Good. Better. Best.

Good. Better. Best. If you could only be one of these, which would you choose for yourself? If you are a commodity, your worth would be based upon your rating. A visit to any local hardware store would prove my point. Air filters, for example, are priced according to their quality level. A "good" rated filter is priced lowest, has the shortest life span and protects your equipment least. A "better" rated filter is more expensive, lasts longer and protects your HVAC system better than the filter rated good. A "best" rated filter comes with a replacement guarantee, lasts longest and is made with the best materials. Because of these added features, the cost for the best rating is significantly higher.

As business owners, managers of people, "C" suite executives or front line employees, we are people, not commodities. As responsbile people in control of our own destiny, we choose our own "rating." And while a certain level of expectation is attached to each rating level, ultimately it is our attitudes, our behavior and our actions that will determine how we are graded. Regardless of the type of product or service your company sells (good, better or best) you, as a person, are in control of your own personal rating.

So what do you choose for yourself? Good equates to average. And I hope average is not good enough for you. Good may be ok when you first get started, but don't stay there too long. Push yourself to get out of the good zone quickly. It's amazing what effort, dedication and drive will do to move you beyond good.

Better is a holding pattern on the journey from "good" to "best." Keep moving when you get to better. Better equates to good enough for most and while most will be satisfied with a rating of better, go beyond this position as well. Breaking beyond better will require your full attention, a huge sense of purpose and a buring desire to move beyond better into best. It will be worth the effort.

But be careful, don't confuse long hours, closed deals and a rising bank account to being the best. Being the best is the feeling you get when you wake up with a smile because you are the best. It's the happiness you encounter when you are comfortable in your own skin. It's that wonderful feeling of knowing you are working smart, accomplishing the goals you have set for yourself, knowing you have given it your all.

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