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How Your Business Can Reach Out To More Customers

For SMEs, it can be difficult to find new customers. Without the benefit of a dedicated marketing department, you have to manage your audience growth on your own. That means having a basic understanding of how to not just reach new people, but entice them into becoming paying customers. That can be a challenge when you're already managing a busy daily diary. However, with a little knowledge and some smart planning, you could be reaching a new audience before you know it. Here’s how to reach out to more customers and encourage them to buy without putting a strain on your already hectic workload.

Email marketing

This form of B2C communication fell out of favor for a few years, but it’s back with a vengeance. Professional marketers are prioritizing the building of email lists, and the stats justify the time it takes to establish a strong email recipient list. Welcome emails are especially effective, with a 320% more chance of making a sale through an introduction email than any other email promotion.

There are many benefits of email marketing. Be sure to create an email marketing campaign that features:

  • A good subject line

  • Personalization

  • Relevancy

  • Are compelling and easy-to-read

  • Compatibility with mobile devices

Provide content

Everyone and their dog has a blog these days, and businesses are no exception. There’s a reason why businesses need to create content - it works to attract new customers. The content that you create is essential, but if you focus on answering the main questions in your field that clients want answers to, you can be sure that you will start to build brand trust and loyalty. This will improve your conversion rates and boost your audience reach, all while improving your rankings on search engines too, making it even easier for customers to find you.

Use communities

There are a wide variety of communities online, and your industry will have one too. Those communities are valuable resources for a number of reasons, but they are especially useful for attracting and reaching new customers. Check your industry communities, and sign up for membership. Moving companies, for example, should register their business with Movingcompanyreviews.com which will make them easier to find and allow those in the moving sector to have strong representation in their local area.

Encourage your online reviews

In the digital age, most people will check reviews before they commit to any purchase. No matter the industry sector you may be in, having positive reviews on Yelp, FourSquare, or Amazon, can go a long way to encouraging sales. Those positive reviews will also make you easier to find, as well as making your brand much more trustworthy.

Understand your existing customers

The more that you understand who is already using your company, the more that you will understand what needs to be done to attract a new audience. Conduct in-depth market research into your current audience demographic, and tailor your marketing to appeal to that audience. The more that you understand just why people are buying your product or service, the more that you will be able to highlight those reasons and make them a USP.

Attracting a new audience can often feel like screaming into the void. There are so many businesses making a noise that it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. Focus on your selling points and commit time each day to one actionable and proactive marketing task. The more that you market, the more likely that those new customers will be drawn to you organically, and that can only mean good things for the future of your business.



Waiakea Water Announces The Lucky Winner Of Its Ultimate Camp and Surf Giveaway

In late June, the Hawaiian bottled water company Waiakea Water announced the winner of their 30-day Ultimate Camp and Surf Giveaway. The winner, San Clemente resident Logan Hannah, was selected from 25,000 participants and came away with $5,000-worth of camping and surf gear, including a Tepui Baja Series Rooftop Tent, a FUJIFILM X-A5 camera, an Almond Surfboards R-Series Board, and more. On top of these gifts, Hannah also won a one-year subscription to Waiakea Water.

The company's CEO Ryan Emmons called the event and the company's collaboration with the various outdoor adventure brands a "blast." He also called the giveaway a success based on the overall fan response.

Hannah had entered the giveaway in the hopes of winning new gear for his adventures after seeing a post from Almond Surfboards promoting it. With his new gear, Hannah plans on heading to Arizona's Havasupai Falls in the fall. In the meantime, he' will be taking advantage of the waves in Baja.

This isn't the first giveaway from the company, who has hosted several successful contests beforehand, with another big contest coming up this month. In fact, the company has become something of a fan favorite. In an age when more and more people are turning away from bottled water due to the wastefulness of the plastic bottles and the fact that the water is often filtered city water, many have flocked to the company with its healthier, more sustainable products. Since its founding in 2012, they have grown an astonishing 4,200 percent.

The company, which Emmons had founded, has become one of the most successful bottled water companies in the US. Emmons created the company when he realized that the water he and his family drank when they visited Hawaii in the summer and winter was special and wanted to expose it to others. He sought to create a company that not only provides healthier water, but sustainability and social awareness.

