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How Marketing Has Changed the Business Industry

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The world of business is one of the few that exist which is in a state of seemingly constant flux. To ensure growth and profits, businesses much change with the tides of public opinion, need and wants to survive. Due to this, marketing has changed too or, perhaps, marketing has changed the way the business industry operates. Either way, the two go hand in hand.

In this article, you will get a glimpse into how marketing has changed the business industry and what you can do to make sure your own company profits from these developments.

The internet has taken over

One of the most important changes in the world of business and marketing is the internet and gaining a better understanding of how the internet has changed marketing forever will mean that you have the upper hand marketing your business and products in the future.

What can the internet offer your business?

There are two main things that the internet can offer your business due to the changing nature of the industry, and the first is SEO services. In terms of why you should use SEO services, the primary reason is that it makes your website easier to find by new clients. Through processes such as link building, your website can appear higher on search engines and highlight your business as a great solution to your customer’s everyday problems.

The second way the internet can be of benefit to you is through the use of social media. It is easy to see how social media can be great for marketing your business when you consider how widely used it is. Not only do platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have millions of users, with the innovation of the smartphone, people are on social media twenty-four hours a day, giving your business incredible exposure.

The innovation and popularity of Network Marketing

Despite the boom in digital marketing, there is still a lot of power in face to face, personal approach which can be achieved through something known as network marketing.

What is network marketing?

Network marketing is a model which relies on person to person selling to build up a secure connection to your customer base and build on the current success of your business.

What is so great about network marketing?

When it comes to the benefits of using network marketing, there are many to choose from. Alongside building up a strong team, it gives you a great opportunity to develop your marketing skills as a salesperson by getting out into the field rather than just sitting behind a desk. It allows business people to make a personal connection with customers which creates a strong bond with your product.

How do you get started using network marketing if you’re a novice?

The best way to get started with network marketing is to go to the professionals at tonivans.com and get a consultant to guide you through how to make network marketing work for you.

With the advice in this guide, you will now have a better understanding of how the world of business marketing has changed and just what you can do to thrive in this new environment.



Academy of Art University: Creating a New Wave of Art Professionals

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Many artistic students who want to pursue a degree in the arts consider Academy of Art University in San Francisco as their primary choice. The university is known across the country for transforming students into the brightest artists of their generations. Formerly called Academy of Art College, the school changed its name to attract more students. The school is classified as a for-profit art school, and it has molded thousands of students who have studied at the university since it was founded in 1929. The school is currently home to less than 300 full-time instructors, and there are more than 1,100 individuals who teach part-time. More than 12,600 students are enrolled this year, making it one of the largest art schools in the country.

Back in 2016, Academy of Art University reported that it had a 100 percent acceptance rate. Hundreds of students who graduate from the university end up working for different advertising and artistic firms all over the country, with their expertise in the arts as their primary selling point.

Founder Richard S. Stephens has invested a lot in the acquisition of new land on which to construct expansions. He also invested in marketing the school to the public, hoping that more students will soon be enrolling to help with the planned expansion of the university. In 2012, the number of people enrolled at the university peaked at 18,000, but it normalized back to the 12,000 range after a while.

Because it has one of the largest properties in San Francisco, Academy of Art University decided to create new facilities that would further benefit its students. One of the most recent facilities built near the university is low-income housing. This move was widely praised by the public.

Today, as the university celebrates its foundation, it has been reported that Academy of Art University will be innovating most of its departments to accommodate the demand for a higher quality of education. The university will be opening more than 30 areas for those who want to learn about professional studies, and there are five degree programs that will be offered.

Academy of Art University continues to be one of the largest and most renowned art institutions in the country, and it keeps transforming ordinary artists into world-famous talents.



10 Rewarding Jobs that Help People in Many Ways

What are you looking for in a career? Would you like to make lots of money and be guaranteed a job for life? Perhaps the meaningfulness of a job is far more important. There are very few options is the first is your goal, but if you want a career that makes a difference, there are a myriad of options. The satisfaction that comes with such a job is tremendous. If you want a profession that’s fulfilling, has a positive effect on the world and helps people in a range of different ways, here are the top 10 jobs you could choose.

