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A Quick Business Guide To Boosting Online Profits

All businesses go through busy and quiet periods but making the most of both can yield great rewards and minimize any loss of profits. You may feel that you are doing everything possible to ensure that your online business presence is doing all that it can do, but you may be surprised by some of the options available to you. All too many businesses limit their online dealings to the occasional Facebook post, failing to take advantage of the vast variety of methods that you can use to generate profit, entice new customers, or encourage sales for those first-time website visitors. However, if you’re looking for ways to give your online profits a boost, here are your key tools.

Become a thought leader

Your customers want to trust you, with their data and with your services. You can encourage the building of trust by becoming an industry thought leader, and that’s not as difficult as it sounds. There are a number of ways to do this, and perhaps the simplest and most low-tech way to do so is to create industry related press releases that can be sent out to relevant news sites, newspaper offices, radio stations and television channels. These needn’t be the largest companies out there, and very often sticking to community channels can yield the biggest rewards. If your publicity drive is managed well, you could be invited to media outlets to discuss industry and sector trends, which is a huge advertising tool that costs very little. Make the most of your website by embedding Youtube tutorials and blog updates, or even integrate members-only pages to encourage brand loyalty, and you’ll find that your conversion rates increase.

Choose the right platform

If it has been a while since your last website overhaul, then now is the time to do it. The need for a website is so vital in the digital era that most businesses rush to build their initial site and call it a productive day. However, if you have failed to do some research on the available platforms, along with their pros and cons, then you may be hitting a wall in terms of future capabilities. First, work out what you need from your website. If you want to make use of adverts that pay you, or you’re not too worried about that area, then it may be worth comparing wordpress.com vs wordpress.org, and work out which best suits you. You may find that for your business, the simpler the website, the better, but you may be too late to realize that you are missing out on potential revenue if you choose unwisely. Always look to your needs, and make your decision based on your business plans for growth.

Be found on search engines

Never underestimate the power of Google to complement your business and drive your revenue. Having a strong search engine ranking can work wonders for your website visitor figures, and if you have optimized your site then your conversion rates will follow. There are some tried and tested ways to give your search engine rankings a boost, although the rules are prone to sudden and rapid changes, so it’s important that you keep up to date on the necessary criteria. Good SEO practices are your key tool when it comes to strengthening your search engine visibility, although there are also a number of benefits of Pay Per Click advertising as well. Dedicating part of your marketing budget to search engine advertising gives an excellent ROI, so if you’re struggling to appear on page one of a relevant Google search, then it’s vital that you tackle that issue before your competitors do.

Adapt to changing trends

You don’t need to be up to date on the latest memes, but you do need to look at the ways that consumers use their devices to browse the internet and commit to online sales. With up to 63% of millennials using their phones to browse products online, you need to make certain that your website is accessible and optimized for use across all devices. You can then take advantage of your initial market research to assess which devices are most used by your target audience, meaning that you can tailor your website to suit them no matter how they are viewing your online business.

It has never been more important that you take your online presence as seriously as every other customer-facing element of your company. Only by doing so will you be able to keep your business growing.



Top Reasons To Pursue A Career In The Healthcare Sector

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 6.44.29 PM.png

Is your current job dull and meaningless? Perhaps the hours are terrible, or the pay is tiny? You could even be a student currently trying to determine your career path. Regardless of your position in life, you may be suitable for a job in the healthcare sector. The industry offers many benefits, which we outline below.

1. You Can Get Flexible Hours

Hospitals run 24/7 so if you work for one you can often pick up shifts that are compatible with your lifestyle. For example, if you have young children and a partner who works full time during the day, then you may be able to get shifts on the weekends or at night (when your partner is home to take care of the kids).

2. You Can Help People

If your current position feels a bit meaningless, then you may be able to find greater fulfillment in a healthcare position. The feeling of helping people and being of use can greatly improve your level of job satisfaction.

3. You Can Learn New Skills

If your current position has you doing the same thing every day and you're learning nothing new, then it may be time to change. Many healthcare careers will provide you with continuous on-the-job training and education. To perform you will need to keep up with the latest technology so you will constantly be learning.

4. Many Positions Have A Strong Future Outlook

Many healthcare positions are in high demand, and it doesn’t look like things are going to change anytime soon. While the growth of technology has wreaked havoc in some industries and caused many people to lose jobs, healthcare positions are still as strong as ever. If you do find your way into such a position, then you may be able to enjoy job security for years or decades to come.

5. You Can Make Some Real Cash

Many healthcare jobs pay substantial salaries. If you take a look at the average CRNA salary by state, you will see that these professionals make some real cash. Of course, it depends on what your qualifications and experience are. If you’re starting out in an entry-level position, then you will have to make do with more modest salaries until you can work your way up.

