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4 Tactics You Can Use To Strengthen Your Reputation

Being in business is tough when your reputation is poor. People don’t flock to you as they do the companies who are well-known and respected. A bad reputation can hurt your business and make it difficult for you to get out of your rut.

Reputations can be damaged, but they can also be mended using the right tactics. The first step to making it better is awareness and accepting the fact that consumers aren’t that impressed with you. Keep your head up and focus on a brighter future. Use your past as lessons for what you don’t want to do going forward.

Content Marketing

Win customers back with your site’s quality content. Do it the right way and work with a full service marketing agency like Click Intelligence who specializes in content marketing. They understand the importance of keywords and being found in the search rankings. Content marketing helps to grow your business because it engages your audience, makes you an authority within your industry and is designed to convert visitors to your site into consumers. If you do it the right way you’ll experience more visibility and a chance to gain back your respect.

Offer Better Customer Service

The one area you shouldn’t ignore is customer service. People talk and will let it be known when they’re unhappy. It’s a great touch point and chance for you to help your reputation. This is an opportunity for you to turn all that around and build back trust. Train your customer service department and make sure they’re all on the same page. Update your policies and be fair in your negotiations to find a solution. Do a good job and you’ll soon start to see your reputation take a turn for the better.

Collect Reviews

Once you get your act together, start encouraging customers to leave you reviews online. Get them posted on your website and be sure to highlight the best ones. Customers depend on reviews when they’re making a decision whether to work with you or not. Make the choice easy on them by having outstanding reviews to boast about. Your reputation will soar as soon as you receive positive feedback from clients. You can never have too many uplifting reviews to share.

Give Back

Consumers notice when businesses are donating their time and money to a good cause. Get more involved with your community and even bigger charities to show that you care about others. There are also great teambuilding activities available for various groups, so it’s good for employee morale too. Once you complete your work, write a press release and tell your customers about it. Make it a regular occurrence and have some fun with it.


Reputations are always changing. Keep an eye on yours and improve it by taking advantage of these ideas for strengthening it. It’s never too late to become a customer favorite if you work hard and focus on being authentic. The public recognizes companies who are genuine and keep their promise.



5 Things All Employees Want from Their Jobs

Both happiness and motivation are fundamental to employee engagement and retention, as well as business productivity. An employer who fails to offer both will experience a high employee turnover, poor reputation and bad online ratings on employee review sites. Find out the five things all employees want from their jobs.

1. A Safe Place to Work

Safety must be a primary concern for all employers. It is one thing all employees naturally expect from a business. Yet, many companies, large and small, let their employees down by failing to adhere to their health and safety requirements. Unfortunately, this can lead to accidents at work, such as a slip or fall, which can place a physical, emotional and financial burden on an employee following an injury. As a result, they may need to learn more about personal injury solicitors in Manchester, such as Garratts Solicitors.

2. Respect

Respect equals respect. If you want your employees to respect both you and your business, you must give them respect in return. It is a fundamental right for all employees, which is why you must strive to provide them with praise when warranted, and offer feedback so they can identify how they are performing at work. Treat your employees as adults to create a workplace based on mutual respect where everyone is treated equally, regardless of their roles or salaries.

3. Transparency

Building a business based on secrets and lies will make an employee feel as if they are not members of the in-crowd, and they will also not trust who you are, what you say and the actions you make. Employees want transparency both in their roles and across the business, which will make them more likely to support your company’s mission, goals, and vision. So, keep your employees in the loop when it comes to industry challenges, organizational changes and your business finances.

4. Employee Empowerment

Employee empowerment does not allow your team to determine the shape of the business, but it will provide your members of staff with a voice. Allow your team to affect decisions about their jobs and the business by providing them with a forum to air their opinions and ideas. They will also need to know that their actions are valued, which is why you should consider introducing a rewards and recognition system.

5. Leadership

Employees don’t want to shoot in the dark. They are looking for clear direction, so they know they are on the right track, and that their actions will have a positive impact on the business. They want someone trustworthy to be standing in front of them, directing them with confidence, which will allow them to learn from their experience and feel apart of something much bigger than themselves. Employees will also need a place to turn to if they have any questions they need answering to do their job well.

If you can provide all the above five things, you can trust you will gain loyal, happy employees who will go above and beyond for your company.



Freedom Debt Relief Reviews: The Secret Financial Tips For Your 30's That Financial Planners Use Themselves

Once you hit thirty, you're probably growing out of the awkward young-adult stage and moving onto new and exciting challenges. For example, you might be thinking about buying a home, planning an international vacation, or having a child- or even a second one. While your 30's is a thrilling time to enjoy, Freedom Debt Relief Reviews has found that many are not prepared to deal with the new financial challenges that they are about to face. After all, once you've begun to make a bit more money and your student loan debts are beginning to dwindle, what's there to worry about? Your 30's can be a crucial time for your financial health because Freedom Debt Relief Reviews has found that the decisions you make regarding your money during these years can have an effect on your quality of life for decades to come. We've rounded up some of the best tips from financial planners for managing your money in your 30's- try implementing some of them early, and enjoy a more fulfilling life later on.

Live as far below your means as possible. You've probably already heard the advice that you need to live below your means if you want to build your wealth- but what does that mean? After all, if you make $4,000 a month and spend $3,999, you are technically living below your means. However, if you want to reach your financial goals faster and improve your quality of life in the long-term, you need to be living as far below your means as possible- Freedom Debt Relief Reviews recommends savings as much money as you can in your 30's and reinvesting it to build your wealth.

