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Freedom Debt Relief Reviews: The Secret Financial Tips For Your 30's That Financial Planners Use Themselves

Once you hit thirty, you're probably growing out of the awkward young-adult stage and moving onto new and exciting challenges. For example, you might be thinking about buying a home, planning an international vacation, or having a child- or even a second one. While your 30's is a thrilling time to enjoy, Freedom Debt Relief Reviews has found that many are not prepared to deal with the new financial challenges that they are about to face. After all, once you've begun to make a bit more money and your student loan debts are beginning to dwindle, what's there to worry about? Your 30's can be a crucial time for your financial health because Freedom Debt Relief Reviews has found that the decisions you make regarding your money during these years can have an effect on your quality of life for decades to come. We've rounded up some of the best tips from financial planners for managing your money in your 30's- try implementing some of them early, and enjoy a more fulfilling life later on.

Live as far below your means as possible. You've probably already heard the advice that you need to live below your means if you want to build your wealth- but what does that mean? After all, if you make $4,000 a month and spend $3,999, you are technically living below your means. However, if you want to reach your financial goals faster and improve your quality of life in the long-term, you need to be living as far below your means as possible- Freedom Debt Relief Reviews recommends savings as much money as you can in your 30's and reinvesting it to build your wealth.

Avoid the temptation of a lifestyle creep. Freedom Debt Relief Reviews has found that the 30's is when most people begin to experience what's known as the "lifestyle creep," a trap that catches many consumers and destroys their ability to invest for the future. The lifestyle creep is when a consumer begins to make more money and, instead of saving their additional income, uses it to up their lifestyle and make purchases that will decrease in value; this usually comes in the form of moving into a more expensive apartment, unnecessarily upgrading their wardrobe, or purchasing a fancy new car.

The best way to combat the lifestyle creep? Focus on saving a percentage of your income instead of a set dollar amount. That way, you'll avoid the temptation to stagnate your savings when you begin to make more money or you get a raise.

Think through your spending. When you're in your 30's and have been working at your career for a while, you're probably making substantially more than you were when you were younger- and thinking that you can spend more. While that's technically true, many people spend without really thinking about what will make them happy. For example, when you see one of your friends enjoying a vacation on social media, you might think that taking your own trip abroad might bring you the same level of joy. However, this will only turn out to be the case if you are the type of person who values these types of expenses. Instead of spending just because you have the money, consider your values and spend intentionally.

Freedom Debt Relief Reviews knows that your 30's can be a difficult time when it comes to money management- and we're here to support you. Just like a personal trainer can motivate you and help you find the right exercises for your individual goals, financial advisers and planners can help you create a route to your money goals. If you need assistance managing your assets, feel free to contact us- we may be able to help.



4 Ways To Get Your Customers To Act

Having customers is great, but it doesn’t do much for your business if they’re not completing purchases from you. You need to make certain that when someone lands on your website or sees an advertisement from you that they feel compelled to make a move.

It’s not enough to sit back and be hopeful that someone will do what you want them to. Be proactive and come up with strategies for making sure that you’ll be closing more sales. Get in tune with your sales and marketing departments and work together to provide solutions that work. See four ways to get your customers to act.

Improve Communication

One way to get your customers to act is to better communicate with them. Use a service like SpyderText that simplifies your communications, reduces expenses, decreases response times and provides better service. Communicate more effectively regardless of your industry. Reach the customers you need to via the medium they prefer, be it SMS, Email, Facebook Messenger, Slack or Twitter. Sending the right message at the right time greatly increases your chances that your customers will take action.

Offer Limited Time Sales & Discounts

Customers love to see opportunities that save them money. Use urgent wording and create time-sensitive offers. Your language and what type of sale you’re running matter. Have a plan and release the information using your strategic communication tools. People should feel inspired to want to make a purchase after feeling a little pressure that they’ll miss out unless they act right now. Stick to your word and end the sales and discounts when you say you’re going to, so next time you do it they know they have to act immediately.

Ask them

There’s no harm in asking your clients to buy your products or services. Use the phone, have a meeting or take them out for coffee to pick their brain and make a sales pitch. Send email campaigns that make it clear what action you want your customers to take. Sitting in the office hoping that transactions will start pouring in isn’t going to work. You need your sales and marketing teams actively making it be known that you mean business.

Make it Easy on them

Don’t send your customers jumping through hoops to make a purchase. Communicate clearly, be specific and include exact details regarding the topic at hand. Send direct links, clear messaging and instructions, so there’s no room for confusion. There’s no need to beat around the bush or cover up the fact that you want them to make a move. If you want clients to go online, then include the specific page in your message and if they’re to visit the physical store then include a map and exact location.


Stop waiting around for consumers to come to you. Go out and initiate the conversation and contact. Tell them what you’re offering and what you want them to do. These are four ways to get your customers to act.



How to Boost Employee Morale

Running a company, no matter how big, means you will have to deal with ups and downs. Even if your business is thriving, you might find that the pressure of filling orders may start to take its toll on your employees. To help them refocus and to boost their morale, you will need to think of ways to show your appreciation for what they do. Here are some of the ways you can boost employees morale and make them feel better about their jobs.

Make Them Feel That Their Work is More Than Just a Job

It can be easy for your workers to slip into a rut and become disillusioned with what they are doing. However, you can try to overcome this by telling them how much their effort is making a difference. If you get an email of praise from a client or customer, share it with your workers and tell them how they have helped make it happen. Try and show them how their work is helping people or making a difference.

Celebrate Accomplishments

If you find that one of your workers is putting in some amazing time at work and producing good quality, then you should celebrate it to try and encourage others to do the same. It can be all too easy to think too far ahead and forget about what is happening at this moment. However, if you celebrate your workers for their efforts now, you are more likely to gain loyal and hardworking employees in the future.