6. You Will Be Respected

Some jobs, such as bagging groceries or driving trucks, simply don't garner the respect they deserve. What’s great is that most healthcare professions are highly respected. When someone asks you what you do, you will be able to tell them and instantly gain their respect. The main reason for this is because of the hard work required for the job and the fact that you may be helping save lives.

Final Thoughts

Don’t get stuck in a job you hate or that has no future outlook. A jump to the healthcare sector may be what you need to transform your life. Keep doing your research to find out if this opportunity could be perfect for you.



5 Reasons You Need Multiple Sources of Revenue for Your Startup

Your startup is going great, doing its thing and making lots of money. Then business dries up for the one thing you do. Now what? Depending on how long the drought lasts it could be a minor dip in revenue or total bankruptcy and failure. Wouldn’t it have been nice to have another way your startup could make money to keep it afloat until the dry spell ended? For this and other reasons, you need to have more than one income stream for your startup. Let’s expand on this one and then branch out into some others. Because just one reason isn’t enough.

More Security of Income

It’s a great feeling, the confidence that even if one, or more, of your revenue sources suddenly drop your business can keep going. As long as money is coming in from somewhere, you still have a chance. With only one source, there’s always the chance it will drop to zero. With multiple sources, it’s really unlikely they will all drop to zero at the same time. Diversity is the key here. Keep those income sources hitting different areas so one trend in the marketplace doesn’t affect all of them. You are looking for a secure, reliable income stream. Security is a good feeling, and the more you have, the better you feel.

Faster Bootstrapping

One of the things that holds startups back is a lack of cash, especially at the beginning. While you can find a lender for a personal loan to allow you to bootstrap as fast as you want, you still have to pay that loan back, and multiple streams of income makes sure you can always meet your payment each month. Once you have several revenue sources, you can give a more accurate estimate of the cash flow your business will have and therefore what you can afford in payments. This can give the lender greater confidence in your ability to repay the loan making it more likely you will get it in the first place. Even without a loan, money will pile up faster with more than one source. You can tie some of those streams directly to some bootstrapping effort while your operating costs are covered by other streams. Since they are independent, your ability to grow becomes more independent.

Validate Ideas

When getting started it’s tempting to branch out into many different directions, but how do you tell if your new business idea is going to pan out? Allowing some ideas to get tried out and sink or swim on their own is only possible if you have other branches which are picking up the slack. This lets you test out ideas in the only real arena that counts, the marketplace. You can take risks on these ideas without risking your entire business. With a number of different money making efforts going on at once, not all of them have to be successful for the company to survive. And you can cut one that isn’t working without shutting down the entire business since that isn’t the sole source of income.

Build Credentials

While building a reputation in a field is important, what if you could work on several at once? Why not use each of your income streams to establish your startup as a player in that area. You can become known as reliable company in each of the areas you take revenue from, improving your reputation in each one. And you can cross-fertilize your success by holding up one effort next to another to show your breadth of talent. This can give you an extra marketing edge with each of your other areas of revenue. Not only can you compete in one field, but in these other loosely related fields. Flex your entrepreneurial muscles, show off your business strength.

Several Small Is Easier Than One Big

A serious consideration is the amount of effort it takes to build up a big income stream. Is it easier to get ten thousand dollars of revenue from one type of work, or to get two thousand dollars each from five kinds of work? If it’s easier to get five rolling, what about six or seven? Can you spend the same effort in several revenue streams and make even more total cash that way? If each of the income opportunities is easy enough, it should be no problem to ramp up your total revenues with less effort.

Of course, coming up with new and diverse income streams for your startup can be tough. It requires some real creative thinking, outside the box as they say. But isn’t that why you got into this in the first place? That’s your skill in founding your startup. So exercise it again. Diversify and conquer.



Can You Still Become a Crypto Millionaire?

When it comes to ‘get rich quick schemes,’ there is no better method than trading. Either stock trading or Forex trading can lead to huge returns in a very shortperiod of time – if you understand the market and how to trade. Getting in at the start of a new technology or company is the best way to become a millionaire.Such risks, although unnerving, can pay off in the end. The same notion applies to cryptocurrencies today, and getting in now is the best way to become a millionaire before you know it.


As the cryptocurrency market fluctuates and increases, your investment automatically changes. Thankfully, cryptocurrency trends are on the rise – even with their dips. Bitcoin, for example, experiences huge growth during December 2017, and fell shortly afterwards, but if you look at the overarching pattern of Bitcoin’s value, you will realize that it has consistently been increasing in value since its inception. Even in 2018, Bitcoin is still expected by some analysts to reach a peak value of 100,000 USD. This indicates another increase of over 1000% in value, meaning that a $1 investment now can become $1000 by the end of the year. Therefore, if you were expecting the Bitcoin bubble to burst, then you may be waiting awhile.


