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Luxury Retailer Gump's to Relaunch This Fall

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Gump's Historic Roots and Tradition of Luxury

Luxury retailer Gump's has more than a century of history in San Francisco. Ever since the company was established by Soloman Gump as a family business in 1861, its name has been synonymous with style, elegance and quality. The first store location was based out of San Francisco. It was always known as being the ideal place to go for unique and beautiful clothing, accessory or jewelry gifts. The store remained open for more than 150 years until 2018. At the end of that year, it was briefly closed down to the dismay of loyal customers and their families. 

Anticipating the Relaunch of Gump's in San Francisco

Thankfully, Gump's was acquired by new ownership at the end of last year. The energy and excitement that the new ownership brings to the table are bound to make the retailer's highly anticipated grand re-opening even more special.

Gump's Continues a Tradition of Family Ownership

In keeping with its tradition of family ownership, a family of Gump's investors led by John and Diane Chachas recently acquired the luxury retailer. John and Diane Chachas purchased the company along with their children, Anne, Christopher and Jack Chachas. The Chachas family members will remain majority owners of the company and are preparing for its relaunch in the fall of this year. 

When asked what inspired the Chachas family to invest in Gump's and then spearhead the efforts to acquire it, they responded that they saw great potential in the luxury products and attentive customer service experience that Gump's has a strong reputation for offering to dedicated customers.

Investors are particularly enthused by the fresh ideas and commitment to quality that the Chachas family is expected to bring to the Gump's experience. Without forsaking the traditions and history that make Gump's such an iconic luxury retailer, the Chachas family is prepared to go above and beyond to breathe new life into the company. 

Maintaining Gump's Tradition of Luxury and Attention to Detail

The good news for the loyal fans of the luxury experience that Gump's was known for providing is that the new owners intend to uphold its tradition and replicate that for future guests. They can expect the same level of attention to detail and a carefully curated selection of quality items that cannot be found anywhere else. The exquisite collection of home furnishings, clothing and jewelry that Gump's stocks was a unique draw for tourists and residents of San Francisco alike. 

Preparing for the Holiday Shopping Season at Gump's

In anticipation of the upcoming holiday shopping season, the new owners of Gump's are thrilled to be able to open their doors to customers. While they eventually intend to oversee the expansion of Gump's locations throughout North America and Europe, its new owners are focusing on the opening of the San Francisco retail location for now as well as an e-commerce business. They expect that Gump's loyal customers will be ecstatic to return to this iconic retailer and that word will quickly spread in both cities about the unique experience that Gump's has in store for all shoppers. 

Online Shopping Opportunities

Along with the launch of the new retail location, the new owners have confirmed that Gump's will have an online presence to allow you to shop from anywhere. The store inventory may be different than what is available online, but you can pick up online purchases from a store location. 

Finding Unique Items from Luxury Designers at Gump's

One of the major reasons why shoppers from all over flocked to Gump's in droves for hundreds of years was the inventory of luxury jewelry pieces and other items. It was the premium place to go to find stunning jewelry pieces from designers like Hermès and Buccellati. In planning for the new opening of the San Francisco location, company leadership has made clear that the same standards for sourcing from the most coveted jewelry designers will remain in place. 

Preserving Gump's Tradition of Selling Top Designer Items

This means that shoppers and loyal fans of Gump's can rest assured that nothing will change in terms of the quality and uniqueness of the luxury jewelry items for sale at Gump's. While the inventory is expected to differ among the various Gump's locations, customers can always expect to find top-level designer items. With the assistance of knowledgeable and helpful staff, you will enjoy a relaxing and attentive shopping experience to select your next designer item for either you or a gift. 

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How to Safeguard Your Startup Against Cybertheft

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Starting a new business is an exciting venture, but it can also be just as stressful as it is exciting. Not only are you worried about the financial aspect of launching a new business endeavor but you are also worried about the ultimate success of your newly formed company. One of the biggest worries many new entrepreneurs experience is cyber theft of intellectual materials. In other words, what would happen if your innovative product line was breached during development? If you are truly concerned with hitting the ground running with a patent or trademark you ‘own,’ here are a few ways to safeguard your startup against cybertheft.

