What Are You Looking At?

The entire philosophy behind Nice Guys Finish First relies upon more than just being a nice guy in order to be succcesful. Obviously, you have to follow the important MUST-DO's in business. A colleague, Bob Burg says it best. "Success is also a matter of doing the correct things in the success process that allows a person to be successful, and finish first. It's a matter of being nice AND operating in accordance with proven principles of success."

I'll even take it one step further. You must really like yourself and be comfortable in your own skin as well in order to be successful. What do you see when you look in the mirror, both the literal and figurative mirror. Don't mask who you are in order to fit into the world around you. The world around you will (and must) love you for who you are. Do you like to wear crazy hats, colorful socks, or dye your hair purple? If those actions represent you, then I encourage you to have at it.

Sales is not just about closing deals. It's about building relationships. Customer service is not just about following up with a smile. It's about understanding what makes your customer smile, what makes them feel good and understanding why they need you in their lives.

It all starts with you, develop a relationship with yourself that you are comfortable with and you will open your world to a whole new set of possibilities with your customers as well. **