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Technologies That Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

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Whether you’re considering the launch of a new business or have been established for a while, there are some key technologies that your business should be utilizing. Every entrepreneur is no doubt already aware of how the best in tech can create improvements to every area of a business, but knowing and doing are often very different things. If you want your entrepreneurial ambitions to skyrocket, then it may be time to assess the best technologies that you should be using to give your business strategy a much-needed boost. As the focus for businesses continues to be consumer-driven, these technologies can help you provide a more efficient and more professional service.

3D Printing

As an emerging technology, 3D Printing is something that has yet to be fully utilized by most entrepreneurs. The possibilities for those in creative or manufacturing industries are almost unlimited, and 3D printing looks set to become a major disruptor of those sectors in the near future. However, no matter your industry, 3D Printing may be of enormous benefit, especially when it comes to medicine and construction, but even marketing may be able to integrate 3D Printing into its management functionality. When consumers are able to browse products online, 3D printing offers swifter access to a physical copy of a product, and entrepreneurs who explore this technology fully will be ahead of the game and one step in front of the competition.

Software evolution

It’s a mistake to consider that the latest software will fall naturally into your lap, yet this is often the mindset of even the most forward-thinking entrepreneur. The fact is that software updates or new software packages can be all too easily dismissed as simply a necessity for smoother efficiency. This is to miss the emerging software packages that can be transformative to your output and consumer engagement. For manufacturers creating their own hard copy circuit boards, low cost PCB design software can quickly become the most important facet of your production process and is a good example of how the right software can turn your entrepreneurial venture into something much more professional. Always look to your sector and keep aware of the latest available software solutions.

The worlds of Virtual Reality

If you think that Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology of the future, then you're not watching the present. Businesses of every kind are looking at VR and finding new ways to integrate its potential into their business. From virtual tours of property to product visualization, and even as a training tool, VR is fast becoming the most talked about cutting-edge technology that your business needs. Look for innovative ways to make use of VR, and you will be ahead of the business curve. VR is a technology that has yet to be perfected, but as it continues to develop you should expect to see more and more examples of it starting to appear in the business world. Don’t get left behind, and look for ways to make use of this game-changing technology.

Perhaps the key thing to remember about making use of new technology is that you should never adopt its use for the sake of it. While it's great to have new toys to play with, the fact is that if the end goal is not a better consumer experience, then you're wasting time and energy. Always look at new technology and how it can benefit your customers, and your business will go stronger as a result.



How to improve your digital marketing knowledge

The marketing sector has changed so much over recent years – linked to the rapid evolution of technology and the way in which potential customers are consuming information and advertising. While traditional marketing methods are still in use, there’s now a huge focus on the digital aspect. Plus, building a career in this sector is a good choice as right now, most companies recognize the importance of having a strong digital marketing presence – as they continuously battle to stand out from their competitors. So, how do you make it big in this profession? Here are some tips to help you on your road to digital marketing success.


Train and take courses


As with most jobs in life, you need to have the knowledge and skills to progress in a career. Whether that’s through a college course, a professional study program or on-the-job training, you need to be in the know to land yourself that lucrative position.


If you’re just starting out, you should think about picking a marketing course – with a digital focus – for study at college. Or, if you’ve already left college or are not planning to go, then you could check out the range of shorter-term, online study offers. You could try out an online digital marketing course, for example, which can better qualify you for success in this sector.


When you do land your first job, or look to move up the career ladder, you should ask your boss about internal digital marketing training opportunities and promotions – to help you on your way.


Strike a digital pose


When you’re going for your first digital marketing job, you’re sure to be asked about your own digital footprint – and the platforms and apps you use in everyday life. This, so the employer can get an idea of your basic digital enthusiasm and awareness.


So, at the very least, you should have a striking, up-to-date LinkedIn profile – highlighting all your best professional qualities, including qualifications, training and experience. And you should have a strong showing on platforms such as Instagram. You may also want to produce your own website and blog, to show your technical skills, including the use of CMS and media content use, which may well come in useful when you go to a job interview.


But, perhaps most of all, you need to keep in step with the latest digital developments in the industry - around marketing. By doing this, you will stand yourself in a better position to really sell yourself to a company.


The digital sector is constantly evolving, with new tech and trends emerging – and clients changing their habits. You will be asked about which new digital marketing techniques you’d like to try, any new platforms or technologies you think the business should be adopting. So, go with a clear understanding of what the company is already doing and some fresh suggestions for further boosting their strategy – to give them that extra competitive edge. This will help you also get the competitive edge.



