In A Perfect World, We Care!

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In a perfect world our phone calls get returned. In a perfect world we get responses to our emails. In a perfect world we are never lied to by salespeople (or as my mom would say, "He used the truth with reckless abandon!" And in a perfect world each and every person at the register would greet us with a genuine smile, every clerk in a store would really want to help us when they said, "Can I help you?" Our package would arrive when they said it was going to. In a perfect world. In the event that something went wrong during our use of a product, we would easily be able to return it, without question or doubt.

When dealing with customer service, we live in a society that accepts below average as the norm. Have we gotten so bad at delivering A+ service that even a B- is good enough?

I say, let's start a revolt. Let's make it so we can't and won't allow sub-par selling to be accepted. Let's get back to the old days where a relationship and a handshake were expected in a business relationship. Sure, we can sign contracts and take deposits to secure business, but those should be secondary to building and adding value to the transaction.

If our clients are beating us up over money, we have done something wrong. We have not shown enough value to our clients if they move to our competition over a few dollars.

Whatever happened to the golden era of the Nice Guy. Nice guys can and will finish first. Nice guys by default tell the truth, return phone calls and emails, never over promise, always deliver what they say they will, are happy people and build amazing lifelong relationships with their customers. Nice guys build successful businesses, love what they do for a living and are successful. Pie in the sky? I think not.