Test of Trust.

Take the test of trust. How do you score?

Take the test of trust. How do you score?

Relationships rely upon it. Success depends on it. Consistently win it and you will be labeled as "worthy." Without it, you will be hard pressed to forge binding connections and you’ll be challenged to find others willing to be loyal to you. Ultimately, unless you are very lucky, you will have difficulty making a living without it. I am talking about trust with a capital T. And that stands for trouble if you don’t earn trust. It may seem obvious that building trust is essential to building strong relationships. Relationships built on trust can stand the test of time. What may not be as obvious is how to get others to trust you.

Let me put some velvet on the sledgehammer before I hit you with it. You will never be too experienced, too powerful or too knowledgeable to stop working on building trust. We all need improvement in the category of building trust since we are always working on building relationships with people we meet. The process is dynamic and never complete.

Dig deep and do an analysis of yourself to complete this reality check. It’s time to measure your level of TRUST. Use the checklist below to see if you are making the grade. Answer each sentence with yes or no. After you complete your test, score yourself as I indicate below the test.

Regarding my relationships:

  1. I am 100% reliable.
  2. I tell the truth
  3. I give more than is expected
  4. I am always on time
  5. I work on resolving problems quickly
  6. I am dependable and available to answer questions
  7. I see things from their perspective
  8. I am consistent with my service
  9. I am a part of the solution, not a part of the problem
  10. I demonstrate I truly care
  11. I make others feel special because they are special to me
  12. I am proactive when it comes to providing information and insight
  13. I communicate clearly
  14. I understand the matters that concern others
  15. I follow the golden rule and treat others as I would like to be treated
  16. I listen to what others have to say
  17. I make others look good
  18. I keep confidential information confidential
  19. I honor my commitments
  20. I work on being all I can be for others
  21. I show genuine gratitude and appreciation
  22. I always show respect
  23. I earn the business
  24. I say I am sorry when I am wrong
  25. I add value to the relationship

Here’s how you score the test. Multiply the number of “yes” answers you have by 4 to get your score. If you scored over 91? Way to go ‘A’ student. You are doing great, keep up the great work and continue to build trust. Score between 80 to 88? Solid score, work on the “no” responses and take the test again later. Score between 72 to 76? If you scored in the 70’s or lower you probably have many relationships that could evaporate quickly unless you focus on improving your relationships and improving on the areas you answered ‘no.’

Lifelong relationships develop when you have trust between people. The best way to improve on a low score is to study others that do what you do but have a lot more experience. Read books, listen to audio recordings, read success blogs. Find out what these people have done in order to be successful.

Author and speaker Steve Goodier said. “Just about ANY personality trait or skill can be learned: simply find it in someone you know and copy it. Then watch what happens.”

My NG30 (NiceGuy30 - How to become a Nice Guy/Girl in 30 days) was created to help you build the core habits needed to develop relationships and build trust. It’s free to download by clicking here. Want to see the 5 biggest mistakes made in sales and customer service, click here to view.

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