Revolutions Save Lives

We often think of teenagers as selfish, lazy, and self-absorbed. But sometimes they can surprise us. At a time in their lives when many are focused on college applications, the latest gossip, and prom dates, this particular group of high school kids have chosen to start a revolution.

The upper class at Pine Ridge Run High in Deltona, Florida has decided to make a drastic change this year. This year’s prom is not a prom at all, but instead, a revolt of dramatic proportion. The target of their revolt -- cancer.

One of their teachers is in a battle for his life. So instead of spending money on all the pomp and circumstance of prom, they decided to battle hospital invoices, test expenses and doctors bills.

Thousands of dollars from neighbors and families have already been raised and local businesses are joining in the “revolt” as well, donating goods by the truckload.

As all revolts go, this probably started as one student’s idea, making a casual comment to another student. The idea turned solid, and feet hit the street. Until it started forging ahead, under its own steam, someone had to run with it, embrace it, put energy into it and make it grow. One student became a group of students. They fought for it, talked about it and worked hard on their idea until it caught traction and everyone in the school got on board. Critical mass.

To do it right, revolts must be contagious. But the viral effect starts with just one. Change starts with one person. One idea. Do you think you can make a difference and start a revolution? What revolution will you spark today?

Thanks Strickland Bonner for your contribution to Nice Guy blog