To be successful, change the world. Start with you.

Change creates lasting ripples in your life and the lives of others.

Change creates lasting ripples in your life and the lives of others.

I couldn’t even train my dog to sit on command. Coincidentally, if she sat while I was barking the mandate in her general vicinity, of course, I would have taken credit, but it was less likely she was following my orders and more likely she just felt like sitting. I don’t know which one of us learned more from obedience training, me or the dog. Success in class was not garnered by yelling out orders to my K-9 partner, but instead by adjusting my position, both mentally and physically. Eventually, my subtle changes helped me achieve my objective. I had to change, not the dog.

I had to CHANGE....

We’ve all heard it before, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Let me add, however, you can change the way you teach a trick to the old dog. You can’t change the world, your market, your employees or your coworkers, but you can change you. Get really good at changing yourself and you will help others realize that they can change too. As your confidence grows, your success rate for helping others change will grow as well. People will see how much of an inspiration you are at effecting change and will want to be a part of the plans you are making.

If you find yourself ever saying ‘I’ve always done it this way,’ change is due - now.

Change is not something you should be afraid of, or hesitant to put into play as long as the hope for change is that it brings positive results. Change is good, however, change for the sake of change is not ever my goal. Instead, I look for change to keep me aware of hope for a great future, to keep me flexible and to make me smarter. Most importantly, I look to change as a way of keeping my possibilities limitless because, if I can change, anything is possible. You can too.

Self talk warning -- “I’ve always done it this way.” If you find yourself ever saying these words to yourself, change is due - now. In some way, you may feel, the idea of permanence will be registered by uttering those words. I know, because that was me. I was resistant to anything involving change. Balancing my checkbook online instead of by hand, shopping via Amazon instead of the big box stores. In business, I needed to shift my focus from print advertising and cold calling to promoting my business via social media channels and content marketing. I was stuck in my Windows95 thinking, so passionate about what I knew and was comfortable with, that progress was passing me by, and I was ok with that.

I was stuck in my Windows95 thinking, so passionate about what I knew...progress was passing me by.

If there is anything to fear, fear not changing. Do not view change as a threat or that is has any negative implications. I would often view change through a negative lens because it would make me step out of my comfort zone, until I realized that change represents opportunity. Opportunity will often bring adventure, excitement, education and lessons learned. Change for me now represents success. I no longer view change as a negative. Change is the leading cause for success in my life as it would be for you as well.

I look to change as a way of keeping my possibilities limitless.

Small changes in your life starting today will amount to huge changes in your life in the future. Look for these new beginnings in every aspect of your life. Professionally, it might mean the beginning of building a positive office culture, where previously you lived by a T.G.I.F. philosophy. Personally, it may be the difference between a relationship that has gone stale, versus one you begin nurturing, building and creating exciting moments that will make lasting memories. Change is good. Change is empowering. Change is motivating. Change is essential. Change is growth. Change the world by changing you.

I'm moving to a new house in the upcoming weeks that has a great big back yard for a dog. I'm looking forward to getting a new puppy, I can't wait to see what tricks she is going to teach this old dog.

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