It’s not just enough to execute. In today’s competitive environment it is essential to execute EXCELLENTLY; Above and beyond customer service. Research shows the importance of not just executing but executing excellently. This can be seen in many big companies all over the world.

On-line billion dollar company Zappos empowers their employees to execute excellently and provide free overnight shipping to clients even if it means losing money on a sale. They hit $1 billion in sales by executing excellently, building lifelong relationships and investing in their clients. Nordstroms routinely takes product back (battered, torn and worn)  in order to gain a lifetime customer.  In the grocery business with a typical 30+% turnover rate, how does Wegmans manage to keep turnover at well under 4%. They build relationships not only with their customers but also with their employees. Providing gift cards and free groceries for exemplary customer service and catching people doing something right.