The greatest feeling of success is the ability to INSPIRE those around you. How great to know that the words you say, the actions you take and the thoughts you have are important and worthy to someone other than you. So how can inspiring others help you close more deals and help you have happy customers? Those people you inspire look to you for leadership, guidance and answers which will mean sales, tons of referrals and great relationships professionally and personally.

IBM recently did a survey of nearly 2,000 business leaders and asked them what were the 3 most important leadership traits. The ability to focus on a customer’s needs, the ability to be able to work well with others and the ability to inspire others.

Case Study:

Jared is in telesales for a national alarm company (Frontpoint Security Solutions). What was so great about Jared was that he was human and he cares. Have you ever called a customer service center and spoken to a person but it was obvious he was reading a script? Aren’t they the kind of person you want to shake and say “Hey...hey you, you know it sounds like you are reading a script, can you just put the script down for a second and talk to me like you are a human being?” Jared is the opposite of scripted. He was open, honest and personable. Jared spends the majority of his day searching for his prospects “WHY.” Answering questions, providing advice, including competitor’s information, web-sites and phone numbers. Jared understands the importance of building trust, taking on a consultant’s role and inspiring his clients to take action. Jared’s sales are through the roof.

Jared’s manager says it best. “Jared is one of our best security consultants and is a great representative what we look for when hiring. He’s an inspiration to his customers and to his co-workers."