Work with an Incorporation Specialist

When building a brand, you really must remember that your business name, your brand, is of vital importance. Sometimes referred to as your trademark, this is how you will be easily identified going forward once you have launched. You want a good name that is easy to remember but you don’t want a trademark which can be easily confused with another company. Why not let an incorporation specialist do the legwork for you? They have expertise in searching the United States Patent and Trademark Office, USPTO, so that you can be assured the name/trademark you’ve chosen is free and clear of encumbrances. Protecting your startup from cybertheft begins with a USPTO search

Limit Access to R&D

Did you know that most cybertheft of intellectual property stems from an inside job? The truth is, most of those copyright infringements or theft are perpetrated by someone who has access to your designs. Even though you may be starting small with a limited number of ‘trusted’ employees, there’s always the off chance that your designs, your intellectual property, can be literally sold to the highest bidder. As a rule of thumb, the more unique your designs are, the higher prices they will fetch on the black market. That’s an unfortunate fact. Because so much theft starts as an inside job, limit access to research and development, R&D.

Don’t Let the Cat Out of the Bag

One of the things you will be tempted to do is issue press releases early on. This can be a grave error in judgment if you aren’t careful to guard the information they contain. Go too far and you’ve given the competition what they need to get the jump on you. Don’t say enough and you won’t garner interest within your market. It is far better to hint at great things to come than to let the cat out of the bag. 

There will come a time when your brand, your trademark, becomes easily identifiable with your company. However, until such time as that, it is better to keep a well-guarded secret. Yes, you want to build excitement about what you will be launching, but you don’t want to give away your trade secrets. An incorporation specialist can give you tips and tricks to maintain the right level of privacy where needed while offering suggestions on how to form a business entity set for success. Just remember, your success depends on a well-kept secret, so mum’s the word!



Why It's Important To Consider All Types Of Loans


In some point of your life, you will surely need to get a loan from a bank. It may be used to start a new family by purchasing your own home, or starting your own business. For these big purchases or expenses, you will need help from a loan. To get the most suitable loan for your needs, here are some reasons why it’s important to consider all types of loans:

1.      Compare Costs

Whenever you avail of a loan, you will be paying back the amount you borrowed plus interest. With that said, costs are an important part of loans. Different kinds of loans bear different pricing and interest rates. By considering all types of loans, you will be able to compare each type and see which will work for you. You can run the numbers and pick which type of loan will cost you the least.

Aside from the interest rate fees, you also need to check and shop around for the best possible loan with the lowest or minimal hidden fees. Some banks charge appraisal fees, underwriting fees, processing fees, administration fees, and the like. By comparing and considering all types of loans, you will be able to save a lot of money.

2.      Know which Loan You Qualify for 

To be able to get a loan, you will need to be qualified for it depending on the standards of the bank. For each kind of loan, there will be different requirements. By comparing and considering all types of loans, you will be able to choose and see which loan you qualify for. You will also be able to know beforehand which documents or requirements you need to prepare to be able to qualify for the loan. This will give you an upper hand when you are applying and negotiating for a loan.

3.      Choosing between Secured and Unsecured

Loans can be either secured or unsecured. It’s important to know your choices, and if you consider all types of loans, you will learn that there are some loans that are secured or unsecured. Getting a secured loan will mean that you’ll have to provide collateral in the form of property or equipment. If ever you default on the loan, the bank has authority to claim ownership of these assets that are held as collateral.


When you are taking out a loan, it is more advantageous for you as a borrower to get a loan that is unsecured. By doing that, you won’t need to provide anything as collateral to the bank. However, by choosing this option, the lender will be more at risk and increase the pricing for the loan. So, knowing these things, it is up to you to decide which one you want. 

4.      Choose a Loan that Fits Your Needs

Different types of loans service different kinds of needs for the borrower. It’s beneficial to become familiar with the types of loans so that you can pick which one fits you right. Here are just some common types of loans that you need to be familiar with:

  • Business Loan – A business loan is a loan primarily for the purpose of capital expenditures, usually for a business starting up or a new venture.

  • Personal Loan – A personal loan is a loan that can be used for anything for personal reasons.

  • Short-Term Commercial Loan – Short-term commercial loans are loans that last from one to three years for business use.

