collection is comprised of just a few items, including a delicately cleansing shampoo, a lightweight and moisturizing leave-in conditioner, and an invigorating and stimulating scalp treatment. All have been precisely formulated with certain antioxidants and botanicals in addition to the unique and highly effective HPT-6 plant polypeptide technology. They all have a subtle yet effective combination of uplifting citrus and clarifying eucalyptus that has been described as invigorating and alluring.

Collaborating with a board-certified dermatologist and utilizing almost a decade of research, Jeunesse Global cultivated the three-step RVL Advanced Hair Care System. In addition to the award-winning scalp treatment, the collection contains:

  • RVL Ultra Refining Shampoo to cleanse the hair while simultaneously conditioning and moisturizing it. With anti-static properties, it dissolves grease and dirt while it gives weightless hydration to the hair to win the battle against dry, frizzy, dry, thin, and overall lackluster hair. In addition to glycerin, it is enriched with various oils and antioxidants purposely selected to assist with drawing back in the much-needed moisture necessary to return locks back to their ideal appearance. This lubricating and gentle shampoo facilitates a static-free and silky finish to leave hair looking better.

  • RVL Multi-Perfecting Leave-in Conditioner hydrates and strengthens strands from within. Nourished hair that has been properly moisturized allows for healthier-looking and better feeling locks. This leave-in formula works diligently in fortifying each strand to deter breakage while it smooths the appearance of dreaded split ends.

Although the groundbreaking RVL line is a relative newcomer, Jeunesse Global was founded a decade ago with the primary goal of developing high-quality, impactful products to empower individuals worldwide to feel and look younger and more vibrant. Since the beginning, they have successfully developed an impressive list of products and supplements that continuously strive to achieve that initial goal, including their successful Youth Enhancement System™ (Y.E.S.).

This is not the company’s first award or honor by a longshot. Their solid commitment to providing excellence and quality in each product they make has not gone unnoticed or unrewarded. In addition to industry praise, Jeunesse has amassed an array of professional awards, rave reviews, and tributes in recent years. This is an accomplishment that is seldom achieved even among the most-seasoned brands and companies.

In addition to being advantageous for all types of hair, the products are highly beneficial for both men and women. While receiving the Best New Male Hair Product is well-deserved and appropriately categorized, the entire product line is definitely not solely meant for males only. While the benefits provided makes the line especially useful for treating many issues commonly experienced by men, it has been critically acclaimed by women for helping them achieve shinier, silkier, fuller, thicker, and overall healthier-looking manes. 

This is a result of the RVL Advanced Hair Care System being designed to offer nourishment through deep hydration and hair strengthening across the full spectrum of hair types and textures. As with the collection’s shampoo and conditioner, the RVL Scalp Infusion Treatment excludes harmful and harsh ingredients commonly found in other products, including dyes, sulfates, parabens, silicones, and other compounds that stress, dry out, and otherwise damage healthy hair.

 The Winning Formula


Along with Jeunesse’s trademarked and groundbreaking HPT-6 plant polypeptide technology in its formulation, the RVL collection also incorporates carefully selected antioxidants, botanicals, vitamins, and other helpful ingredients such as ayurvedic herbs. These all work synergistically to serve a purpose and have beneficial properties to help your hair become the best it can be.

Just a partial list of the numerous ingredients that can be found in this nutritious hair care line includes various vitamins (such as B, C, and E), herbs, phytonutrients, electrolytes, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, fatty acids, flavonoids, and polyphenols.

When these powerhouse ingredients are combined with oils such as jojoba and flaxseed, they can offer immeasurable benefits to the user. Below is just a small sample of the many benefits these ingredients found in RVL products can provide:

  • Stimulating hair follicles that are dying or dormant, thereby promoting a fuller, denser-looking head of hair with bounce and shine.

  • Moisturizing the scalp and strengthening the hair follicles

  • Utilizing the antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties to help skin cells on the scalp to regenerate while also addressing issues such as dandruff and dry scalp

  • Delivering deep levels of moisture directly onto and into the scalp

  • Conditioning the entire strand of hair to combat dryness and unwanted frizz

  • Stimulating and cooling the scalp to effectively provide quick relief from itch, redness, and inflammation

  • Promoting the appearance of thicker and stronger hair shafts 

In regard to the nutrient-packed oils mentioned, jojoba oil is of particular value since it strongly resembles a person’s own natural sebum. Therefore, it can be a strong scalp healer and moisturizer that serves as a heavy hitter in the fight against hair loss. Omega-3 fatty acids within flaxseed oil work hard to support the health of hair follicles, which can trigger that much sought-after healthy hair growth as it pushes moisture and hydration in to help prevent dry, lackluster, and brittle locks. This also helps to lessen or eliminate frizz to leave hair that is smoother and shinier.

