"Orville Wright didn't have a pilot's license" ...Richard Tate

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There's a difference between someone who is a rule breaker for the sake of being rebellious and someone who breaks the rules because a system needs fixing.

We shouldn't go about our day looking to challenge authority, but when faced with the choice of changing an outdated system or following a rule, I see nothing wrong with the former.

World's worst quote: "It's done this way because that's how we've always done it." If we always followed THAT philosophy we'd still be riding a horse to work, using a compass when we head out of town and calculating our taxes on an abacus.

Questioning why we do something is only part of the formula for change. Become a part of the solution. Don't be afraid that you will fail, mess up or create a problem. As long as you don't quit, you will not fail. Take risk, challenge yourself and make a mess.

The Wright Brothers first flight lasted about 12 seconds with a length of 120 feet. Many first failed attempts came prior to that historic 120 foot flight.

What will be your 12 second flight?