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Desktops or Laptops: Which is Best for Content Creators?

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Content creators need a powerful, flexible computer with excellent memory, so they can continue to create high-quality copy time and time again. However, many are often torn between investing in a laptop or desktop. For this reason, we are comparing the benefits of both to help you identify the best solution for your needs.


A content creator often needs to choose between power and portability. Those looking for a flexible computer they can easily transport from A to B should consider a laptop. However, some options are lighter than others. For a lightweight, flexible laptop, consider a MacBook or Surface Pro. It is important to note, however, that not all desktops are immobile as you can easily move them from one desk to another with ease, but they are not ideal if you plan to work on your commute or plan to take the device to write content abroad.

Screen Size

As previously mentioned, laptops are designed for portability, which means their screen size is rather limited in comparison to desktop screens. If an 11” to 15” screen size sounds ideal, a laptop might be an ideal choice. However, if you require something bigger, consider a desktop as their screens can range up to 22 inches, which is ideal if you want to open windows side by side or have several applications open at one time. What’s more, a desktop also allows you the capability to use and enjoy dual monitors, so you can add an extra screen to work with to make content creation flow with ease.


If computer memory, processors, local storage and graphics power is a must-have, you should look no further than a desktop for exceptional power. A laptop can often struggle to compete with a desktop when it comes to many specs, and can overheat when it finally reaches desktop performance. As a result, you can focus on creating high-quality content over worrying about your computer’s performance.

Replacement Parts

Desktops offer a little more flexibility when it comes to sourcing replacement parts in comparison to laptops. Unfortunately, an aging hard drive or cracked screen can often spell the end of a laptop. Whereas a desktop allows you to easily replace or upgrade a part without having to say goodbye to the whole computer. For instance, you can replace a monitor, keyboard or processor easily, and it will cost you considerably less than having to buy a new computer. However, it can be a little costlier to replace parts for certain premium desktops, such as the iMac.


Many content creators don’t consider their posture when choosing a computer. Yet, the device you choose will determine your health. It is recommended that computers are placed at eye level, which will prevent a user from hunching their back. A desktop is often the perfect pick, as you can sit on an ergonomic chair whilst using a monitor stand to provide the best eye-level, and a keyboard that promotes correct posture.



4 Ways to Add the Personal Touch to your Business

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In business, it can be very tempting to focus on profits and company growth. When dealing with so many numbers, it is hard to remember that you are also dealing with people. However, in order for your business to succeed; remember you must! Some of the most successful businesses out there ensure that however big they grow, they do not forget the value of the personal touch. You may have heard the phrase: it’s not personal, it’s business, but for you, it must be both. Clients, employees, and even investors are repelled by the cold and the clinical. Instead, try to inject some warmth into your business. Below are 4 ways for you to do this.


It is important to remember the value of creating an email list. This is a great way to ensure that you are consistently in contact with all of your clients. It will make sure that they don’t forget you and look elsewhere. It will also help to make sure that they feel valued and not as though you are only interested in them when they have money to spend. Not only this, but building an email list will give you an idea of how many people your company is able to reach. This will help you make targets for the future in regards to how many people you would like to be in contact with.

Create a database

Another way to keep track of your clients is by creating a database. This is standard practice for most businesses. However, you can take this a step further by adding a section for general notes. This will mean that everyone who has access to the database will be privy to important information regarding your clients. They will know if they have every made a complaint, a specific request, or a recommendation. Consequently, your employees will be able to demonstrate an awareness of the client’s specific needs if they are ever required to interact with them.


Remember to take the time to personalize your stationary. Clients will certainly be impressed by the effort to add the personal touch to your documents. If you can’t even begin to imagine yourself knowing how to make a letterhead, then have no fear! You can do everything online, meaning it’s both easy and for free!

Live chat

Live chats are a great way to receive feedback from your clients. They are free to host and add that personal touch. Instead of sending out surveys or online forms, live chats ensure that your customers understand that they are really being listened to. If handled correctly, they can deal with any complaints or queries a lot more effectively than other methods of communication. Live chats can also be a great way for you to receive constructive criticism in relation to your business. Just imagine how impressed your clients will be if they see their advice being taken on board. Say they critique your logo and then you make the changes - the client who made that suggestion will immediately become invested in your company’s future.



How to Encourage Donations on Giving Tuesday

Every non-profit has a mission to increase their donations and engagement. As Giving Tuesday offers a dedicated day to encourage charitable donations, there is no better time to aim to reach those goals. Read how to encourage donations on Giving Tuesday.

Create a Plan and Participate

Giving Tuesday launched in 2012 for the first time, raising a total of $12 million. Cut to 2016 and the global day raised more than $250 million. There is no reason why your non-profit can’t follow in other organization’s footsteps to encourage considerable donations. Create a strategy that incorporates email outreach, social media marketing and website messaging, which will help to attract charitable donations to your worthy cause.

Develop an Email Marketing Campaign

33% of online fundraising came from email; therefore, do not send a one size fits all message. Instead, segment and develop personalized email campaigns based on a subscriber’s past behavior. Campaign Monitor found that segmented campaigns can result in a 760% increase in email revenue.

