How to Encourage Donations on Giving Tuesday

Every non-profit has a mission to increase their donations and engagement. As Giving Tuesday offers a dedicated day to encourage charitable donations, there is no better time to aim to reach those goals. Read how to encourage donations on Giving Tuesday.

Create a Plan and Participate

Giving Tuesday launched in 2012 for the first time, raising a total of $12 million. Cut to 2016 and the global day raised more than $250 million. There is no reason why your non-profit can’t follow in other organization’s footsteps to encourage considerable donations. Create a strategy that incorporates email outreach, social media marketing and website messaging, which will help to attract charitable donations to your worthy cause.

Develop an Email Marketing Campaign

33% of online fundraising came from email; therefore, do not send a one size fits all message. Instead, segment and develop personalized email campaigns based on a subscriber’s past behavior. Campaign Monitor found that segmented campaigns can result in a 760% increase in email revenue.

Boost Awareness

The average Giving Tuesday donation is $137. To encourage people to make a similar donation to your organization, you must boost the awareness of Giving Tuesday. While 90% people are aware of Black Friday, only 18% are aware of Giving Tuesday. Encourage awareness of both the global day and your brand through powerful digital marketing campaigns, such as email outreach and social media.

Email is the best way to raise awareness, however, embed a video into your email and increase your open rates by up to 13%, and conversions by 21%. Read more facts and tips about Giving Tuesday in the linked infographic.