Tipping the Scales

Receiving the ultimate win with the Best New Male Hair Care Product was made possible through the RVL product line’s many positive attributes. However, these are not the only reason that the scales were tipped in RVL’s favor to garner this award. The creators of the products are committed to developing items without incorporating some of the most commonly found ingredients that are known to be harmful.  

It is shocking how many brands (even the most well-recognized and expensive ones) contain strong and abrasive additives that are not only harmful but unnecessary. These dyes, sulfates, parabens, and silicones have been shown to cause alarmingly frequent incidences of allergic reactions, irritation, and buildup on the scalp and hair, leaving your hair limp, frizzy, and damaged. 

The Pure Beauty Global Awards gave Jeunesse a victory that seals the deal for this company that their commitment to using only high-quality ingredients is appreciated, since none of those awful sulfates, dyes, parabens, or silicones are used in the RVL products.

Silicones frequently cause build-up and can overload fine hair and weight it down. Dyes, other than their ability to change the color of the product they’re in, serve no useful purpose and are a common reason that people experience irritation. Sulfates are particularly strong and strip the oil and proteins from hair, leaving heads feeling irritated, itchy, and dry, resulting in scratching that can damage the scalp and even lead to dandruff. Parabens are generally used as a form of preservative, but they frequently cause allergic reactions and may pose other health risks.  

With a belief that the beauty industry should do better, Jeunesse has opted to formulate the RVL Advanced Hair Care System with only the best of ingredients rather than those irritating ones that only do harm. 

And the Award Goes To…. 

The star of the ceremonial evening, the RVL Scalp Infusion Treatment, boasts a high concentration of the exclusive HTP-6 to hydrate and moisturize both the scalp and the connected hair, adding polish and shine while offering a fuller-looking head of hair. As the name suggests, the product infuses the scalp with nourishment. This scalp treatment (think of a scalp serum) is particularly valuable for men to use regularly due to the nutrients it provides to deter dryness and brittleness.

Perhaps the most impressive element of this recent win is that the RVL line was only released in the Fall of 2018. In such a short period of time, the RVL Scalp Infusion Treatment has already developed a following among some of the world’s most elite and highly regarded figures throughout the beauty industry.

By massaging and working this specially formulated serum down into the head’s skin, you will encourage the vital blood circulation needed to improve and advance the stimulation of hair follicles. While the RVL Scalp Infusion Treatment provides deep moisture to the scalp and hair, it also boosts the appearance of fuller and thicker hair. It encourages healthier-looking strands of hair by providing gentle conditioning and hydration to significantly enhance shine, volume, and body.

Boasting the prestigious “Best New Male Hair Care Product” award reinforces the numerous benefits made possible by using the RVL Advanced Hair Care System offered by Jeunesse, It is clear that is the ability to fortify the scalp with nutrients makes the RVL Scalp Infusion Treatment a step above the rest. It has been applauded with such critical acclaim on an international level, making it clearer than ever that the developers knew what they were doing when they created this gem. With this new award under their belt, it is becoming more and more evident that Jeunesse is here to develop exceptional products that help their customers preserve their youth and enhance not only their appearance, but their health and lifestyle.



TMS Health Services Offers a Plan to Battle Depression

Three Weapons in the Battle Against Clinical Depression

Three Weapons in the Battle Against Clinical Depression

Three Weapons in the Battle Against Clinical Depression 

Treatment for depression has come a long way since ancient times when mental health issues were blamed on spirits and demons. Researchers and physicians have developed several tools to help those who suffer from major depressive disorder, commonly called clinical depression. Once a diagnosis has been given, a doctor or mental health practitioner can determine the best course of action. TMS Health Solutions is committed to creating customized treatment plans for those who suffer from major depressive disorder, including those who have given up hope. 

