17 ways to identify your level of commitment

"If today were the last day of your life, would you want to do what you are about to do today?" Steve Jobs

"If today were the last day of your life, would you want to do what you are about to do today?" Steve Jobs

Hourly - Works for the paycheck.

Owner - Loves the idea of getting paid for something he would do free.

Hourly - Works on a team so he can get lost in the crowd.

Owner - Loves teamwork because it fosters creativity and cooperation.

Hourly - Goes through the motion of working on a project in between breaks.

Owner - Continues working until the project is done, and then looks for another project to start.

Hourly - Does what he is told.

Owner - Looks for ways to improve systems and develop new processes.

Hourly - My job would be ok it wasn’t for all these customers.

Owner - I’d be out of a job if it wasn’t for all these customers.


Hourly - All customers do is complain.

Owner - The customer is always right.


Hourly - Feels entitled.

Owner - Remains humble.


Hourly - This business is lucky to have me.

Owner - Feels fortunate to have a place as an outlet for creativity.


Hourly - The problems created are not his.

Owner - Sees the problem, takes responsibility and works to resolve it.


Hourly - Is it over yet?

Owner - What comes next?


Hourly - Will I get paid overtime?

Owner - I’ll turn out the lights when I leave. I can get so much done here after 5.


Hourly - Works to live.

Owner - Lives to work.


Hourly - TGIF.

Owner - Looking forward to getting started on a new project.


Hourly - Follower.

Owner - Leader.


Hourly - Put him in voicemail.

Owner - How can I help you today?


Hourly - Half empty.

Owner - Half full.


Hourly - You can take this job a shove it.

Owner - There is a lesson in every challenge.


How committed are you to your career? I know many people that get paid by the hour but take ownership of their position at work. And I  know many people that hold ownership and management positions that do not like what they do for a living. Life is too short to not love what you do.

In that quiet time when you first wake up, when you are still half asleep and you realize a new day is upon you, do you get excited for what lies ahead? Or do you face the day with discontent. 

How would you identify your level of commitment? Use my comments area below to share your comparison between hourly mentality and owner mentality.