How To Improve Your Communication Skills

Human communication is far more complex than the simple interpretation of the spoken word. There is the whole area of body language, including facial expressions, which can tell an individual far more about what you think as opposed to the words that come out of your mouth. Like any other skill in life, some people are more naturally gifted and find communication comes easily to them, whereas for others it can be more of a learning process. Add to this the effects of nerves and social anxiety that many people feel in important business meetings and gatherings, and the skills you do have may desert you just when you least want them to.

Understanding human communication

This is a vast topic that can’t be summed up in a few lines, but luckily there are many useful resources available online and in published form so that you can delve a bit deeper into this fascinating subject. Developing these skills is not something that is limited to your work life. Learning about the intricacies of human communication can make you far more aware of what you are communicating yourself, as well as better able to understand others. Find a good introduction to the subject, and you’ll soon become immersed in the intriguing information about what our body language is giving away – and you may become a better poker player too.

Finding your confidence

Self-confidence is the key to feeling relaxed in situations where you are expected to communicate with superiors and strangers. Being well-prepared is a crucial aspect of feeling self-confident, so always make sure you go into any situation of this nature knowing all the necessary facts at the very minimum. It’s even better to have a wider knowledge about the context of the area under discussion, further implications, future considerations and the bigger picture in general. If you know more than you’re likely to need to, you can be confident that you’ll be able to cope with anything that you get asked about.

Social confidence

Being in business can involve a lot of social interactions outside of the office, but although these occasions may not be part of your working day, you can be sure you will still be under scrutiny, and your performance will be noticed. Being able to hold up your end of a conversation is an essential skill in helping you to feel at home in these situations, and one of the best ways of coping with a scenario where you could be talking about any number of disparate topics is to be generally well-informed. For example, the stock market is likely to be a subject of great interest in business circles, so if you understand the stock ratings system and the difference between futures and commodities, you will be able to join in the discussions. Keeping up to date with current affairs and industry topics as a whole is a good idea too, as conversations will often turn back to business in these situations.

Whether you already have excellent communication skills, or they could do with a little improvement, understanding the subject and keeping yourself informed and updated will stand you in good stead during business meetings and events throughout your career.