The first week 2019 trading options for Herbalife Nutrition Ltd

The first week of 2019 brought about various trading options for the investors of Herbalife Nutrition Ltd. Before the expiry of the session in August 2019, investors are keen to know the stocks that are likely to bring in the highest returns so that they can invest in them. The problem, however, is that the data available from previous and current trading activities require a lot of interpretations before it can be used to guide future investments.

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People are pegging their success on the value of time, and therefore, it is good to look at the possible returns on this stock based on time. What we cannot overlook is the fact that currently, there are two stocks that anyone should monitor closely.

The put contract to watch

If you look at the stocks, you will notice a bid of $4.60 attached to a put contract of $57.5. The reason you have to watch this bid closely is that it has the potential to bring high returns before the expiry date. Notice the way that it can make you pay $52.9 for a contract that would cost $58.6. This possibility has led to a lot of interest in this share.

If you are going to invest in it, you need to know the value at which it is likely to expire and the other factors that are likely to affect its performance. It is a good thing that buying this share allows you to keep the premium and therefore, your investment in more secure than when you invest in other options.

There is a 2% discount attached to this put share. With such a cut, the stock is, and as such, it is likely to expire worthlessly. The analysts put the odds of expiring without value at 59% meaning that they are confident that it will happen that way. When the expiry happens that way, you can be sure to gain an 8% profit on the money that you committed to the contact. C0onsidering that there are only just about 200 days left to the expiry, you can be sure that this is one of the most lucrative shares that you can put your money in.

The call contracts to watch

On the call side of Herbalife Nutrition's option chain, there is a share to watch; the one that is going for $60. It has generated significant interest from investors because it has a bid price of 5.15 dollars. If you buy it at the current price of $58.56, you can sell it as a covered call, and you will make 11.25% profits.

This happens because many other upsides are attached to the table. The gains can be far much more than that if you get the other riders that come with it. It is all about making smart choices when it comes to buying this company's shares because there are those that will produce profits while others will not.

One of the things that should make you happy when buying Herbalife Nutrition Ltd shares is that there are many upsides to it. For instance, if the shares soar, investors will make more than what we are projecting here. Checking the business fundamentals and analyzing its history are some of the practices that will make you earn more from your investments. In addition to that, the call contract share that we discussed above can expire worthlessly and so; the investor will have the opportunity to retain both the share price and the premium paid on it. Of course, there are many other stocks that investors can monitor to make money when they expire in August 2019.