10 quotes successful people never say

Successful people are problem solvers, leaders, grateful, understanding, responsible and happy. They align themselves with others that have a similar mindset and are focused on being a positive influence in this world. Successful people understand change is good and without it, by definition, life would remain static. They realize words are extremely powerful and can be a double edged sword. Successful people use words to build up, create and accomplish goals rather than to hurt, destroy or break down.

Here are 10 quotes you will never hear a successful person say:

“That's not my problem.”
Successful people take responsibility and see a problem as an opportunity to build upon a relationship.

“It's always been done that way.”
Successful people look for ways to change a process if something is not going right.

"Sorry I can't help you."
Successful people will always help you. If they are not the right resource, they will find the right resource for you.

“Put him in voicemail.”
There is no better time to answer a call than right now. If you have time to say, “Put him in voicemail,” you have time to say, “Hello, how can I help you today?”

“It just can't be done.”
The word can’t is not in the vocabulary of a successful person.

“I can't wait for the weekend to get here.”
Successful people are quite content with the work they do. They love a good project, a challenge and a plateful of responsibilities. They do not define their responsibilities by the boundaries of days of the week.

“I should have stayed in bed this morning.”
Each day brings opportunity to a successful person.

“I told you so.”
No one needs to be reminded they are learning a lesson and they do not need to know they were wrong. Successful people support others, act as cheerleaders, and empathize when someone learns a lesson.

“That's not fair.”
Realizing life is not always fair is a reality successful people understand. They do not get caught up in what is fair and not fair.

“That is impossible.”
To a successful person everything is possible. Failure is a part of process that leads to success. If not successful on the first attempt, successful people try again.

Unfortunately, at some point, we are all guilty of using some of the quotes above in our life. Work hard to eliminate these words. We all know someone who uses these words as an excuse for not reaching goals, accomplishing tasks or simply, for being in a bad mood. I challenge you to take all of these words out of your head and to become the person I know you can become. You have the key to greatness within you. In order to be successful, you will need to discover which drawer it fits.

What quotes do you say that you will take out of your life to help you achieve the results you very much deserve?