Boost Awareness

The average Giving Tuesday donation is $137. To encourage people to make a similar donation to your organization, you must boost the awareness of Giving Tuesday. While 90% people are aware of Black Friday, only 18% are aware of Giving Tuesday. Encourage awareness of both the global day and your brand through powerful digital marketing campaigns, such as email outreach and social media.

Email is the best way to raise awareness, however, embed a video into your email and increase your open rates by up to 13%, and conversions by 21%. Read more facts and tips about Giving Tuesday in the linked infographic.





The Key to Winning More Business for Your Company

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Although many new companies need business right now, it’s not the sort of thing that happens overnight. There isn’t a magic business fairy that comes along and puts a new customer under your pillow while you’re catching flies. You need to work hard for new business, just like the other successful companies out there.

There is no secret to winning business, but there are things you can do to give you a higher chance. What is the ultimate key to winning business?

You Must Be Patient

If you own an established business, you’re always going to go through the stage of wondering where your next customer is going to come from. From a financial point of view, “be patient” aren’t the words you want to hear, but they are words that need to be followed.

The same advice needs to be followed for new businesses. It takes a while to become an established business because you need to make an extra effort and try to land jobs without references. Once you have references and pictures of work to show, you’re going to have a much easier chance of landing more business. Patience is the real winner when it comes to landing business.

Deliver on Time

Did you know that many businesses around the world don’t get new customers through social media or online advertising? They get new business through word of mouth, which is probably the most powerful type of advertising there is.

A customer that’s willing to recommend a family member is a customer worth delivering on time for, and that’s all of them. If you deliver your promises on time and do a good job, they will recommend you to friends and family – it’s that simple.

Apply to Tender

Applying to tender can be a tricky affair, but it’s a step that should be considered if you have an established business. The first tender is always the hardest to win because you’re not going to have any decent references from local councils or authorities. But once you do win a tender, you’ll find the process will give you a higher chance of landing a good one.

Tenders are usually offered by local councils and communities, which often means they are hard to land. However, you can get a lot of help in this field by hiring a professional company to come in and write up applications to tender for you. They generally have extensive experience in the field and have provided successful tender applications to thousands of businesses just like yours.

Market & Advertise Some More

It’s important you take your marketing and advertising strategies seriously; otherwise, you’re going to be pouring money down the drain without any results. Have a look at traditional and digital marketing methods to give your business more of a chance, and plan your strategies and research demographics in your area.

Winning business can often be a painful process but it’s one that needs to be done to make any business a success. If you provide a good all-round service to your customers and you are patient, you’ll find you will reap the rewards in the future.



Better Your Marketing with These Top Tricks

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Marketing should never be ignored; it’s an important component in a business and should be fully utilized. Many businesses explain their lack of marketing by saying “it’s too expensive”; however, there are many ways to optimize marketing without breaking the bank and going over budget.

Where do you start, though? It’s a tough question. With so much technology and software to keep tabs on, it can seem like a challenge to sift through all the options to find the right one. Here are the best marketing opportunities for you to consider.

Supply Chain Management

When you market a product or service, you need to ensure the product and/or service is readily available for the public. What’s the point in marketing and promoting something if your store (whether it’s online or offline) cannot keep up with the demand? To counter this issue, your procurement department could benefit from improving communications with your suppliers. SAP Supplier Portals from sites such as www.weaveability.com can smarten up your supply chain by bettering communications between your procurement and supply teams to predict future demand and create notifications for when products are running low.


Not to be confused with spam; email marketing is a great way for companies to reach out to old and new customers. Collect clean data about your customers such as their online history, birthdays and interests, so you can create personalized content to send to them. Personalization vastly improves your revenue, and by investing in an email automation service, you can send emails in a timely manner.

Creative Content

More people are turning to the internet for help. Whether it’s looking for the perfect gift, treating themselves or finding a trusted service, the internet is providing the answers in a quick manner. Before, people had to wait for their answers to appear in newspapers or directories; now, many companies are offering blogs on their websites.

Therefore, write creative content on your niche, and post it online. Helpful hints on how to use, operate or utilize a product will give people a reason to turn to your website. You can even widen your scope and include other, relevant blog posts on industries related to your own. Make sure to keep your blog’s genre firmly in place, though. Otherwise, people may become disengaged by repeatedly finding irrelevant content on your blog – whether it’s someone on Instagram or running their own blog, successful bloggers will stick to one or two themes and niches for improved followers and readership.

Creative content allows you to market your brand through useful content relating to your brand.

Social Media

Social media is here to stay, so make sure to sign up to the relevant platforms that can become of use to you. Twitter and Facebook are the most commonly used, however, if your company has the chance to take striking photos, create an Instagram account also.

Social media may seem flippant, with followers appearing and disappearing at unreasonable rates; yet, it’s everyone’s favorite way to talk to one another and leave their daily (or hourly, even every minute) thoughts. Use this to market your products and promotions. People keep track of global news over social media, so why wouldn’t they keep tabs on your company?