  • Long-Term Commercial Loan – Long-term commercial loans are loans that are usually secured by major assets or real estate that last from five to twenty-five years.

  • Letters of Credit – Letters of credit are loans used for businesses that engage in trading internationally.

  • Revolving Credit Lines – Revolving credit lines are usually loans for ongoing cash requirements for working capital.

  • Credit Card Loans – Credit cards also offer loans with a higher interest rate, but it is revolving and unsecured.

  • Mortgages – Mortgages mainly involve loans for real estate, wherein the property you’ll be purchasing with the loan proceeds will be given as collateral to the bank.

  • Student Loans – Student loans are usually granted to students as financial aid for educational purposes. 

Based on the types of loans enumerated above, you can choose one that will fit your needs. Learn the basic information and requirements regarding the loans listed above to find the right one for you.


The types of funding that you’ll need will depend on your purpose and the cost you are targeting. This is why it is very important to consider the types of loans before getting into one, so that you can exercise your better judgment and choose the right one.



Counterintuitive Ingredients to a Career and a Life Well-Lived with Max Salk


We all have at least one strange combination of foods that we love to eat. In most cases, we’re probably too ashamed to admit that we like to veg out on chocolate and popcorn every once in a while or that we like peanut butter on our hamburgers. Still, unexpected combinations can often create fantastic results. And that doesn’t just apply to food. Max Salk, who works in finance in New York City, travels frequently, volunteers for the Navy SEAL Foundation, loves Chicago-based sports teams, and pursues a landscape photography hobby on the side, has plenty of seemingly counterintuitive ingredients all mixed together in his life and career.

And by all accounts, these ingredients add up to the recipe for a well-lived life and career for Max Salk. But of course, just as peanut butter on a hamburger patty isn’t for everyone, neither is landscape photography, finance, travel, and volunteering. But that doesn’t mean everyone else can’t find their combination of counterintuitive ingredients to form a recipe for their own well-lived life and career. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at Max Salk’s career, his hobbies and interests, and how he spends his free time volunteering, traveling, or just relaxing. 

The point here is to show you that there’s truly no one correct path to living your life and living it well. Rather, it’s about finding the things you love to do and the people you love to spend time with and figuring out how to fit as much of that all together into your everyday life without losing balance. As you read, focus on that—how it all fits together—rather than getting too caught up in precise details. That way, you can gain a deeper understanding of the concepts you can apply that will help you find and combine the right ingredients in a way that suits your desires, needs, weaknesses, and strengths.  

Charting a Path: Finance and Landscape Photography

Having multiple choices in your career is a luxury that should not be taken for granted. Those with less opportunity are often forced into taking whatever job they can to make ends meet and don’t have time to consider what they actually want to do. Still, that doesn’t mean choosing your career path is easy. With so many options comes the pressure to make the right choice. Many young people struggle with this decision and sometimes it overwhelms them into making no decision at all. When Max Salk was asked in a recent interview what he’d tell his younger self, he said: “The world is full of opportunities, and there is no one path to success or satisfaction in almost anything in life. Find something you love doing, and pursue it relentlessly. If it doesn’t work out, try something else.”

In this way, Salk prioritizes action, especially when the path forward is not necessarily clear. For example, Salk had always been interested in analyzing things through a historical context and when he began to follow the markets more closely in college, he developed an interest in finance. As you can see, Salk didn’t know that he wanted to work in finance with certainty until college. However, rather than hemming and hawing as to whether or not finance was the right field for him, he went for it, and learned along the way about his likes and dislikes. 

Salk took a similar path toward his pursuit of landscape photography as a hobby. And by no means was it a straight path. His initial inspiration to start taking photographs came when he was studying abroad in the Netherlands. At the time, he enjoyed taking photographs, but never considered it as a serious pursuit. In the Netherlands, he woke up one morning and decided to go for an early morning walk and brought his camera along with him. As he walked along, he took photographs of the fog coming in over the ships in the harbor he was walking around. The scene of the fog hanging low over the masts of dozens of ships struck him in a way other photographs he’d taken hadn’t. When he arrived home to Chicago he hung up some of the pictures for fun so he could share them with visitors to his place. From then on, anytime Salk traveled, he brought his camera with him. And when he came home from his travels, he had more photographs to frame. Eventually, Salk decided to host his work on his website to showcase his photographs and share them with a greater audience. With that, the beginning of Max Salk Photography was born.