Their water, which is sourced from the Kea'au aquifer near Hiloon on Hawaii's Big Island, is filtered through thousands of feet of porous volcanic rock at the base of Mauna Loa. Because of this, the water has numerous health benefits. The natural alkalinity means the Waiakea water pH ranges from 7.8 to 8.8, compared to the pH of 7 found in typical purified water. While artificially alkaline water exists, it tricks the body into thinking it's getting more alkaline than it is, leading to some potential negative side effects. Aside from the Waiakea water pH level, there are other benefits. Such volcanic water benefits include an abundance of electrolytes like sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. It also has an ideal amount of silica (30mg), which not only gives the water a soft, silky mouthfeel, but is believed to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's by 11 percent.

It's not just the water that they focus their attention on. The company also engages in sustainable practices regarding the manufacturing of their water - practices that allowed it become the first to be certified CarbonNeutral. Their bottles are made of 100 percent RPET. This means 85 percent less energy for manufacturing, 90 percent less water, and 90 percent less CO2 being put out. The company also uses only low-emission vehicles when transporting their product.

Waiakea also believes it has a responsibility to the less-fortunate. The company has partnered with the nonprofit charity Pump Aid, which has provided clean water to 1.35 million people around the world to date. It is through Pump Aid that the company donates one week's worth of water to those in need for each liter that is sold.



5 Traditional Marketing Techniques to Bring into 2019

While digital marketing can be a powerful way to promote your business, you shouldn’t overlook traditional marketing tactics. Many modern companies make the big mistake of focusing all their efforts on SEO, video marketing and social media campaigns when they could attract and retain customers using classic promotional strategies.

If you want to grab your target audience’s attention and increase your annual revenue, here are five traditional marketing techniques to bring into 2019.

1 Grab People’s Attention with Billboards

While social media posts and blogs are a great way to reach your target market, a striking billboard on a highway or in a hallway is guaranteed to grab people’s attention. It’s the perfect way to reach all ages and social classes, as it’s impossible to miss a large image when stuck in traffic or walking to or from work. Invest in a billboard today to increase your brand awareness.

2 Impress Your Target Market with Promotional Products

Forget discount codes and coupons that people will rarely use, and provide your target customers with a real product they can hold in their hands. For example, when the cold weather strikes, adorn your logo onto bulk custom beanies, which you can hand out to commuters on a winter’s day. You can trust they’ll remember the brand that handed them cozy caps during the rain, wind or snow. This is excellent brand exposure for your business.

3 Create Flyers and Brochures to Promote Your Local Business

If you run a local business or a bricks and mortar store, it’s time to create and print professional flyers and brochures. Post them in the mail, hand them out in the street, or place them by a checkout area so that people can learn more about your brand, products and services, and can decide whether to buy from your business. Focus on creating a high-quality flyer or brochure that reflects your brand and offers informative, well-written content about who you are, what you do, and how you do it.

4 Pick Up the Phone

Social media and email have made it easier than ever to connect with customers. However, not every customer might be active online. If you want to engage with your customers on a personal level, you should pick up the phone and call each customer to find out where you are going right or wrong.

While you might find some of your customers are happy with your goods and services, you could discover that others are dissatisfied with your brand, which you might never have known if you hadn’t contacted them directly.

5 Stand Out with Direct Mail

As bank statements and bills can now be delivered straight into a customer’s email inbox, it can be rare for people to receive many letters in their mailbox. Direct mail could, therefore, help your brand to stand out from the crowd, as it might be the only letter waiting for a homeowner in the morning. It’s the perfect way to present your past or potential customers with a thank you note or a discount voucher for their next purchase.



5 Core Skills Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Needs

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 6.19.59 AM.png

In this day and age, anybody with the right set of skills can become an entrepreneur. While some people feel that they were born to become one, the reality is that with the right knowledge, running a business is something that can be learned. However, some people will naturally be better at it than others. As with any skill, the more you practice, the better you’re likely to get at it. When applied in the business world, it could help you build a successful and sustainable business. Take a look at a few core skills that every entrepreneur will likely need.


As you probably know, regardless of how involved in a business you are, you’re going to have to communicate with a range of people. This could include anyone from prospective business partners to your staff on a regular basis. You need to develop different communication styles and understand how to communicate with people who come from different backgrounds.

One specific communication skill worth mastering is learning to listen deeply. Seeing as it’s been said that 45 percent of our daily communication comprises of listening, this would be a good place to start. Try to avoid superimposing while people are talking and don’t interrupt while they’re talking. As well as actively listening, being concise, paying attention to your tone, and interpreting non-verbal cues are great aspects to focus on too.