Avoid the temptation of a lifestyle creep. Freedom Debt Relief Reviews has found that the 30's is when most people begin to experience what's known as the "lifestyle creep," a trap that catches many consumers and destroys their ability to invest for the future. The lifestyle creep is when a consumer begins to make more money and, instead of saving their additional income, uses it to up their lifestyle and make purchases that will decrease in value; this usually comes in the form of moving into a more expensive apartment, unnecessarily upgrading their wardrobe, or purchasing a fancy new car.

The best way to combat the lifestyle creep? Focus on saving a percentage of your income instead of a set dollar amount. That way, you'll avoid the temptation to stagnate your savings when you begin to make more money or you get a raise.

Think through your spending. When you're in your 30's and have been working at your career for a while, you're probably making substantially more than you were when you were younger- and thinking that you can spend more. While that's technically true, many people spend without really thinking about what will make them happy. For example, when you see one of your friends enjoying a vacation on social media, you might think that taking your own trip abroad might bring you the same level of joy. However, this will only turn out to be the case if you are the type of person who values these types of expenses. Instead of spending just because you have the money, consider your values and spend intentionally.

Freedom Debt Relief Reviews knows that your 30's can be a difficult time when it comes to money management- and we're here to support you. Just like a personal trainer can motivate you and help you find the right exercises for your individual goals, financial advisers and planners can help you create a route to your money goals. If you need assistance managing your assets, feel free to contact us- we may be able to help.



4 Ways To Get Your Customers To Act

Having customers is great, but it doesn’t do much for your business if they’re not completing purchases from you. You need to make certain that when someone lands on your website or sees an advertisement from you that they feel compelled to make a move.

It’s not enough to sit back and be hopeful that someone will do what you want them to. Be proactive and come up with strategies for making sure that you’ll be closing more sales. Get in tune with your sales and marketing departments and work together to provide solutions that work. See four ways to get your customers to act.

Improve Communication

One way to get your customers to act is to better communicate with them. Use a service like SpyderText that simplifies your communications, reduces expenses, decreases response times and provides better service. Communicate more effectively regardless of your industry. Reach the customers you need to via the medium they prefer, be it SMS, Email, Facebook Messenger, Slack or Twitter. Sending the right message at the right time greatly increases your chances that your customers will take action.

Offer Limited Time Sales & Discounts

Customers love to see opportunities that save them money. Use urgent wording and create time-sensitive offers. Your language and what type of sale you’re running matter. Have a plan and release the information using your strategic communication tools. People should feel inspired to want to make a purchase after feeling a little pressure that they’ll miss out unless they act right now. Stick to your word and end the sales and discounts when you say you’re going to, so next time you do it they know they have to act immediately.

Ask them

There’s no harm in asking your clients to buy your products or services. Use the phone, have a meeting or take them out for coffee to pick their brain and make a sales pitch. Send email campaigns that make it clear what action you want your customers to take. Sitting in the office hoping that transactions will start pouring in isn’t going to work. You need your sales and marketing teams actively making it be known that you mean business.

Make it Easy on them

Don’t send your customers jumping through hoops to make a purchase. Communicate clearly, be specific and include exact details regarding the topic at hand. Send direct links, clear messaging and instructions, so there’s no room for confusion. There’s no need to beat around the bush or cover up the fact that you want them to make a move. If you want clients to go online, then include the specific page in your message and if they’re to visit the physical store then include a map and exact location.


Stop waiting around for consumers to come to you. Go out and initiate the conversation and contact. Tell them what you’re offering and what you want them to do. These are four ways to get your customers to act.



How to Boost Employee Morale

Running a company, no matter how big, means you will have to deal with ups and downs. Even if your business is thriving, you might find that the pressure of filling orders may start to take its toll on your employees. To help them refocus and to boost their morale, you will need to think of ways to show your appreciation for what they do. Here are some of the ways you can boost employees morale and make them feel better about their jobs.

Make Them Feel That Their Work is More Than Just a Job

It can be easy for your workers to slip into a rut and become disillusioned with what they are doing. However, you can try to overcome this by telling them how much their effort is making a difference. If you get an email of praise from a client or customer, share it with your workers and tell them how they have helped make it happen. Try and show them how their work is helping people or making a difference.

Celebrate Accomplishments

If you find that one of your workers is putting in some amazing time at work and producing good quality, then you should celebrate it to try and encourage others to do the same. It can be all too easy to think too far ahead and forget about what is happening at this moment. However, if you celebrate your workers for their efforts now, you are more likely to gain loyal and hardworking employees in the future.

Start a Reward Chart

Although setting targets can sometimes have the opposite effect, there are ways that you can try to increase production and boost morale at the same time. Try starting a reward chart or an employee of the month award. You can set whatever criteria you need, and if someone achieves it, they get a reward – it’s that simple. The type of reward you offer has to be meaningful, or no-one will want to win it. For example, you can try looking at sites like Ticket Sales to find gigs that you think they might want to go to and offer them as an award.

Encourage Creativity and Innovation

Many companies have employees that can do other things as well as the jobs they do for you. Some may be trained accountants or have a degree in engineering that they aren’t using. Encourage your workers to start projects of their own that interest them. They will need to be linked to your company in some way, but they can be anything that interests your workers. You can then choose the best one to implement at your company. It is this type of innovation that could be a boost to your business, and it will raise morale as well.

Making your employees feel valued and an integral part of the company is what will encourage them to do their best work for you. With a few incentives, you can create a thriving and high morale workforce.