In both cases, Salk nurtured the interests he already had—travel and history—into two ingredients that underpin his current life. For those starting their career out this is a lesson to heed Salk’s advice to his younger self. That is, because there is no one path, there are no easy answers when it comes to deciding what you want to do with your career and life. It’s a combination of trial and error and introspection that you’ll need to go through to find the right answers. As unsatisfying an answer as that may seem when you’re trying to find out which ventures you want to commit your time to, it is the reality of the situation. To deal with that reality, the best path forward is to do something rather than searching for a clear answer that does not exist. Instead, go for a walk, feed your interests, or take a job, even if you’re not 100 percent certain about it. As Salk suggested to his younger self, “If it doesn’t work out, try something else.” Just because you make one choice doesn’t mean you can’t change course after. When you’re young, the priority should be to gain information about many potential paths so you can make the best decision possible but you can’t gain information without acting first.

Striking a Balance and Giving Back: The Navy SEAL Foundation 

Max Salk supports The Navy SEAL Foundation because of its mission which is stated on its website as follows: “The Navy SEAL Foundation provides immediate and ongoing support and assistance to the Naval Special Warfare community and its families.” To accomplish that mission, the foundation does work throughout the United States to raise money to help support the naval special forces and their families. Each of these areas of support is designed to help Navy SEALs and their families navigate the most difficult things about being a Navy SEAL, or a family member of a Navy Seal. 

For Max Salk, and the many others who support the Navy SEAL Foundation, this is critically important. After all, these people (and their families) make incredible sacrifices both with their time and their emotional and physical well-being to help keep their country and the rest of the world safe from those who would do harm. 

As stated previously in regard to career choices, there is no such thing as a single, correct path. Similarly, when it comes to giving back, there is no such thing as one way to do it. You can give back by helping friends, family, or strangers on the street; it doesn’t necessarily have to be organized. But as part of being a balanced individual and a valuable contributor to society, it’s important to give back in some ways. And it’s not just for the people that your generosity helps. It’s also for you. 

In fact, according to the Mental Health Foundation, doing good things for other people can help improve your physical and mental health too. According to them, “When you help others, it promotes positive physiological changes in the brain associated with happiness. These rushes are often followed by longer periods of calm and can eventually lead to better wellbeing. Helping others improves social support, encourages more physically active lifestyles, distracts us from our own problems, allows us to engage in a meaningful activity, and improves our self-esteem and competence.”

To get yourself started with giving back to your community, you can look at Max Salk’s work with the Navy SEAL Foundation for inspiration or you can follow the advice of the Mental Health Foundation. They suggest doing something you enjoy, keeping others in mind, and avoiding the temptation to overdo it when you first start volunteering.

Step Away Every Once in a While

There’s a Spanish proverb that says, “cada cabeza es un mundo.” Translated to English, it means “each mind is a world onto itself.” In other words, despite the fact that we all live in the same society, we all have different ways of thinking that are very personal to ourselves. But if we’re aware that we all have a tendency to only see the world through our own view, we can seek out ways to broaden that view. One way to see the world through the eyes of others is through travel, which Max Salk does quite often. In recent years, Salk has traveled to Italy, Canada, Utah, Arizona, Thailand, Laos, and Alaska. Every single one of these places—in one way or another—brought Salk out of the routine world of New York City that he’s used to.  

Beyond the rest and relaxation that these trips have provided to Max Salk over the years, they’ve also helped to take him out of his mental comfort zone. And though that may seem trite, it’s critical for Salk. To be sure, travel is not the only way to broaden your perspective. But understanding when and more importantly, how, you can step away from your daily routine is critical for everyone. 

Stepping away can help you solve problems both personal and professional that seem impossible to solve up close. In essence, it’s the same concept we all naturally employ in our everyday lives. For example, you may be trying to solve a particularly difficult problem at work for hours on end until you’re forced to leave the problem for a meeting or other obligation. Then, when you return to the problem the next morning, it often quickly becomes clear what the solution to that problem was. But again, though Max Salk uses travel to get away from time to time, his other interests and creative pursuits contribute to his ability to put some distance between professional and personal problems as well.

