Living Your Life's Sentence

What punctuation are you choosing to add to your life's sentence?

Comma - Do you hesitate before making decisions? Pausing so long you lose a chance to see opportunity?

Question Mark - Are you questioning why everything is happening to you and do you feel life is a series of perplexing problems with no end in sight?

Colon - Are you a list maker and is life a series of tasks on your list to be checked off?

Semicolon - Caught between one thought and moving to another, always the connector, helper and networker. 

Exclamation Point - If you live a wide open life, filled with adventure, with vision that's bold and daring you are living life as an exclamation point.

Apostrophe - What in your life is missing? Why must you be so possessive?

Dash - Holding parts of your life together with barely a thin thread? If so, you are living the life of a dash.

Parenthesis - Are you always explaining yourself (qualifying your life to those reading your narrative)?

Period - So final, yet clearly marking the end of a period in your life, before moving onto the next. Confidence and clarity are in your life when punctuated with a period.

Quotes - It is sometimes better to use the words of someone else to further emphasize your point. "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." Socrates

However you decide to live your life, live it as you choose to, not as a style book would tell you how to live. In your life's sentence, there are no grammatical errors. Live your life as a run on sentence if you so choose to, and throw caution to the rule makers. May you have a life's sentence filled with all sorts of punctuation.