Talk Therapy 

For a long time this was the only treatment available for those who suffered from depression that limited their ability to function in daily life. The image of a patient reclining on a couch pouring their heart out to a doctor is a common one, but talk therapy now includes behavioral modification techniques that empower a patient to tackle the negative emotions and self defeating behaviors that perpetuate the cycle of depression. Cognitive behavior therapy, or CBT is one such evidence-based technique that can help stop the destructive behavior patterns that are the result of disordered thinking. Another helpful therapy is mindfulness based cognitive therapy, MBCT. It is an eight week program that is clinically proven to reduce depressive relapse. 

Antidepressant Medication 

As many as one in ten Americans take an antidepressant drug for mild to severe depression. These drugs work by increasing the mood-improving chemicals in the brain, namely seratonin, dopamine and norepinephrine. When a patient does not improve after six to eight week on one drug, the American Psychiatric Association recommends switching to another drug in the same antidepressant class, and if after a six to eight week trial on that drug there is still no improvement, switching to an antidepressant drug from a different antidepressant class. Frequently when a depressive patient shows no improvement on one drug, they find relief from another. Side effects vary with antidepressant treatment, and if they cannot be tolerated TMS Health Solutions has another tool in their arsenal in the fight against depression. 

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation 

Some patients with clinical depression show no improvement from either talk therapy or medication. Others are unable to tolerate prescription drug treatment due to unbearable side effects or risks. For these patients, an innovative treatment from TMS Health Solutions called transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS, may be prescribed. TMS is an innovative therapy that is FDA cleared and has been proven to be effective at treating depression. There have been many clinical studies on the ability of TMS to relieve depression, including studies at Johns Hopkins and Stanford. In fact, TMS has been shown to be effective in approximately 60% of patients, which is twice the efficacy rate of antidepressants. There are few side effects and no risk of dependency as with some medications. 

TMS therapy consists of electromagnetic pulses that are delivered to the prefrontal cortex of the brain. This part of the brain is responsible for mood, and stimulating it can help relieve depressive symptoms. Treatment with this innovative therapy consists of five sessions a week, each lasting 30-60 minutes. Length of treatment is four to six weeks. There is no sedation involved and the patient’s activities are not at all restricted before or after sessions. Some patients report improvement after the first or second week. 

A Battle Plan to Conquer Depression 

With these three weapons in the battle against depression, there is hope for even the most treatment resistant case. Those suffering from major depressive disorder have hope. The psychiatric services, prescribing and monitoring provided by TMS Health Services can help patients find the perfect combination that will offer relief from depression.



3 Professionals You Need by Your Side in Business

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 11.59.36 AM.png

As it grows, your business will become too big for you to handle alone — when this time comes, for both yours and your organization’s sake, you have to allow others to come in and take the reins. Quite simply, your company is not a one-person operation, and trying to treat it as such will do nothing but ruin your chances of taking your business to the top of its market. Let others help you, and you will be far better off as a result.

When it comes to choosing the right people to have by your side in this instance, the three professionals below should always be your first port of call.

Legal representation

You never quite know when a lawsuit is going to befall your business. On any given day, a customer of yours could genuinely fall while on your premises or an individual could try their luck and make a fraudulent claim against you. To ensure that you always remain covered against this kind of plight, genuine or not, you must have legal representation by your side at all times.

When it comes to choosing the law firm that you will partner up with, be sure to study the business law features that they offer. Charleston law, for example, offer services in the areas of Business Formation, Planning & Prevention, and Disputes & Litigation. As stated, you never know what trouble is going to befall you in this instance, which is why it is essential that you seek to cover all the bases. Such a professional would be sure to do just that for you.

Public relations

On top of all the other all-important tasks that you face day in, day out, you don’t have time to send out promotional emails or organize your next social media advertising endeavor. This is why you need to hire a public relations professional.

With a PR pro on your payroll, you won’t ever have to worry about your business not getting the exposure it needs to draw custom. With your marketing department optimized for you, you can then focus your time and effort on all of the other vital tasks that you face as a business owner.


In today’s climate, if your workplace isn’t full of different pieces of IT technology, your business will quickly fall behind the times. This is because you won’t be able to provide the level or quickness of service that your customers not only want but expect.

Your IT tech isn’t going to be of much use to you, however, if you don’t have a band of IT professionals there to fix your equipment for you when things go awry with regards to it. With such professionals by your side, the days of pressing CTRL + ALT+ DEL and hoping for the best will well and truly be behind you. No matter what problems you incur, your IT pro will be there to save the day.

If you’re to stand a chance of taking your business to the pinnacle of its market, you’re going to need to hire the three professionals listed above.