Become A "Yes" Man

As kids, we all had a chance to read Winnie the Pooh. Some great characters make their way through 100 Acre Wood including Eeyore. If you recall, Eeyore was the perfect "No" man. No matter what was going on, he always had the doom and gloom perspective.

You have someone like Eeyore that works in your office. He's the guy no one wants to include in a meeting for fear his negativity will dash any good ideas brought up at the meeting. He generally is the employee that arrives on time or slightly late to work and takes his lunch for precisely the amount of time allowed each day. At closing time, he drops everything and heads out the door. This guy strives for average. Mediocrity and TGIF are his agenda.

If average, complacency, and good enough are on you laundry list of goals (that is, if you have any goals at all) than you are a NO man. Challenge yourself to become a YES man.

Don't be confused by what I am saying. I'm not expecting you to say "yes" to every assignment suggested, every task offered and every plan put in place. I am suggesting that you mentally say "yes" and remain positive while the idea is being presented, explained and offered.

Determine whether an idea offered is a part of your goals, plans and aspirations. If it's not, is there any way that the idea can be adjusted to fit into your agenda. Remain positive, confident and hopeful about the scope of the idea.

After all is said and done, if the plan still does not fit your scope of work, who do you know that would be a good resource for the idea. Find a source for the "yes."

I can promise one thing for sure; becoming a Yes Man will strengthen your relationships, add value to the services you provide and help garner respect from those around you.