5 Things All Employees Want from Their Jobs

Both happiness and motivation are fundamental to employee engagement and retention, as well as business productivity. An employer who fails to offer both will experience a high employee turnover, poor reputation and bad online ratings on employee review sites. Find out the five things all employees want from their jobs.

1. A Safe Place to Work

Safety must be a primary concern for all employers. It is one thing all employees naturally expect from a business. Yet, many companies, large and small, let their employees down by failing to adhere to their health and safety requirements. Unfortunately, this can lead to accidents at work, such as a slip or fall, which can place a physical, emotional and financial burden on an employee following an injury. As a result, they may need to learn more about personal injury solicitors in Manchester, such as Garratts Solicitors.

2. Respect

Respect equals respect. If you want your employees to respect both you and your business, you must give them respect in return. It is a fundamental right for all employees, which is why you must strive to provide them with praise when warranted, and offer feedback so they can identify how they are performing at work. Treat your employees as adults to create a workplace based on mutual respect where everyone is treated equally, regardless of their roles or salaries.

3. Transparency

Building a business based on secrets and lies will make an employee feel as if they are not members of the in-crowd, and they will also not trust who you are, what you say and the actions you make. Employees want transparency both in their roles and across the business, which will make them more likely to support your company’s mission, goals, and vision. So, keep your employees in the loop when it comes to industry challenges, organizational changes and your business finances.

4. Employee Empowerment

Employee empowerment does not allow your team to determine the shape of the business, but it will provide your members of staff with a voice. Allow your team to affect decisions about their jobs and the business by providing them with a forum to air their opinions and ideas. They will also need to know that their actions are valued, which is why you should consider introducing a rewards and recognition system.

5. Leadership

Employees don’t want to shoot in the dark. They are looking for clear direction, so they know they are on the right track, and that their actions will have a positive impact on the business. They want someone trustworthy to be standing in front of them, directing them with confidence, which will allow them to learn from their experience and feel apart of something much bigger than themselves. Employees will also need a place to turn to if they have any questions they need answering to do their job well.

If you can provide all the above five things, you can trust you will gain loyal, happy employees who will go above and beyond for your company.