4 Ways You Can Make Your Business More Collaborative

Collaboration is essential in modern business. No worker should be isolated or cut off from the changing business environment. Workplace collaboration means better productivity and a better company, but fostering a collaborative environment can be a challenge. That challenge will need to be tackled because every modern business needs to promote better collaboration. That’s because a more collaborative workplace can help you take advantage of a variety of skill-sets and expertise, and integrate them into a single piece of work. Doing so will make your overall output more efficient, more professional, and more effective. If you want faster workflow, higher standards of work, and a more efficient business, then here’s how you can make your business more collaborative.

Improved Communications

Collaboration between departments usually relies on emails, but these are fast becoming the bane of the office environment. Consider the fact that:

Avoid email workflow disruption by using an alternative means of communication. One of the most popular options at the moment is Slack. It can help cut through the rubbish in your inbox and allow for direct communications.

Sharing Files

This is another business area that has been traditionally bundled into emails. That’s a very slow and inefficient way of sharing workloads. Modern solutions are available, but the essential thing to consider is using cloud technologies. Dropbox or Google Drive is much better for sharing large and small files and also allow for real-time collaboration on those files. If you have a team presentation coming up, waiting for email replies can be frustrating, so optimize your collaboration by making use of the wide variety of cloud platforms that have been designed for business use.

Office Design

The trend of the open plan office is not a surprise when collaboration has become such an important area for businesses to focus on. If you currently have a closed plan office, then you are secluding your workforce and making it harder to collaborate. Changing the design layout of your office can be expensive, and it may be cheaper to simply move to a new location. This can be an ideal time to consider cost-saving options like shared offices provided by The Brew. Managed office spaces have additional collaboration benefits too, as you may be joined by other business professionals in entirely new sectors, meaning that you have an untapped well of unexpected skills and resources close to hand.

Evaluate Meeting Efficiency

Workers can waste a lot of their working day in meetings, and the majority end up being unproductive. Make sure that you design your meetings proactively. Keep them short and to the point. You can improve on collaborative elements by skipping the boardroom meetings and opting for walking meetings instead. These have been shown to break down the barriers that prevent lower-level team members from contributing. Keep these meetings focused, and you benefit as well from greater efficiency as well as improved collaboration.

Greater collaboration makes it much easier for a business to reach its goals and adopt better flexibility. By making use of your entire team, your business will be stronger and more efficient. Always look for ways to foster a more collaborative environment, and your company will only benefit.