How to please your customers in 16 magical ways.

Master these 16 magical ways to pleasing your customers. 

Master these 16 magical ways to pleasing your customers. 

While many magicians work hard at making objects appear out of thin air, our job is to make sure our customers don't disappear. There are 16 magical ways that will help keep your customers coming back to you again and again. Work hard at perfecting these magic tricks. This type of magic requires no smoke, no mirrors and no sleight of hand. The magic behind these "tricks" is action. Without action, the magic fizzles.

  1. Call customers by their name. You are creating a connection by calling your customer by their name. It shows you have interest and that you are listening to them. If you have a tough time remembering names, just after your customer says their name, repeat it back to them. Go one step further and spell it for them. "Thanks Margy, that's M-A-R-G-Y, correct?"

  2. Nothing says thank you more than, "Thank you." Showing your gratitude by saying thank you acknowledges that you appreciate the business. Be genuine with your thanks. I'm a firm believer you can never say thank you enough.

  3. Learn how to say, "Yes!" A simple three letter word that carries an incredible amount of strength and conviction. Customers love it when you can say yes. Make it a part of your job to figure out how to say yes with conviction. More importantly, follow through with whatever you are saying yes to.

  4. Practice and get really good at saying, "I'm sorry." We are human, and mistakes are bound to happen. It's how you handle yourself after the mistake that is so important. Make sure you are sincere about your apology and work extremely hard at not repeating the same mistake again. Mistakes are your chance to shine in the face of adversity. Anyone can do well when the chips are high. Get through adversity with an apology and a solution and you will be loved even more by your customers.

  5. There is magic in the word, "Quickly." When you are able to tell a customer you can do something for them quickly, they will be very happy. When you can solve a problem quickly or provide a service instantly, you are providing proof that you are true to your word.

  6. Don't forget the human element. Your customer needs to know that you are human. Human beings show emotion, are empathetic and care. In business today, we are barraged by texts, emails, Tweets, shares and posts. Put the human connection back in business.

  7. Learn how to say, "I don't know, but let me find out." When you not sure of an answer, let your customer know and work quickly at finding an answer. Don't delay in getting the answer to the question and in no case should you ever pass the responsibility of finding the answer to someone else.

  8. Be responsible. In the grade school game of tag, you're it. And in business, you're it, and the buck stops with you. Look at it this way, you are the link between your company and your customer. Without you, the bond will break or at best be weakened, so being responsible keeps your customer on solid ground with your company.

  9. Use a healthy dose of the word, "Please." Using the word please is polite. And according to your mother, it a magic word and I agree. Use of this common courtesy word is not so common anymore.

  10. "Sure, I can do that." These are more magic words to your customer. When you say that you are able to 'do that,' you are telling your customer you WILL do that.

  11. Provide a guarantee. When you give your customer a guarantee, you are saying you are so confident in your product or service there is little or no risk to your customer. When you guarantee one of your actions ("I guarantee I will get back to you by 5PM.") you are making a promise. Live up to all of your promises.

  12. Make eye contact. When you make eye contact, you are putting yourself on an equal playing field with your customer. You are also making a connection beyond words. Making eye contact creates a feeling of confidence and surety that cannot be matched. It will also help you make your point, stay focused and create another level of communication between you and your customer.

  13. Use proper body language. Are your arms folded or are you hunched over? If you use proper body language, you are saying to your customer that you are open, engaged, connected and ready.

  14. Smile more. First, it's contagious and your customer will smile back at you. Second, it's really tough to be negative when you are smiling. And that's the goal of every transaction with your customer. You want to be positive, happy, cheerful and helpful. Even if you are communicating over the phone, a smile is still essential. It's hard to be negative and stiff if you are smiling.

  15. Listen to your customer, without interruption. Customers appreciate when you listen to the words they are saying and respond based upon their questions, points and concerns. Give them an opportunity to speak and respond appropriately, without interrupting them. If you have been in your position for a long period of time, you have heard the same questions many times. You must, however, realize your customer is a unique individual and needs a response geared towards their needs.

  16. Mirror your customer's behavior. Although it may be challenging to do at first, try your best to mirror your customer. Practice makes perfect here. You wouldn't be overly enthusiastic and loud to a customer who is laid back and quiet. Mirroring comes down to understanding people and behavior.

Work hard at these 16 magical ways of pleasing your customers. You will find it very rewarding when you are able to increase business, productivity and results by focusing on your customers and following the 16 tips above. Regardless of the position you have in your company, you have customers. Some of your customers will be outside the walls of your business and some of them will be inside the various departments within your company. You may even have a "customer" sitting next to you right now.

Review the list again, this time thinking about how the magic could be applied to your company's internal customers as well. Good luck as you continue to practice the magic.

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