1 Police Officer

Being a police officer is more than just catching the bad guys and putting them behind bars. A police officer enforces the laws of a community and ensures the safety of citizens and property. If you think you’ve got what it takes, there are certain educational requirements you have to meet. To start your training, you need a high school certificate and be 21 years of age. You’re then able to enter a police academy training program that includes physical fitness exercises and classroom learning. Subjects that will play a part in your education include controlling traffic, CPR and first aid, self-defense techniques, risk assessment, role-playing, and apprehension techniques. Work experience also plays a significant role in the recruitment process because specialist training is required for a police officer to be successful in the field. Later on, your training will include hands-on training from veteran police officers and include learning how to use a firearm safely, how to save lives using the latest techniques, how to apprehend a suspect and emergency response procedures. It’s also possible to take a safety degree online to further your education.

2 Firefighter

A firefighter is a person who puts their own life on the line to help fight fires and other emergencies within the community. Continuous training is required, and you also need to be physically fit. Entry requirements are a high school diploma, a qualifying exam and you need to pass a drugs test. There will always be a need for skilled firefighters and competition can be fierce. Firefighters have to be ready to jump into action as well as being able to cope with long periods when there’s not much to do. Not only are they responsible for putting out fires, but they may also be called on to help treat victims and perform other life-saving or public functions. There are excellent opportunities for advancement including a career as a fire inspector or investigator, hazardous material worker, fire captain or chief and forest fire inspector and prevention specialist.

3 Registered Nurse

If you want to become a licensed, registered nurse, there are several paths you can take. A registered nurse provides direct patient care in hospitals, medical offices, and other care facilities. It’s the kind of job that can potentially take you anywhere in the world. Once you become qualified, you can specialize in areas such as oncology, pediatrics, obstetrics, surgery or critical care. To become an RN, you need to complete a post-secondary program that is usually an associate or bachelor’s degree. There are also some hospitals that offer teaching programs and associated diplomas. As well as obtaining an Associate Degree in Nursing or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing a registered nurse also has to become licensed. The requirements vary depending on where you’ll be working.  

4 Occupational Health and Safety Officer

The work of an occupational health and safety officer is to prevent or lower the risk of injury or harm to people in the workplace. Their job involves looking at a variety of different work environments and making sure safety regulations are being followed. This type of work can be found in many different industries including hospitals, manufacturing, schools, and government facilities. There are a number of job titles that come under this heading including environmental enforcement officer, industrial hygienist, and health physicist. If you’re interested in pursuing this type of career, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in occupational health and safety or another related scientific field. On-the-job training is also a requirement, and this is where you’ll learn about inspection procedures and laws that apply to various work environments. Certification is possible, but this tends to be voluntary.  

5 Personal Trainer

Would you like to help people achieve their fitness goals? Do you have a passion for keeping fit and healthy? A personal trainer helps people by creating workout schedules for individual clients. People go to a personal trainer for a number of different reasons. They might want to lose weight, improve their health or build strength. No formal educational requirements are necessary; however, a personal training certificate or a health-related degree will benefit you when it comes to looking for a job. There are nutrition and personal training certification schools that can help to deepen your understanding of food and exercise.

6 Child Welfare Social Worker

A child welfare social worker helps children who come from troubled families, are victims of abuse or neglect or may have medical needs that need more attention. This type of work is usually in the public sector. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in social work is required, and licensing requirements also apply depending on where you find yourself working. Continued professional development is another requirement in order to keep yourself informed of the latest legislation relating to child welfare. The ultimate goal of a child welfare social worker is to prevent a child from being permanently removed from their family, while at the same time placing them in the safest and healthiest environment available. They often specialize in a specific field of child social work such as domestic violence, foster care, or adoption.

7 Home Support Worker

This is a rewarding career path that doesn’t require a professional qualification such as a degree. The work involves supporting elderly, ill or disabled people in their own homes. A high school diploma is generally all that’s required. You help people by cooking meals, washing clothes, making beds, cleaning kitchens or bathrooms and a variety of other housekeeping tasks. When you take on this type of role, you may find that your employer provides on-the-job training. This is the perfect job if you enjoy helping others and are interested in the health profession, but don’t want to spend years getting the right qualifications.

8 Rehabilitation Counselor

A rehabilitation counselor is a person who helps people with disabilities function in their day-to-day lives. It can include assisting them with their living arrangements, pursuing an education or finding a job. This kind of work could take you into a range of different locations including schools, prisons, and nursing homes. Many years of formal education and clinical experience are required, often starting with a 4-year college or university course and a bachelor’s degree. There’s no specific field, but a major in education, social work, or psychology would be beneficial. It can also be very useful if you volunteer at a local rehabilitation clinic in order to gain first-hand experience working in the field. A license may be required, but this depends on the setting in which you’re working.   