The Purchasing Power of Bitcoin

The true value of Bitcoin, however, is not necessarily in its value to the USD, but in its purchasing power. As more vendors accept payment in Bitcoin, the currency will stabilize and so too will the value of the Bitcoins you have. For example, if you allowed Bitcoin payments at the start of 2016 when bitcoin was worth less than $1000 USD, this payment would have been increased approximately 2000% only a year later in December 2017. This means that a hotel night that your guest paid you $100 for would have become $2000 without you doing anything. If you missed that high, then don’t worry, because that same $100 in December 2016 would have experienced a 700% increase as of May 2018, meaning that your $100 would now be worth $700. The key to investing is to keep a constant eye on the figures and to pounce when the numbers look not only in your favor, but the company itself is promising. However, if you’re to take such a risk, you need to act responsibly.


The Underlying Problem with Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are exceptionally volatile, and for good reason. There are no set requirements or governing body regulating it. This means that trading can be exceptionally risky, as you could become a victim to a scam or you might even break the law without realizing it. Though it is volatile, there is a lot of potential.


One avenue of potential exists in the fact that there are no opening and closing times that traditional traders must face. As Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies are digital entities, trading can be done entirely online. This trading is commonly done with the technology known as Blockchain. Blockchainis structured data that represents some sort of transaction record. Each record is individually signed, meaning that no one can tamper with it as it is traded from one person to another. When new information is introduced, algorithms must go through the transaction history of this new data to verify its integrity and authenticity. This means that trading Bitcoin is relatively safe, it is who you are trading it to where the danger lies, as well as in the volatile nature and worth of the cryptocurrency itself.


Moreover,though trading BTC to USD is said to be exceptionally risky now, this is where the opportunities lie. Every big investment carries some risk, but with a reward this big, it can be difficult to ignore. Just last year Bitcoin reached record highs and made worldwide news, and since then it has been making significant rises and dips – the perfect sort of volatile nature that means you have the potential to truly increase your portfolio. Just remember to never invest your entire life’s savings. Though there is a lot of potential, it is not a guarantee, and there are many other alt-coins out there that could take the lead as the worldwide cryptocurrency, or the technology might be banned outright altogether. The future is uncertain, but with great risk does come great reward, so know your limits and stay financially responsible as you trade.


Bitcoin’s future may be uncertain, but its potential is clear to everyone. Get involved in the cryptocurrency trade,and you can make a million or even more, simply by investing in future technologies and hedging your bets now.



Starting a Business: Begin on the Right Foot

Starting a business is a huge step, but it is one that many people make every day. You have the potential to be in charge of your own future. You can make your ideas and your talents shine in ways that they simply could not before. There are so many reasons to start your own business, but the fact of the matter is that many will shut down within a year. If you want to ensure you succeed and can grow, you have to begin your business on the right foot.

Research The Industry

Most entrepreneurs will begin a business in the industry that they have previously worked in. The problem here is that the industry you have been exposed to as an employee might be vastly different to the one you will experience as an employer. Regulations, expectations, and new innovations can all change the industry very quickly. As a startup, a lot of this information might not be immediately accessible to you, either. Changes can happen during industry-wide conferences, and business transactions and deals are made often. That is why before you start your own business, it is wise to research it as much as possible, from its inception to the present, to even future trends.  

Create a Business Plan

All of this research will come in handy when it is time to create a business plan. Business plans are great for directing your business towards the future you want, but they can also be used to acquire funding and secure deals. Investors and partners want to know you have a plan and know what you are doing and what you are talking about before they decide to invest in you. Having a solid plan can help give them the assurance they need that you are a good bet.

Have Your Infrastructure Ready

Once you have your plan and even your funding, it is time to set up your infrastructure. This means acquiring your office, visiting websites such as Access Group to choose a cloud computing service, creating a website, and otherwise setting up your infrastructure so that business can begin as soon as possible. If you try to launch your business to the public, but cannot offer them any of the services you advertise, you will lose their interest quickly.

Build Interest Before Your Launch

The last step is to build interest before your launch. Social media is a good place to start for this, yes, but to really drum up interest you will have to get exposure from influencers and media outlets alike. The more you can get your name out there on official channels; the more successful your launch will be. As a bonus, all of this extra publicity will also benefit your off-site SEO efforts.

Businesses come and go, what sets the success from the failures apart, however, is how well their CEO manages them. Be prepared, and you will be able to start your business off on the right foot.