The same concept of getting away physically applies mentally which is why Max Salk’s combination of unique interests and hobbies actually works to his advantage. Rather than distracting him from his work, Salk’s varied interests allow his mind to work subconsciously because he’s always on to something new: volunteering with The SEAL Foundation, taking photographs, or traveling. Whatever it is, Salk is creating mental space from his everyday workload which allows him to come back to those problems with innovative solutions.

Knowing When to Apply the Heat

You can give two equally skilled chefs the same ingredients and receive vastly different dishes based on where, how, and when those chefs prepare and tend to those ingredients. They can roast some ingredients in the oven, sauté others in a frying pan, and flame broil the rest. When they combine everything together, it becomes something different altogether. Max Salk, though he is not much of a chef, does know how to prepare and tend to certain ingredients of his life.

In a recent interview, Max Salk was asked, “What is the one thing you do over and over and recommend everyone else do.” To this he responded: “I try to prepare in detail whenever I have to present something. People may not know what you are doing every minute of every day, but they will form impressions of your work product based on how and what you present to them.”

Max Salk works in the world of finance but, as a concept, this recommendation to prepare in detail whenever you have to present something goes beyond Salk’s career. The important concept to takeaway is that there are moments in your career and your life that have an outsized impact on the rest of your life and career. After all, in the real world, you’re never going to be constantly watched over by the people who are judging you. For this reason, when he does get a chance to be seen by his superiors and interact with them, Salk knows that these encounters are a critical time for him to show what he’s been doing and the value he’s bringing. 

Whether you work in finance or as an artist, you’ll be faced with turning points every once in a while. Because these turning points will have such a significant influence on where you end up in your career (or life), it makes sense to commit more of your mental resources to ensuring that you are ready for these turning points. In other words, you have to know when to turn on the burners.

Keep on Discovering

In the same interview referenced in the previous section, Salk highlighted how it is important to remain open to new ideas and let processes and ideas evolve, “Planning and preparation are critical, but can only take you so far. Once you actually start working on or drafting something, the process and idea can evolve into something even better.”

By remaining open to new ideas, even when you prepare in detail, you allow yourself to—as Salk said—evolve “into something even better.” This openness to rediscovery is the “magic” ingredient in the recipe we’ve outlined above. An openness to discovery is what allows you to simultaneously evaluate your own interests and think about your ideal career path while also being willing to simply go out and try things to find out what you truly enjoy. An openness to discovery is also what allows you to find out what you personally need to do to feel balance in your life. Whether that’s volunteering for an organization, doing random acts of kindness, traveling the world or taking photographs is ultimately up to you to discover. But for that discovery to happen it needs a clear path to show itself to you, so be sure to remain open to it



Buffalo Rock Golf And Venue: Growing Alongside The Community

Buffalo Rock Golf and Venue Sun.jpg

For Oklahoma natives, a spirit of community is the cornerstone behind many endeavors. From pot-lucks and garage sales, to local weddings and celebrations, revelry often becomes synonymous with community engagement. Behind every event, gathering, and local endeavor, the notion of bringing people together acts as the building block of the particular activity, aesthetic, and overall experience. Community efforts build memories, lend a hand in guiding inevitable nostalgia in the future, and generally better the lives of residents in a plethora of ways. As the world continues to change on a local, national, and global level, the concept of community grows, changes, and ebbs in a way most fitting to the current atmosphere.

Buffalo Rock Golf & Venue.jpg

For loyal Oklahoma residents, Cushing acts as the perfect example of a thoroughly modern and forward-thinking city that seamlessly blends tradition, culture, and community into the modern realm. In fact, the city’s tagline “personal connections, global impact” imparts the message thoughtfully, acting as a beacon for individuals seeking the best of both worlds. Nestled within beautifully manicured acreage of unencumbered land, Cushing’s historic Buffalo Rock Golf And Venue, previously known as Buffalo Golf And Gun, has mastered the art of growing alongside its’ community, and embracing change whilst maintaining its’ deeply rooted traditions.