Tips For Becoming A Better Entrepreneur

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Even though you’ve experienced success in the past, keep in mind that nothing is promised to you in the future. You have to continue to work hard and build upon your triumphs if you’re going to continue to find success going forward.

One goal you should always have is to continue growing and evolving and improving your skills. Doing so will help your business grow and thrive in a cutthroat landscape. You’ll never regret spending time working on yourself throughout your entrepreneurial journey. View it as a challenge instead of a chore and watch how quickly you start soaring to new heights.

Ask for Input from Others

Never be too proud to seek advice from others and get their input on a matter you’re mulling over in your head. As the leader, it’s your job to keep communication open and challenge your workforce on a daily basis. Be proactive and reach out when you want a new perspective on a matter or have questions you aren’t sure how to answer. Don’t be too proud to admit when you’re feeling stuck or are simply curious to know what others think regarding a specific topic. You will become a better entrepreneur when you expand your knowledge base and aren’t shy about engaging in conversation with people who can help you out or get you to consider trying a new approach.  

Be Open to Technology Solutions

Technology is great because it allows you to work more efficiently, but it can also be very confusing and frustrating at times. You can’t be afraid to explore all it has to offer your business if you want to succeed. For example, if you’re looking to grow your tax preparation company, then you should be willing to experiment with professional tax software from ultimatetax.com that will allow you to serve your clients better. This one small change could be the difference of you struggling through another year, or becoming prosperous because of the number of clients you’re now able to take on and quality of work you deliver.

Take Care of Your Health

Become a better entrepreneur by taking care of your wellbeing and not putting your business before your own needs. Exercise daily, eat healthy meals and make sure you’re getting the proper amount of sleep each night to stay healthy and happy. If you’re always slacking in this area and working long hours, you’ll likely hit a breaking point and have a tough time recovering because you’ve been neglecting your self-care for so long. You’ll be more productive and do a better job when you feel great and have a lot of liveliness to carry you through the day. Stay away from sugary foods and drinks and try to drink more water to help you stay hydrated and energized.

Accept that You’re Not Always Right

Having too much confidence in yourself is never a good attitude and makes you appear arrogant. Don’t let the title of being an entrepreneur and business owner go to your head and assume that, because you’re in charge, that you’re always right. Be accepting of the fact that you may not always have the answers and could need assistance from someone else. Be open to hearing other people out and viewing a situation or issue from a new perspective. Notice how freeing it is to approach business with an open mind and not have any preconceived notions. People will want to work with you more when they know that their voice will be heard.   

Get Organized

Being a disorganized entrepreneur is a recipe for disaster, and you’ll end up driving yourself crazy in the process. Get a planner, maintain a calendar and hire an assistant if that’s what you need to keep it all in order. Take time to clean your office and home and know exactly where your belongings and important files are at all times. It will save you time in the long-term, and you’ll be less prone to becoming frustrated throughout the day because you can’t find what it is you’re looking for. Being late to appointments and meetings isn’t a good look, so stay organized and witness how much easier your life becomes.

Set Aside Time to Think

As an entrepreneur, you’re going to have a lot of different individuals always needing your attention and asking you for input. You have a lot of relationships and connections to attend to on any given day, which may cause you some angst and leave little time for you. Make sure you’re good at managing your schedule and penciling in a few hours here and there where you can simply sit and think and be with your own thoughts. These short sessions are what will help you maintain your mental well-being and make good decisions when you’re under pressure. It may also be beneficial to you to block off time either in the morning or at the end of each day to meditate and release any stress that you’ve been holding inside.  

Build A Solid Team

As the leader of your company, you’re only as good as the people you have behind you. This is why it’s important you spend time building a solid and successful team of employees who are not only smart and talented but who believe in your vision and fit in well with the company culture. You’re going to need staff who you can call on and trust when you mean business and need to turn out or modify products or services quickly. Participate in the hiring process and be aware of who you’re bringing onboard at your workplace. Get to know your employees and their strengths so you can delegate projects to them accordingly.


Use these tips to help you become a better entrepreneur and improve your job performance overall. Assume that you can always be learning and growing, instead of getting too set or comfortable in your ways. Run a more successful business when you take these lessons for improving yourself into account and follow through on changing your poor habits.



5 Positive Ways to Motivate Your Employees

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As business owners, it’s tough to know where to draw the line in relation to motivating and pushing your team towards greater things. You don’t want to be overbearing and unapproachable in everyday life, but you also don’t want to be a pushover that your employees can take advantage of and stay at the same work pace forever.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at five ways to motivate your employees, with a focus on positivity rather than intimidation:

Encourage Them to Do Better, Rather Than Criticize

Constructive criticism is far better than simply criticizing somebody for doing something wrong or not working hard enough and has a better success rate in motivating staff members. This is because they can take positives out of what you are saying and work towards achieving something, rather than being made to feel like they can’t do anything right. Negative criticism will quickly see your staff moral lower, so focus on encouraging your team to do better.