9 Kindergarten Teacher

If you dream of helping children with essential reading, writing and social skills, a kindergarten teacher could be the career you’re looking for. Your role is to provide them with an introduction to the world of school and prepare them for learning in the future. Using a variety of educational tools, play and instructional activities you guide a child’s intellectual and interpersonal growth. You’re going to need plenty of energy because working with young children can be very tiring. Patience and empathy are also important skills. You can choose to work in a range of different facilities including public schools and will need at least a bachelor’s degree in education. Depending on where you work, you may also need teacher certification.

10 Mental Health Counselor

People can need help from a mental health counselor for a variety of reasons. People all over the world struggle with mental health issues daily and often seek the advice of mental health counselors to help them cope with depression, anxiety, grief and relationship problems. A counselor assesses their needs and then recommends options for treatment. You could find yourself working with people from all walks of life includes working professionals, couples struggling with marital issues, stressed out teens, even rock stars. Many years of education are required as well as continued learning. To start with, a master’s degree is required together with a certain number of hours of supervised clinical supervision and the passing of a license test. Stress levels are low, there’s a good work-life balance, and a high level of job satisfaction.

This is a small selection of the careers you can follow if you want to make a difference in peoples lives. Many of them require formal qualifications that can be taken when you’re fresh out of high school or looking for a change in career direction. Knowing that you’ve been able to help someone during your working day means you get to go home feeling proud about the things you’ve done.



Kisling, Nestico & Redick Goes Above and Beyond to Give Back

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Since 2005, the legal team at Kisling, Nestico & Redick has worked tirelessly to support residents throughout Ohio by providing exceptional service and conscientious representation to those who have been impacted by personal injury accidents. In fact, the law firm remains one of the fastest-growing personal injury firms in Ohio. Through hard work, exceptional legal expertise, and a strong desire to serve its clients, it now has 10 offices located strategically throughout Ohio. Its team includes nearly 40 personal injury attorneys and an additional support team of 100 dedicated individuals who strive to help the community in numerous meaningful ways. 

Kisling, Nestico & Redick’s devotion to serving the community is evident in its exceptional track record of successful cases, as well as in its philanthropic efforts. Most recently, Kisling, Nestico & Redick donated $1,200 worth of food to Greenbriar Middle School in Parma. The firm’s managing partner, Rob Nestico, acknowledged the donation by stating that spring break should be a time when kids can relax without worrying about where their next meal will come from. The law firm’s donation included 60 grocery bags filled with macaroni and cheese, bread, peanut butter, fruit, and other delicious items. 

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To ensure that those in great need received the donation, the law firm contacted the school district’s director of family and community engagement for assistance. The director immediately suggested Greenbriar Middle School, which provides free or reduced-price lunches to almost half of its students regularly. The director was also aware of a private food pantry at the school that was stocked by concerned teachers and discreetly provided children with food. Without those free or discounted meals each day during spring break, some of those children may go hungry. The school’s principal described the donation as “overwhelming.” This is only one of many philanthropic efforts included in the KNR Cares About Kids initiative, which will span across a full year and help Ohio’s kids in incredible ways. 

Nestico is no stranger to misfortune. As a teenager, he was severely injured in a serious car accident that involved a fatality. After spending three months in the hospital recovering from his injuries, his parents were hit with huge medical bills. As immigrants who were unfamiliar with the English language, he saw first-hand how unscrupulous large corporations could be. He has devoted his professional career to helping others fight back and obtain the justice they deserve. Moreover, he strives to help his community in significant ways, and his law firm stands behind that commitment. 

Only a few weeks before making this large food donation to the children of Greenbriar Middle School, Kisling, Nestico & Redick took another bold step to serve the community’s children in need through its KNR Cares About Kids campaign. The law firm organized a team to participate in the Portage Lakes Polar Bear Jump. 

The Portage Lakes Polar Bear Jump started in 2004 with 70 brave individuals taking the plunge in icy waters. This event has supported the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank throughout its history, and it has become increasingly popular. In fact, in 2018, more than 800 people participated in the event to raise money for the food bank and awareness about the hunger problem in Ohio. The food bank distributes the donations it receives to approximately 500 local food pantries, as well as shelters and other venues and organizations throughout eight regional counties. 

