Stop Yelling At Me!

While traveling through Europe, an American, visiting for the first time, got off the train in Paris and asked a local Parisian, in broken French, where he could get something to eat. The local Frenchman said in broken English that he could not understand the American. The hungry traveler, thinking he was not clear, raised his voice and repeated the same message, thinking the Frenchman would now be able to more clearly understand him. No luck. A bit frustrated, and certainly still hungry, the American slowed down and said the words a third time, now trying to speak with a French accent.

On attempt number four, the American signaled "food" by putting his hand to his mouth in a sweeping motion. The Frenchman smiled, finally getting the message clearly, pointed the way to a place to dine just around the corner. In no time, the American was satisfied and enjoying amazing French fare.

If your message isn't reaching your market properly, the best way to reach more people is not by yelling the message louder. When faced with a similar situation in business, why do we sometimes turn up the volume of our message instead of presenting our message differently?

Is your print advertisement not pulling in enough customers? The answer may not be to add more dollars to the print ad budget. Maybe it's time to explore other options or migrate the budget to social media.

Another option you have is to change the message, develop a new idea a bit more in tune to the way prospective customers are thinking today. Don't be afraid to change both your message and your method. As long as your core values and business initiatives stay the same and you do not become an "idea of the month club" you are going to hit a gold mine. It's just a matter of time.

Most importantly, don't lose focus, and keep in mind your message is not about you. It's about them (your prospective customers). It must be spoken In a language THEY understand.

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