Recently under new management, the location’s name change parlays a modern look into the future, showcasing the location’s myriad of possible uses, focused around bringing people together in a multitude of ways. Buffalo Rock Golf And Venue prides itself on providing world-class golfing experiences, fishing, and the community engagement activities that local residents have enjoyed for many years prior. In the spirit of continued community growth, the space also looks forward to hosting fully-catered weddings, expertly curated corporate retreats, showers, bar mitzvahs, and community celebrations. As the local community continues to expand, and welcome a breadth of new residents, the thriving local economy continues to drive business development, local shopping, localized entertainment options, and the increased need for local community gathering spaces. In this vein, Buffalo Rock has not only successfully integrated within the community to become a chosen location for gathering, but has continued to consciously listen to the needs of the community in the spirit of growing in tandem.

In recognizing the importance of maintaining strong community focus, Buffalo Rock Golf And Venue was purchased by esteemed multi-generational community resident Rick Ahrberg. As the current owner of Cushing business staple Ahrberg Milling, Rick has continued in his father’s footsteps, proudly operating the company in the same community as his predecessors. Originally called Hancock Feed upon its inception in 1920, the company has been in the hands of the Ahrberg family since 1960, purchased by brothers Bill and Bob Ahrberg. In 1985, Bill’s youngest son, Rick, joined the family business, and eventually became the company’s President. A graduate of Oklahoma State University, the Cushing native has amassed decades of pertinent experience within the realm of agriculture.

As a lifelong resident of Cushing, with strongly rooted family history within Oklahoma, Rick’s family, including wife and five children, fully enjoy the community based nature of Cushing. Thus, with a desire to maintain the coveted “small town feel”, Ahrberg’s mission statement for Buffalo Rock Golf And Venue focuses on providing hospitality, entertainment, and fun for the entire family, parlaying the local landscape’s desire for community engagement.

Through Ahrberg’s ownership, Buffalo Rock Golf has pivoted offerings to account for the increasing need for curated space for groups to congregate. With a beautiful bespoke event space, Buffalo Rock creates the perfect backdrop for all events, and makes purposeful use out of every square inch of property. Additionally, continued charity tournaments, and various competitions incite the spirit of camaraderie, and lend the space for usage that benefits various organizations. Raising funds for local organizations, Buffalo Rock’s charity tournaments embody the spirit of neighborly behavior, and further propel the space as the community epicenter.

Though Buffalo Rock welcomes vast groups of travelers from all over the world, the venue enjoys an extensive client base of loyal regulars. By maintaining a regular rotation of weekly events designed to bring local residents together for weeknight outings, the site is a local meeting ground for many. Buffalo Rock’s weekly Thursday Night Scramble draws a crowd ready to relax after a long day at the office. With continued efforts to bring community activities on-site, Buffalo Rock’s private lake is the perfect location for an extensive fishing program. Currently closed for rehabilitation, the completed renovation will undoubtedly provide a wonderful opportunity for relaxing fishing trips, as well as competitive fishing tournaments.

In addition to providing amenities and services to the local community, Buffalo Rock Golf and Venue’s continued growth provides jobs within all fields for local community members. With opportunities in hospitality, management, environmental care, retail, and other sectors, the continued success of Buffalo Rock provides unique opportunities for local residents to find meaningful employment. In turn, this boosts the local economy, providing employees with the spending power to leverage sales for other local businesses. With Cushing’s proud history of small business ownership, this type of evolving local commerce aligns with the area’s history, and long-term future planning.

Through various physical improvements, and a re-invigorated focus on community engagement, Buffalo Rock Golf And Venue aims to continue to solidify its presence as the cornerstone of the residents of Cushing. As time continues to move forward, and globalization continues to impact the ways in which individuals interact, the concept of maintaining interpersonal closeness remains integral for local communities to continue to thrive. Alongside the businesses that foster opportunities for community members to engage in various activities, there exists an understanding of the greater long-term benefit of creating a welcoming atmosphere, one that transcends a particularly fantastic golf outing. This spirit is ever present at Buffalo Rock Golf And Venue, which continues to be exactly what the community needs to grow, flourish, celebrate, and remain close.