4 Tactics You Can Use To Strengthen Your Reputation

Being in business is tough when your reputation is poor. People don’t flock to you as they do the companies who are well-known and respected. A bad reputation can hurt your business and make it difficult for you to get out of your rut.

Reputations can be damaged, but they can also be mended using the right tactics. The first step to making it better is awareness and accepting the fact that consumers aren’t that impressed with you. Keep your head up and focus on a brighter future. Use your past as lessons for what you don’t want to do going forward.

Content Marketing

Win customers back with your site’s quality content. Do it the right way and work with a full service marketing agency like Click Intelligence who specializes in content marketing. They understand the importance of keywords and being found in the search rankings. Content marketing helps to grow your business because it engages your audience, makes you an authority within your industry and is designed to convert visitors to your site into consumers. If you do it the right way you’ll experience more visibility and a chance to gain back your respect.

Offer Better Customer Service

The one area you shouldn’t ignore is customer service. People talk and will let it be known when they’re unhappy. It’s a great touch point and chance for you to help your reputation. This is an opportunity for you to turn all that around and build back trust. Train your customer service department and make sure they’re all on the same page. Update your policies and be fair in your negotiations to find a solution. Do a good job and you’ll soon start to see your reputation take a turn for the better.

Collect Reviews

Once you get your act together, start encouraging customers to leave you reviews online. Get them posted on your website and be sure to highlight the best ones. Customers depend on reviews when they’re making a decision whether to work with you or not. Make the choice easy on them by having outstanding reviews to boast about. Your reputation will soar as soon as you receive positive feedback from clients. You can never have too many uplifting reviews to share.

Give Back

Consumers notice when businesses are donating their time and money to a good cause. Get more involved with your community and even bigger charities to show that you care about others. There are also great teambuilding activities available for various groups, so it’s good for employee morale too. Once you complete your work, write a press release and tell your customers about it. Make it a regular occurrence and have some fun with it.


Reputations are always changing. Keep an eye on yours and improve it by taking advantage of these ideas for strengthening it. It’s never too late to become a customer favorite if you work hard and focus on being authentic. The public recognizes companies who are genuine and keep their promise.