As you likely know, most organizations are only able to operate on an ongoing basis when they have a consistent stream of income. For businesses especially, one of their sole reasons for operating is to make a profit. You should, therefore, develop financial skills and learn the basics of money management.

Some things you may find yourself doing if you don’t have the resources to hire a finance professional include:

  • Keeping track of expenses

  • Financial forecasting

  • Payroll

Not only will this help you when running your business, but it can also help manage your personal finances. It’s advisable that you hire a business professional to help if you have a significant amount of debt that you haven’t attended to before going ahead to start a business. You can find a credit repair service on https://creditrepaircompanies.com as well as reviews which can help you make a final decision about which company to go with.


In addition to the mentioned, you also need to learn how to network. In order to push your business as far as possible, you need to progressively grow your network. There are numerous ways to go about this which include going to industry-specific events and maintaining relationships with the people you meet. To improve your networking skills, use active listening skills as mentioned above and pay attention to conversations you’re engaging in while asking relevant questions to show you’re listening. Also, be genuinely interested and sincere as this helps you connect and relate with the people you interact with for the first time. If you aren’t a fan of networking, think about volunteering so you can meet people while keeping busy.  


Everyone has to sell something at some point in their lives. Whether it’s convincing your spouse to buy you a desired Christmas gift or pitching your idea to an investor, it will have to be done. You should, therefore, learn the art of sales and how to get people to buy either a product or idea. It would be ideal to start with learning about customer buying habits as well as human psychology. Communicating clearly and effectively when selling is also a good way to get your message across to the person you’re selling to. Lastly, confidence is a necessary ingredient in selling successfully too.


Business has a lot to do with how you manage people, projects and things. There are so many activities that take place in the life of an entrepreneur that knowing how to manage it all is essential. To develop management skills, you could take a course or throw yourself in the deep end and learn on the job. One management skill you’re likely to need is learning how to plan. This is fundamental to any sort of management that takes place as it helps put things into perspective and enables you to develop an approach. Organizing, directing, and controlling are also important components of management as well.

Entrepreneurs are often seen as exceptional people, and in some cases, this is true. However, from the outside, you may not see all of the hard work that goes into developing skills needed to run a business. Learning and mastering these skills could be the difference between a business that makes an impact and one that doesn’t last very long.



5 Traditional Marketing Tactics That Still Work

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 9.52.43 PM.png

Due to the rise of the smartphone, online marketing has taken precedent when running promotional campaigns. However, if you want to connect with a community and increase brand recognition, you should focus on the following five traditional marketing tactics that still work.

1 Grab People’s Attention with Brand Signage

Rather than spending many an hour developing a social post only for it to make its way to the bottom of your feed, you should focus on a signage campaign that will provide a fantastic return on your investment for many years. For example, fleet wraps from Custom Wraps can increase brand recognition as your employees drive from A to B, so it could encourage passersby to turn into customers.

2 Use Promotional Items for Free Advertising

Image is everything when it comes to business. If you want to be viewed as a caring, professional retail company, you should invest in high-quality promotional products that will reflect your brand. For example, provide your shoppers with free, stylish tote bags that feature your brand’s logo. Not only will it improve the customer service experience, but they’re more likely to reuse high-quality bags in the future, so it’s a form of free advertising for your business.

3 Promote Your Small Business with Flyers

If the majority of your revenue comes from local trade, you must look for ways to promote your business across the community. For example, you can produce high-quality flyers that can lead to local brand awareness. You can also post the flyers through people’s mailboxes, or you could hand them out personally to inform your target market about who you are, what you can do, and how your goods and/or services can help to improve their lifestyle. It’s a clever marketing tactic for startup companies who are finding it difficult to tap into a competitive market.

4 Connect with Customers Using Direct Mail

Rather than targeting one advertisement to every customer, strive to reach out to prospective customers directly, so that you can provide them with a unique discount on a product or service. For example, you could provide an introductory rate to convince a person to try your business, which could lead to their repeat custom and word of mouth referrals. Direct mail will also prove you are a caring, helpful company, as you are willing to drop your prices to secure their custom, which can make a customer feel appreciated.

5 Use Sign Spinners to Attract Customers

Sign spinners might not necessarily be your first port of call when looking to adopt new marketing ideas, but they can be an effective tactic to increase sales. It works because it’s hard for drivers to ignore someone spinning a sign when they are stuck at a red light. It could alert a person to your business or products. You could potentially grab the attention of thousands of people throughout the day, and you’ll generate a great return on your investment, even if only a small percentage choose to visit your bricks and mortar store.