Catch Them In The Act

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As tough as it may be, spend your time finding people who are doing something right, instead of finding them doing something wrong. You will be amazed at how good it makes both you and the culprit feel.

In today's business climate, we are all so critical about each other's performance. You can do it a bit better, with less mistakes, and a little faster than the other guy. Is that really important? How much better, more accurately and faster could we all be if we knew we had a cheerleader in the stands. Or better yet, an office full of cheerleaders.

The entire climate of your office will change if you catch people in the act -- of doing something right.

Send an email to a coworker to say "Nice job on the Smith deal." Make a quick call to a vendor to say "Thanks, the delivery came, on time." Text a customer to say "Have a great day, thanks for all you have done for me and my company over the years." People have been so beaten down over the years that they will never see it coming. Today's business climate is all about finding mistakes, digging for errors and correcting problems. You have the ability to make a change, one compliment at a time.

Over time, an amazing transition will take place. Your coworkers, vendors and customers will begin to catch YOU doing something right. When that day comes you will understand, truly understand, the importance of positive feedback and catching someone in the act -- of doing something right.