4 Ways to Make Your Morning Commute More Productive

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Some people think of daily commuting as a waste of valuable time and on certain levels, that is actually true. After all, whether you take public transport or just drive to work or school, the time it takes to get there is mostly a waste and especially so when you are just sitting in traffic and getting late. However, it doesn’t always have to be that way because here are four ways in which successful people often make the most of the time that it takes to commute from one place to another.

Turn It into Exercise

If your office isn’t in the other part of town, try cycling to work at least once per week. It may sound ridiculous to some, but you would be surprised to know how many celebs love cycling and use it as exercise to make up for missing gym sessions during tight schedules. If cycling isn’t a feasible option, just park your car further away from the office or get off the bus a few stops before your original stop so that you can walk the extra distance. If possible, just walk the whole way to your office at least three days in a week.

Finish Your Calls En Route

Do you have a long journey ahead of you? Finish some of those impending work or personal calls while you are driving or just sitting in the back of a bus. Of course, you should never be using your phone while driving, so get yourself one of the reliable and stylish Bluetooth headsets reviewed on Extensivelyreviewed.Com to make and take calls safely, without breaking any laws or endangering yourself in the process. These are also pretty great for listening to music, so when you don’t have calls to make, just listen to some music to enter your office in a better mood.


Thinking is ironically one of the most underrated activities in the modern world because we are all too busy to take the time necessary to think too deeply about anything. If you can be alone with your thoughts during the course of your morning commute, it might be a great idea to just concentrate on your thoughts. Just by paying attention to them, you could be unveiling ideas you never knew you had.

Get Out Early

Successful people don’t complain about the traffic too much because they leave their homes ahead of time if travelling through a particularly busy and slow-moving section of the city is unavoidable. Punctuality is equal to productivity, therefore, being able to manage your commute time appropriately is an instant boost to productivity.

As you can see, it’s less about what you do during your morning commute and more about the attitude you have towards it. The journey need not always be a waste of time because nobody is stopping you from doing something productive while on it! It can be any of the four on this list, but it can also be something completely different as well. What matters is that you spend the time productively; be it in terms of work or entertainment.