Start a Reward Chart

Although setting targets can sometimes have the opposite effect, there are ways that you can try to increase production and boost morale at the same time. Try starting a reward chart or an employee of the month award. You can set whatever criteria you need, and if someone achieves it, they get a reward – it’s that simple. The type of reward you offer has to be meaningful, or no-one will want to win it. For example, you can try looking at sites like Ticket Sales to find gigs that you think they might want to go to and offer them as an award.

Encourage Creativity and Innovation

Many companies have employees that can do other things as well as the jobs they do for you. Some may be trained accountants or have a degree in engineering that they aren’t using. Encourage your workers to start projects of their own that interest them. They will need to be linked to your company in some way, but they can be anything that interests your workers. You can then choose the best one to implement at your company. It is this type of innovation that could be a boost to your business, and it will raise morale as well.

Making your employees feel valued and an integral part of the company is what will encourage them to do their best work for you. With a few incentives, you can create a thriving and high morale workforce.



Strategies For Building Better Relationships In Business


As a business owner, one of your jobs is building relationships. You’ll need to do so with many different groups, such as business partners, customers or clients and employees. If you’re not much of a people person, now’s the time to become one.

You’re going to want to have these different connections for various reasons. It could be to increase sales or get your employees onboard with new processes. As the leader of your company it’s important to act like one, and part of this responsibility is working well with others, both at the office and in your community. See strategies for building better relationships in business.

Be Proactive & put yourself out there

The first step in building relationships is finding new people to meet. Be proactive and go to networking events and meet clients in person. You’ll want a reliable vehicle to get you to all of these different networking opportunities. There’s a Toyota Fortuner for sale with a rugged durability at the right price. You want to feel confident pulling up to your meetings and a new car will help you do this. Don’t just sit back and wait for people to come to you, go out and find them.

Remember Names & Interests

After you meet someone, make it a point to remember their name and any information you discussed. This will come in handy if you run into them again or they call you up wanting to learn more about your business. It’s embarrassing when you meet someone for a second time and can’t remember any details about them. Come up with a system or write it down if you have to, as long as you don’t forget it.

Follow up with each connection

You can’t build relationships when you refuse or forget to follow up with the other person. This is an important step in nurturing and growing the connection. Shoot them an email, give them a phone call or ask to connect on LinkedIn. The point is that you need to take some sort of action to remind them who you are and so you can stay in touch in the future. Don’t worry about if they don’t make the first move. Be the person who always follows up and has hope for building a strong relationship with this other person.

Follow through on your word

After following up, it’s also critical that you follow through on your word. Don’t make empty promises that diminish the minute you return back to the office. Once again, write it down and make a note about what you guaranteed someone, even if it’s small. You don’t want to become known as the person who can’t keep their word and continues to go on making commitments anyway.  


Business is all about who you know and how you’re connected. Learn this early on, take action to meet new people and you’ll be in good shape. These are strategies for building better relationships in business.



What Today's Entrepreneurs Should Understand About Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is something that is constantly shifting, almost on a daily basis. Entrepreneurs hoping to connect with their target audience and garner favorable attention in their industry should make themselves well aware of the most recent marketing trends as well as those that seem to be the most effective for their small business websites.


Gather Your Ideas in One Place


Organization is key to any business, no matter the industry, but proper organization is especially important for entrepreneurs striking out on their own. Apps like Evernote allow you to have links, notes, images, audio, tables, attachments and more located in one place where they can be viewed and changed by anyone, which could be what you need if you have marketing partners or employees.  


Learn How to Create Great Content


These days, graphics and visual content are key to any marketing strategy. Entrepreneurs should learn how to put out quality content that looks as if it was created by a professional. Not only can the right technology help with this tip, but learning what to include in such content and how to present it is essential as well. Tutorial videos and blog posts from professional videographers and directors can go a long way in helping entrepreneurs grasp what truly appeals to modern consumers.


Get a Handle on Social Media Mangement


With the prevalence of social media, entrepreneurs practically have no choice but to integrate social media into their marketing strategies. While social media is undoubtedly effective, and the fact it’s inexpensive certainly helps, having several social media profiles at a time can become quite time-consuming. Being able to keep an eye on all your social media platforms on a single dashboard saves time and energy and makes things much more efficient, allowing business owners to make the most of their profiles as well as their time.


Create a Customer Profile


You’ll likely have a hard time connecting with your target audience if you don’t know who your target audience is. Do yourself a favor and create a customer profile so you know whom to market to and how to market to that person. For instance, identify your target audience’s age, gender, social class, income and any other personal details you feel will be effective in successfully reaching this type of individual. Once you’ve compiled this profile, don’t hesitate to make changes to it as time goes on and you learn more about the people who buy your products and the type of customer you’re trying to reach.  


Keep an Eye on the Competition


In your quest to bring out the best in your business, don’t forget to take an occasional peek at what your competition is doing. Looking in on your competitors’ sites and social media profiles can give you an idea of how to market your products or services better as well as what practices you’re better off avoiding. Not only that, but the information you uncover can help you build the profile touched on above. Should you discover your competitors’ customers are unhappy, don’t hesitate to pounce on the opportunity to add a new customer and brand advocate to your ranks.


Don’t Forget the Importance of Public Relations


As a modern-day entrepreneur, you can’t afford to not use public relations because you don’t understand that specific communication process. With information readily and easily available on nearly everything, it’s just a matter of knowing where to look to grasp the basics of public relations. For starters, any pitches or press releases you send to news sites should make it plain to see why readers should care about your company and what you have to offer. Are you doing something interesting within your company you feel people should know about?


Entrepreneurs not only have to become masters of their industry, but experts in digital marketing as well. Knowing how to approach marketing and advertising is key to making your business a true success.