4 Ways You Can Learn Online to Boost Your Career

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The current job market is in a state of constant flux, and with fears that technology is affecting employment figures, many people are starting to look at how they can give their job skills a boost. While a career change is intimidating, learning new skills that can enhance your job prospects has never been easier. Just as technology is changing the nature of the job market, so too is it making it easier than ever to learn. No matter your industry or career goals, here are some of the most effective and popular online learning resources that could help to make your resume more enticing. In 2019, these skills could be all that you need to get your foot in the door on the way to a more fulfilling career.


As one of the most popular websites on the internet, pretty much everybody has seen a video or two on YouTube. With more than 300 hours of video content uploaded every minute, YouTube is a lot more than cat videos and film reviews. More people than ever are using YouTube to boost their learning, and the potential subjects you can focus on is mind-boggling. Consider some of the following and assess how they might look on your resume.

  • Photography - There’s no need to take an expensive photography course when there are so many professionals teaching you the tricks of their trade on YouTube. For digital marketers or entrepreneurs who want to add to their skill set, being able to take more professional photos can be hugely beneficial.

  • Public Speaking - As a soft skill, public speaking is highly sought after in today's job market. You can use YouTube to get real tutorials from experienced public speakers, and they will teach you the tips and tricks that make public speaking much easier. In a corporate culture of presentations and collaboration, public speaking is more important than ever.

  • Resume Writing - If you’re sick of your current employer and you're looking for an alternative, then you’re going to need to brush up your resume. It’s difficult to stand out from the crown when an HR worker is sifting through a pile of similar resumes. Learn how to make your resume stand out, and you might find that it’s the final barrier to getting the job that you actually want.

Read Books & Blogs

As a free resource, it’s hard to beat reading. While those in official education will often have to pay large amounts of their student loan on recommended reading lists, you can get a high level of self-education by reading books and blogs that have been posted online. Google Scholar is a valuable resource, giving you access to a seemingly unlimited reservoir of essays and books. However, you should also look at blog posts as well. There are many that will offer advice on every factor of your career goals. No matter where your areas of knowledge are sparse, keeping up to date on blog posts can go a long way to improving your levels of awareness and help you to improve your skills. You may not receive any formal qualifications by brushing up on your reading, but it can be invaluable when it comes to cover letters, resumes, and interviews.

Established Institutions

Online learning is not new, and most universities and colleges in the country have some form of online access options available in a wide range of subjects. These are ideal for those that are looking for a career change, or people hoping to take the next step up a career ladder. Online learning from a respected university will result in you gaining a formal qualification, which is always a career boost and will look fantastic on your resume. No matter your age or experience, e-learning is very accessible, and you have a lot of control over your area of education. Some of the most useful areas to look at for those hoping to jump into a new career include:

  • Healthcare - The healthcare sector is one of continuing growth, and demand for healthcare professionals is at a high level. If you have the temperament and compassion needed for a healthcare career, then you can look at an MBA in Healthcare Management which will look fantastic on your resume and mean that you can start looking at more highly paid positions.

  • Hospitality/ Catering - As one of the most consistent performers in the employment sector, hotel and catering roles are always in high demand. If you're interested in this field, or currently work there but are limited by your education, then it’s worth looking at the wide range of hospitality management degrees available. These may include some form of real-world training, but these can usually be fitted around your existing commitments.

  • Lawyers - If there’s one career that will never go out of fashion, it’s being a lawyer. Most institutions offer some form of legal training, and having a more formal qualification will be a necessity if you’re hoping to pursue a career in the courtroom.


For a quick, easy, and effective way of giving your career a boost, learning a language is highly recommended. This is becoming a much-sought-after skill among employers, and as new global markets open up, the need for a workforce that can communicate in a native tongue will only grow. Learning a language online has never been easier, and there are a vast number of platforms that you can use to learn your language of choice. Duolingo has been called revolutionary, and for good reason. Its intuitive design means that you can learn your new language at the pace that suits you. Not only that, but it’s also completely free. If you want to learn a language in order to improve your job prospects, business professionals are looking for workers who can speak:

  • Mandarin Chinese

  • German

  • Spanish

  • Arabic

Having an additional language on your resume can result in a 5% to 20% increase in your starting salary, so it might be worth brushing up on your existing language skills, or starting from scratch if needed.

Online learning is here to stay, and your future could depend on it. In an increasingly fraught employment landscape, you need every edge you can find in order to stand out. Look at where you want to be in ten years time, and look at the most useful training that will get you there. You could be walking into your new career much more easily than you thought.