Kisling, Nestico & Redick has sponsored a polar bear team every year since the event started, and it has cumulatively raised approximately $109,000 over the years. In fact, it successfully raised over $26,000 for the event in 2018 alone. This year, the company’s surpassed its $25,000 goal, and raised over $30,000, which will provide over 120,000 meals within the community.

According to the food bank’s president and CEO, approximately 20 percent of the children in its regional service area struggle with hunger. The food bank knows how to stretch each dollar that it receives in donations. A single dollar can provide four essential meals to those in need. He specifically noted that the efforts of Kisling, Nestico & Redick at last year’s event generated 100,000 meals for local residents.

Prior to making the large food donation to Greenbriar Middle School and participating in the Portage Lakes Polar Bear Jump, the team at Kisling, Nestico & Redick sponsored the Coats & Cans for Kids Turkey Giveaway in November. This annual charitable event started in 2013 and has had a huge impact in the community. The law firm asks attendees to bring gently-used jackets or non-perishable food items as donations. In exchange, attendees receive a free turkey. In addition to distributing turkeys for the holiday season, the law firm donates all collected food to the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank. It donates all jackets and coats received through the event to the Salvation Army. Since the event’s inception, food donations have provided approximately 269,000 free meals to local residents. 

These are just some of the most recent examples of the law firm’s philanthropy. Its strong desire to serve the community starts at the top level with the firm’s founding members, and the participation of its employees is profound. Some of the many other ways that the law firm gives back include a school supply giveaway at the beginning of each school year and special social media events that support charitable organizations. 

According to Nestico, the law firm strives to make a difference in the community in and out of the courtroom. Kisling, Nestico & Redick recognizes that it has the power to do more than fight for its clients’ rights in court.



Kevin Seawright and His Team at RPS Solutions LLC Help Another First Time Home Buyer Realize Their Dream

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RPS Solutions LLC assisted another couple, Anthony and Kimora McCoy, with the purchase of their first home.

Located at 8503 Fieldway, Randallstown, Maryland, the spacious 3-bedroom, 2.5 bath mid-century rancher home features newly-installed hardwood floors, large windows that provide an abundance of natural light in the living spaces, upgraded plumbing and lighting fixtures, and an open-concept kitchen that houses stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops. In addition, this 2,040 square foot home includes a large backyard and a finished basement.

Recessed lighting and stylish crown molding throughout the home contribute to the light and airy feel of the space while open floor plans with clean design allow for excellent traffic flow and plenty of options for furniture arrangement. The remodeled bathrooms are also thoughtfully designed, featuring clean contemporary fixtures and neutral tones that will compliment any style the homeowner chooses.

Originally constructed in 1956, the home was renovated by the team at RPS Solutions .

As part of their vision, the firm has provided the opportunity for couples such as the McCoy’s to join the homeowners club. Kevin’s organization, RPS Solutions LLC, identifies its vision as “Striving to create a more diverse society where home ownership is achieved, communities are healthy, and all people can develop their full potential.” They “Believe that affordable housing and supportive programs improve the economic status of residents, transform neighborhoods, and stabilize lives.” There is no question that the company’s actions – since conception – have aligned with these goals.

The recently sold home is located in Randallstown, where the median income for a household is $55,686, a figure that falls $15,000 below the county average. As RPS Solutions LLC continues to provide opportunities to families who own homes in all areas of Baltimore County, the hope is that the neighborhoods will continue to experience economic growth.

Founder Kevin Seawright reported that he was “Excited and honored to help the McCoy’s buy their first home.” He stated that “As we increase the homeowners in the Baltimore area, the more positive changes we can make to impact this community. Not only does homeownership benefit the homeowners themselves, but also the community and country. It protects our citizens, ensuring they have a stable wealth opportunities.

About RPS Solutions LLC

RPS Solutions LLC, founded in 2015 by Kevin Seawright, specializes in constructing and renovating homes in the Baltimore and nearby areas. Their mission is “To create stable, vibrant, and healthy communities by developing and creating affordable, custom-enriched housing for families, seniors, and people with special needs who lack the resource to access quality, custom house opportunities.” In addition to focusing on sales in economically distressed neighborhoods, the firm also specializes in project management, property acquisition, and government contracting.

About Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright has worked for years as a financial operations administrator, working in several sectors including municipal, educational, and private. Seawright has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Almeda University.  And Non Profit Certification from the Notre Dame University Mendoza School of Business. Throughout his career, he has been dedicated to expanding growth in neighborhoods and ensuring quality services are delivered.  

To learn more about the opportunities that RPS Solutions LLC provides to its community.