Less is the new more.

Your Desk - On your desktop, less allows you to be more organized, in control of your tasks and have you feeling less anxious. At first it may be challenging to get through all the piles, but once complete, your new, clean, organized desk will be a pleasure to sit at. You will be amazed at how quickly you get your work done. 

Subject Line - When responding to emails, less is more, especially in the subject line. Subject lines with more than three words experience a drop in open rate of over 60%.

Don’t use a lot when a little will do.
— Proverb

Email - Long winded emails are getting you nowhere. Statistically, 43% of long winded emails do not get read or they are deleted if you do not get to the point in the first two sentences. Less fluff, more getting to the point.

Mindset - New in business? Less is more. Stop worrying if you don't have scores of customers. When you have less customers you can deliver exemplary service, provide precise attention to detail and be lightning fast at returning calls and emails. 

What experiences do you have where less is more. I want to hear from you.