4 Ways To Get Your Customers To Act

Having customers is great, but it doesn’t do much for your business if they’re not completing purchases from you. You need to make certain that when someone lands on your website or sees an advertisement from you that they feel compelled to make a move.

It’s not enough to sit back and be hopeful that someone will do what you want them to. Be proactive and come up with strategies for making sure that you’ll be closing more sales. Get in tune with your sales and marketing departments and work together to provide solutions that work. See four ways to get your customers to act.

Improve Communication

One way to get your customers to act is to better communicate with them. Use a service like SpyderText that simplifies your communications, reduces expenses, decreases response times and provides better service. Communicate more effectively regardless of your industry. Reach the customers you need to via the medium they prefer, be it SMS, Email, Facebook Messenger, Slack or Twitter. Sending the right message at the right time greatly increases your chances that your customers will take action.

Offer Limited Time Sales & Discounts

Customers love to see opportunities that save them money. Use urgent wording and create time-sensitive offers. Your language and what type of sale you’re running matter. Have a plan and release the information using your strategic communication tools. People should feel inspired to want to make a purchase after feeling a little pressure that they’ll miss out unless they act right now. Stick to your word and end the sales and discounts when you say you’re going to, so next time you do it they know they have to act immediately.

Ask them

There’s no harm in asking your clients to buy your products or services. Use the phone, have a meeting or take them out for coffee to pick their brain and make a sales pitch. Send email campaigns that make it clear what action you want your customers to take. Sitting in the office hoping that transactions will start pouring in isn’t going to work. You need your sales and marketing teams actively making it be known that you mean business.

Make it Easy on them

Don’t send your customers jumping through hoops to make a purchase. Communicate clearly, be specific and include exact details regarding the topic at hand. Send direct links, clear messaging and instructions, so there’s no room for confusion. There’s no need to beat around the bush or cover up the fact that you want them to make a move. If you want clients to go online, then include the specific page in your message and if they’re to visit the physical store then include a map and exact location.


Stop waiting around for consumers to come to you. Go out and initiate the conversation and contact. Tell them what you’re offering and what you want them to do. These are four ways to get your customers to act.