How to Make Yourself More Employable as a Business Professional

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Not everyone who has a passion for business has what it takes to become an entrepreneur. As every business comprises of a range of different professionals that carry out various tasks, professionals are needed to fill those roles. This leaves room for you to explore a number of careers with your passion for business. If you want to be employed in top corporations, there are certain qualities that you should possess. This should include determination as you’ll need that to help organizations meet their goals amongst other things. Keep reading to find out how to make yourself more employable as a business professional.

Update Your Skills

The first thing you should do if you want to make yourself more employable is to update your skills. This is so essential as employers are looking for highly skilled and talented people to help grow their businesses.

If you’re wondering what kind of skills you need, it’s heavily dependant on what sector you’re going into as well as the role you want to fill. To improve your skills, decide which ones you want to develop first and foremost. Below are a few that you should consider.

Communication: Knowing how to communicate effectively is a must, especially when working in a business. It is one of the pillars of every business and the primary means of them reaching their organizational objectives. To improve your communication, network more and get better at listening. You should also pay attention to your non-verbal and written communication as well.

IT: You’re in the digital age, and most businesses are adopting technological solutions and using them in their companies as a result. Knowing how to use basic technologies should help put you at an advantage and make you far more employable. Stay up-to-date with the latest software, tools, and workplace technologies. You don’t have to become an expert but knowing the basics could make you a more valuable asset.

Data Analysis: Being able to analyze big data is an additional skill worth having if you want to work in a business. Organizations often collect and use this data to help come up with solutions to challenges as well as understand their audience and industry better. To learn how to analyze and interpret data, get your masters in applied statistics online from a reputable institution.

Update Your Knowledge

One of the quickest routes to getting what you need to be employed and succeed in the business world is updating your knowledge. The more that you know, the more value you’re likely to add to any business you work at.

To update your knowledge, consider taking a course in higher education if you feel it’s worth the financial investment. Another potential route to follow would be to make the best use of the many resources available around you including reports, essays, e-books, and videos. This is the age of self-help and self-teaching, so there are more than enough avenues for you to acquire knowledge without attending a school.

Look for Work Experience

Another approach to making yourself more employable as a business professional would be to look for work experience. The more experienced you are, the more valuable you become to an employer. As great as education is, knowing that you have experience applying the knowledge you’ve acquired can put you miles ahead.

To get the right experience, decide what are of business you want to work in and get an internship or job in that sector. Here are some common professions in the business world:

Mathematician: Numbers make a world of difference when it comes to running a business. For this reason, becoming a mathematician would mean you’d use theory to solve everyday business problems. You could be looking at earning anywhere from $70,000 to over $129,00 depending on your level of experience.

Financial Advisor: If you’re good at finances and want to give businesses financial advice you could become a financial advisor. In this role, you’d be able to tell companies how to spend their money so that they meet their targets and goals. They earn a median salary of $90,640 which is a decent amount as well.

Business Consultant: Becoming a business consultant could also be a great career path if you have the knowledge regarding how to grow a business successfully. You’d be able to work flexibly and charge rates you find reasonable which can be a great incentive. However, it’s imperative that you’re able to deliver the results you say you can.

Get a Mentor

Getting a mentor can serve different purposes, so before getting one, be clear on why you want one. There are different types of mentorship relationships out there and not all consist of you two becoming best friends! With that being said, a career mentor can help you reach your career goals and also introduce you to people that can help push your career forward.

Expand Your Network

Following on from the previous point, when you’re trying to be more employable as a business professional, this is a perfect time to network more. Get to meet a range of different professionals who are at the levels you aspire to be at and maintain positive connections with them by keeping in touch. Many opportunities are shared by word of mouth, so ensuring you remain relevant in the right circles is a good place to start.

Look online for upcoming events that will have the types of people that you want to meet in attendance. Also, use relevant social media platforms to connect as well.

Have Goals

In addition to the mentioned, having goals will make you more employable too. When hiring employees, businesses want to know that candidates are driven and keen on evolving and growing. When you show that you’re proactive and have a clear plan for your future, it can make you an attractive option.

To set career goals for yourself, think about where you want to be in the next couple of years. You don’t have to have it all figured out but knowing what you’re working towards can give you focus and also keep you steadfast on your journey to the top.