The Minions Were Right -- Cute Lil Guys

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If you’ve listened to the huge hit “Happy” by Pharrell even once, you can’t help but be happy! The beat, lyrics and tempo, as would be expected, make you sing along, if for no other reason than the phrase “Because I’m happy” is repeated no less than 24 times in a little under three and a half minutes. By the time the song is over you just feel HAPPY. Side note - Some of us may even feel exhausted because we’ve danced ourselves happy around the living room. If you’ve never heard the song, I challenge you to listen to it without snapping, clapping, or tapping along. Imagine if a song called “Sad” was produced. I am not sure I’d be dancing around the condo to “Sad.” Are you starting to see my point?

So what is it exactly that puts us into a state of happy? It’s not money. I’ve met plenty of miserable rich people. I’ve also met many people that can’t make rent every month that are happy as can be. So what makes people happy? Research proves it over and over again. One factor separates those of us who are happy from those of us who are not happy.

Happy is a state of mind. Happy is a great place to be. Happy is completely up to you. And the biggest factor that creates happiness? Self talk. Private speech. Monologue. We all have ways of building ourselves up. Conversely, we often use self talk to tear ourselves down. Positive self talk is extremely effective in helping produce a positive outcome. Just as negative self talk will work against us and create a negative outcome.

Being your own worst critic is a big challenge to overcome. But using positive self talk is your ticket out of Gloomyville. Stop the negative self talk and put yourself on the fast pass to Happy Town.

Try these positive words: “I am worthy.” “I will succeed.” “I see myself happy.” “I can do this.” “I have confidence.”

Erase these negative words: “I can’t do it.” “I won’t be able to.” “I’ve never done that before.” “I’m going to fail if I try.”

The reason most people fail is not because they try and don’t succeed. Most people fail because they never give themselves a chance to succeed. Speak it (to yourself) into existence.