How to Track a Cell Phone Location for iOS and Android

There are different spy apps that you can use to track a cell phone location. These spy apps run in the background of your phone without the user’s knowledge. Spy software will record text messages, calls and any other activity that a phone user does all the time.

In other words, spy software can secretly monitor target user phone activities. In this article, you'll learn how to track a cell phone location for iOS and Android. To install, subscribe and start using a spy app for an iOS and Android phone, you need to register an account with your phone and include your email address for identification and where you’ll receive emails.

Here’s how you can successfully subscribe for a spy app.

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As we mentioned earlier, there are several spy apps, but they all work the same way. One of the most valuable spy apps in the market right now is Hoverwatch with easy to use and intuitive features. To install the spy app, you need to have access to the target phone and download the software in minutes.


Most spy apps like Hoverwatch are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Before you install a spy software in your phone make sure it’s on the list of supported devices. However, most spy apps will run without any problem on iOS and Android devices – but some features may not appear on advanced systems like Android 4.0

Internet Connection

A spy app requires an internet connection to run correctly. It can be through a Wi-fi connection or cellular data network. The app works well in company-owned devices where they can monitor and track employees’ activities. Parents can also use a tracking system to control their children's' activities efficiently.

Track the Location of Your Device

Unfortunate circumstances are inevitable. You can lose your phone even if you’re a careful and very meticulous individual. During such instances, if you had installed locator software, you don’t need to worry.

There are several ways to hack your device back after you’ve lost it. Hoverwatch spy software will locate your phone and do a couple of other useful things like:

  • Geolocating – excellent tool for monitoring

  • Call recording – Useful for spying

  • Keyword notification – Helps you to monitor the type of content your child is browsing on the internet

  • Device locking – Protects access to personal information when you’ve lost a device

  • Blocking malicious callers –Protects you from malicious callers by permanently preventing them from calling you

  • Compatibility –The software supports various mobile devices that use iOS and Android system

Spy software is the solution to all your worries. Installing your gadget with tracking software will help you secure your device especially in certain circumstances where you may lose your phone. Before purchasing spy software always ensure that it’s compatible with your devices.

Besides, spy software will help you to monitor people’s activities – whether they are employees in your company or children at home.