Academy of Art University: Creating a New Wave of Art Professionals

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Many artistic students who want to pursue a degree in the arts consider Academy of Art University in San Francisco as their primary choice. The university is known across the country for transforming students into the brightest artists of their generations. Formerly called Academy of Art College, the school changed its name to attract more students. The school is classified as a for-profit art school, and it has molded thousands of students who have studied at the university since it was founded in 1929. The school is currently home to less than 300 full-time instructors, and there are more than 1,100 individuals who teach part-time. More than 12,600 students are enrolled this year, making it one of the largest art schools in the country.

Back in 2016, Academy of Art University reported that it had a 100 percent acceptance rate. Hundreds of students who graduate from the university end up working for different advertising and artistic firms all over the country, with their expertise in the arts as their primary selling point.

Founder Richard S. Stephens has invested a lot in the acquisition of new land on which to construct expansions. He also invested in marketing the school to the public, hoping that more students will soon be enrolling to help with the planned expansion of the university. In 2012, the number of people enrolled at the university peaked at 18,000, but it normalized back to the 12,000 range after a while.

Because it has one of the largest properties in San Francisco, Academy of Art University decided to create new facilities that would further benefit its students. One of the most recent facilities built near the university is low-income housing. This move was widely praised by the public.

Today, as the university celebrates its foundation, it has been reported that Academy of Art University will be innovating most of its departments to accommodate the demand for a higher quality of education. The university will be opening more than 30 areas for those who want to learn about professional studies, and there are five degree programs that will be offered.

Academy of Art University continues to be one of the largest and most renowned art institutions in the country, and it keeps transforming ordinary artists into world-famous talents.