Learn From Your Inner Rock Star

What does the rock star inside you look like?

What does the rock star inside you look like?

We've all been there, closed the big deal, landed the big client and made that finicky customer feel so overjoyed they start waving our flag. And when we do that, we totally feel like a rock star. Endorphins start to kicking in and all we can see are lighters flaming in the distance. It's a great feeling.

But when things don't go quite the way we want them to, when recording companies are slamming doors in our faces, when we play out of tune, when we can't buy a break, things begin to look ugly. What then? We feel rejected, neglected and downright infected. How can we turn it around and feel respected, connected and selected instead?

We all need to take solace in the fact that with every rejection, every failed project and every missed opportunity, we are moving that peg one place closer to stardom. We are taking one step toward the wash of lights on stage. Each and every rejection teaches us a lesson and helps us gather momentum along our journey to winning and wisdom, ultimately leading us to the big stage. What's the point in getting all the glory if you can't show a few scars from the battle.

I encourage you to blur the line a bit so that even when rejection stares you directly in the eye, you stay confident and understand the only way to play your music in a stadium one day is to learn how to be a rock star one chord at a time.

"Confidence is a stain they can't wipe off." Lil Wayne