Introduce Some Friendly Competition into the Workplace

A number of businesses use incentives as a way of creating some friendly competition into the workplace, which in turn, motivates and encourages the team members to work harder and smarter towards getting stuff done. If you work in sales, you could have a ‘Salesperson of the Month’ award or create targets for workers to hit to ‘activate’ incentives. It may cost you a little extra to have these incentives and keep these competitions going, but if it reaps the rewards, it’s a small price to pay for success.

Give Employees Productivity Tips

You don’t want to patronize your employees, but giving them reading lists that includes books, articles or blogs, for instance, productivity tips and life hacks is a superb way of motivating your employees. Highlight to them that you are trying to aid their development and improve their ability to do their jobs. Many business owners don’t spend enough time on staff development and finding ways for them to actively be more productive, they just expect it. Take the proactive approach for a positive effect.

Work on Your Powers of Persuasion

The problem with being the ‘cool boss’ who makes work fun and is super positive is that from time to time people may take advantage of this and see if they can get away with doing very little. When this happens, the power of persuasion is the best approach, rather heading down the disciplinary route. That does nobody any favors and isn’t motivating in the slightest.

Focus on improving your influencing skills, and you will soon be able to use your passion and ideas as a way of motivating your team and convincing them to be more productive. A positive approach trumps a negative one every single time, so inspire your team with your leadership, rather than be the grumpy boss.

Take a Trip

Every now and then, business owners should be taking their employees out of the workplace and rewarding them for all their hard work. The idea behind this is to blow off some steam whilst building relationships and strengthening that team bond that can then translate to success in the workplace.

You don’t have to bungee jump or dive out of a plane, but you should definitely consider doing something together that you can talk and laugh about. If your team has positive memories regarding their workplace, chances are they’re going to want to stick around and work hard for you.



How to Reduce Bounce Rates

Bounce rates are easy to measure but difficult to address if you aren’t sure why they’re happening. If you have too many site visitors that land on your website and immediately leave, then you no doubt have a problem, and it can be difficult to tackle if you’re not sure of the reason. The fact is, there can be any number of reasons why someone visits your site and then immediately abandons it, and working out which applies to you will go a long way to finding solutions to the problem. You should bear in mind that you will always have some bounce rate, but if it's too high, then here are the most common reasons and how to tackle them.

Speed is an important factor

Often, you can all too easily assume that the reason for your high bounce rate is because your content isn’t doing the job of attracting visitors. While this will need to be addressed, it’s far more likely that speed is a factor. It won’t matter how good your content is if your visitors can’t get to it immediately, and slow loading speeds for your website are the main factor when it comes to bounce rates. An estimated 47% of internet users admit to abandoning a website within two seconds or less, so it’s very important that you make sure that your website is running at top speed at all times. It’s not just bounce rates either. A slow website will increase your chances of shopping cart abandonment as well.

Always be relevant

There are not just technical factors to take into account. Your content too needs to be relevant to your sector and therefore relevant to your site visitors. Much of this comes down to those keywords that are part of your SEO strategy or PPC campaign, and if you’re making use of those but then providing just tangentially related content on your pages, then your bounce rate is going to skyrocket. It’s important to choose your keywords carefully, but if you’re not following through for maximum impact, then you’re going to lose visitors. You can address this in a number of ways, but the most effective is making sure that you use developers like Blackbelt Commerce who can ensure that you have a fluid path for site visitors to take, and that the path leads inevitably to a sale.

Functionality above all

How many times have you tried searching for something specific on a website, only to get the dreaded ‘no results found’ page? Far too many, and that page alone is more than enough reason for visitors to abandon your pages altogether. You need to ensure that your website is not just easy to navigate at all times, but that your search functionality is streamlined, efficient and effective. After all, if people can’t find what they’re looking for on your site, then they’re simply going to look elsewhere. If you want your potential customers to stick around, then you need to make it easier for them to want to.

The key to reducing your bounce rates is simple: increase the reasons why someone will stay on your website. That could mean better content or better functionality, but whichever problem you think is causing your high bounce rate needs to be addressed if you want to grow your online presence and give your sales a boost. Some bounce rate reduction strategies are simple fixes, while others may take some time to show results, but by constant analysis and fine-tuning, you’re far more likely to have the online impact that your website deserves.