For now or forever?

Recently, I have been watching TED Talks on YouTube. While I have watched many interesting talks since my obsession with Ted started, none has struck a chord more than a talk delivered by New York Times columnist David Brooks.

Brooks talks about the difference between our two "selves." In describing the two selves, he compares resumé traits to eulogy traits . Resumé traits include drive, motivation, economic success. These traits are very "I" centered. Conversely, eulogy traits include being humble, obeying others and loving unconditionally. These traits are very "You" centered. The question I pose is this, which traits are more important to you?

In his TED Talk, Brooks continues by describing how the "I" and "You" are constantly at odds with each other. The "I" centered person, wanting economic success, is filled with with competitive traits - winning the deal, beating the competition, getting the job. As opposed, eulogy traits are "You" centered and consistent with harmony, love and happiness: if you want love, give love; to get something, give something; instead of looking to conquer, look to obey. Which traits do you find yourself aligned with?

We are continually pushed to do more, to be more, to have more. More than ever, businesses are looking for people with top resume qualities. Never will you hear on a job interview or sales call “How lovable are you?” or “How deep does your character go?” Typically, those traits won't land the gig.

What words will represent you? Loving, honest, kind, compassionate? Or possibly competitive, shrewd, calculating or cunning.

Seek connection, community and love and be the best you you can be. Choose to be a person who works on fighting your weaknesses instead of one that exploits his strengths. Make this world a better place to live.

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