When You Are a Legal Office, Routing Matters

Being a lawyer means dealing with the portions of society that most others don’t care for nor have time to understand. This makes your services invaluable, but it can cause your company to be bogged down with requests far too easily. How you handle these requests and other calls will determine how successful your firm will be. You want to be able to easily handle a high volume of calls, which is why routing matters.

The Challenge of Call Volume

A large call volume means, more or less, you cannot have a traditional receptionist. Wasting time by going from one person before transferring will only hurt your business and waste your client’s time. Calls can be managed when a lot of the work in transferring them to who they need to speak to is automatic.

How to Manage High Volume of Calls

How you manage these high volume of calls will make or break your company. Clients can easily find new lawyers if they find you are not catering to their needs enough. After all, people rarely go to lawyers for happy occasions, and when they do, it is for very fast services like getting a house sale. In most cases, they will need you when they have had a run in with the law, or getting a divorce. These are ongoing matters that need constant communication and a great method to handle the call volume.

Get a Routing System

One of the benefits of a hosted PBX routing service is that it allows you to manage high call volumes. Being a divorce lawyer in a city, for example, could result in a lot of phone calls – both from new clients and from current ones. They want updates, and they want to call to make new demands all the time. By having this PBX system, your firm can enjoy all the benefits of a professional call routing system without needing to invest in the system yourself – it will be all there online.

Maximize Availability

Routing systems work because they allow clients to choose what they need and get automatically transferred to the right department immediately. The call will then be waiting until the first person becomes available. Calls can even be redirected to personal numbers, so say if one of your lawyers is away on a business trip their clients back home still have the means to stay in contact.

Keep Track of Client Data

As you can keep track of non-sensitive data like call wait times, you can use this to work on more efficient methods in the future. Always strive for great customer service. As a law firm, you are not exempt from this portion of business, if anything, you above all others must excel. You are dealing with people when they are likely emotional, and must have the systems and experience in place to offer them the advice and counsel they need.

Being able to manage your clients and bring in new clients successfully will determine how successful your law firm is. While lawyers, in general, can typically find work wherever they go, firms are not so lucky. You need to do all you can to provide key customer service so that your clients can stay clients and the payments can keep coming in.