5 Traditional Marketing Tactics That Still Work

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Due to the rise of the smartphone, online marketing has taken precedent when running promotional campaigns. However, if you want to connect with a community and increase brand recognition, you should focus on the following five traditional marketing tactics that still work.

1 Grab People’s Attention with Brand Signage

Rather than spending many an hour developing a social post only for it to make its way to the bottom of your feed, you should focus on a signage campaign that will provide a fantastic return on your investment for many years. For example, fleet wraps from Custom Wraps can increase brand recognition as your employees drive from A to B, so it could encourage passersby to turn into customers.

2 Use Promotional Items for Free Advertising

Image is everything when it comes to business. If you want to be viewed as a caring, professional retail company, you should invest in high-quality promotional products that will reflect your brand. For example, provide your shoppers with free, stylish tote bags that feature your brand’s logo. Not only will it improve the customer service experience, but they’re more likely to reuse high-quality bags in the future, so it’s a form of free advertising for your business.

3 Promote Your Small Business with Flyers

If the majority of your revenue comes from local trade, you must look for ways to promote your business across the community. For example, you can produce high-quality flyers that can lead to local brand awareness. You can also post the flyers through people’s mailboxes, or you could hand them out personally to inform your target market about who you are, what you can do, and how your goods and/or services can help to improve their lifestyle. It’s a clever marketing tactic for startup companies who are finding it difficult to tap into a competitive market.

4 Connect with Customers Using Direct Mail

Rather than targeting one advertisement to every customer, strive to reach out to prospective customers directly, so that you can provide them with a unique discount on a product or service. For example, you could provide an introductory rate to convince a person to try your business, which could lead to their repeat custom and word of mouth referrals. Direct mail will also prove you are a caring, helpful company, as you are willing to drop your prices to secure their custom, which can make a customer feel appreciated.

5 Use Sign Spinners to Attract Customers

Sign spinners might not necessarily be your first port of call when looking to adopt new marketing ideas, but they can be an effective tactic to increase sales. It works because it’s hard for drivers to ignore someone spinning a sign when they are stuck at a red light. It could alert a person to your business or products. You could potentially grab the attention of thousands of people throughout the day, and you’ll generate a great return on your investment, even if only a small percentage choose to visit your bricks and mortar store.