Online Passive Income Investment Business Ideas and Opportunities


Most of us constantly strive to earn more. The drive for greater income growth can either come from the yearning to spend more, the need for more income inflow, or even merely the desire for more significant savings and security. Websites like cost complaints show finance issues that are universal among us. It is an attractive idea to have opportunities for financial growth—especially without having to do much. Making money as we sit in school, at home, or in full-time jobs is possible with online passive income.

There's one crucial thing to remember before you get too excited. You must have enough savings to start. Know how to structure your passive income opportunity. If you don't, then focus first on building enough savings for you to have a starting point. Make savings your top priority if you wish to focus on growing your passive income opportunity, and keep this goal in mind.

Here are some of the most basic and common online passive income investment ideas and opportunities:

E-book Sales

If you're the type who loves to write, to create, or to document ideas that you can turn into writing, then this is a great opportunity. E-books are becoming very popular these days because of the convenience that comes along with it. You can read it at any time and any place in your device. The increasing demand in e-book sales have also come from the cheaper price of each book compared to physical books.

If writing is not your niche, then you can invest in someone who has the skill and the desire to come up with a book but may be in need of investors to get his work published. Alternatively, too, you can be the one promoting these e-books in your blog posts, where you receive payment in exchange.

Blogging – and Vlogging or Affiliate Marketing

Put those creative juices flowing to good use! With old-school blogging, you are given your domain name with a very minimal monthly maintenance cost.  Most of your income will come from the advertisements that are posted on the side bar of your domain. Payment can be given per click or per view of these ads, so the more traffic your blog receives, the greater the income for you. To increase your page traffic, you can set up your page to enable e-mail subscriptions or notifications for when you come up with a new post.

Aside from blogging, Vlogging or video logging through YouTube or other streaming services have become popular. You can start by talking about anything that interests you, and when your subscribers and views gradually increase, you can slowly become a social media influencer. This can be done in conjunction with affiliate marketing by promoting products that are sent to you. Take note that you do not sell these products; you are simply creating awareness about these products – by introducing them to your viewers. Make sure that your content stays relevant so you will continue to generate traffic into your channel.

Create APPS for Smartphones & Gadgets / Earn Royalty

This is perfect for the more tech-savvy ones. If creating digital games and applications is a hobby, then you can turn it into a profit-generating one. Take Mark Zuckerberg for example, he now sits and watches his Facebook empire grow. For each time that your game or application is being downloaded, you automatically earn your royalty.

Start an Online Store

Dropshipping is a great start to an online store. You only can learn through online courses. It is pretty simple to begin with. After opening your store through sites like Shopify, you can partner with online manufacturers who will do the processing for you, and you directly receive the difference, which is your profit. You do not even have to carry physical inventory of these products at all, as you get these from a third-party manufacturer.

Alternatively, you can start by posting products and items on Ebay or Amazon, and earn each time someone orders, while Amazon does all the shipping and processing as well.

Sell Photos Online

Websites like iStockPhoto and Shutterstock allows you to upload your licensed photos to their page, and every time someone buys your picture, you earn royalty fees. There has recently been an increasing demand for stock photos as oftentimes, blog writers, travel agencies or other businesses do not have the time and the availability of photos to supplement their website. More often than not they purchase stock photos in bulk from photo-selling sites. This is quite effortless on your part, as you are exercising a hobby while earning from it as well. What's even better is that you get to share your beautiful images with the world!