Tutoring The Young: Key Benefits For Helping Teach The Next Generation

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Some parents hire tutors because they feel like they’re unable to help their children keep up with school activities when they see that their kids are struggling. On the other hand, some parents see that their kids will learn more if professional tutors will be the one to teach their children, as they know what to do and what methods should be applied to have an effective outcome.

Tutoring requires a lot of time, effort, dedication, and patience, especially when you’re dealing with kids. It will help them learn more independently, and gain or enhance the skills they need to keep up and not struggle in school. If you don’t have the means to do tutoring in person but you still want to pursue this line of work, you can opt to become an online tutor as sites like Cluey Learning offer online tutoring jobs.

Benefits of being a tutor

Tutoring has a lot of benefits not just for students, but for tutors as well. Here are some of the key benefits of teaching the next generation of learners:

1. You can increase your income

Whether you’re looking for additional work in your free time or you’re a college student in a university like Australis College and looking for a part-time job, tutoring can be a great way to increase your income. Especially if you want to be a private tutor, this can offer a lot of financial benefits for you.

Whatever skills you may have to teach other students who are struggling will be of great help, not just for them, but for you as well. You can share common interests, meet new people, learn new things about other people who can help you grow as an individual, and so on.

You can set your own rates or give a private tuition rate if you’re working independently. Here are some things that you should consider when deciding the rate you should offer:

  • Experience

  • Educational qualification

  • Competitors

  • Financial needs

  • Professional credentials

You can also try to do study groups so you can earn more. Students will expect some discount for it, but it will still make you generate enough income. Make a fair rate and base it on how much you think a student can pay, and what subjects or skills they want to learn. You can also give them a discount if they will hire you for the whole month and so on.

2. You can control your time

This is the biggest advantage of tutoring. You will have total control over your job, not just in the aspect of setting rates for yourself, but also in your schedule and where you want to work.

Most of the time, sessions take place at the student’s house, so you have to consider if it’s convenient for you or not. If it’s not and you think it’s a little costly, you can talk to your tutee and ask them if it’s okay for them that the sessions will be in your house instead. You can also meet them halfway by just conducting the sessions at a library, coffee shop, or in a park.

Always make sure that both of you will have a clear agreement about this one to avoid any conflicts and misunderstandings. You can also try online tutoring, as technological advancements have made this possible. This could turn out to be the most convenient option for both of you.

3. You can impart knowledge

A tutor is required to have a lot of transferable skills and knowledge that they could impart to others, and should demonstrate their ability to motivate, mediate, and manage. With these skills and knowledge, you’ll be more employable and will have a higher chance of getting a job.

4. You can experience self-fulfillment

Helping others is fulfilling enough for a person. Teaching people and watching them grow to be a better version of themselves gives a different level of self-fulfillment and joy.  It can be a very enriching experience for you, especially if teaching is your passion. You will feel genuine happiness and pride that you’ve made a meaningful difference in someone else’s life, and that you became a part of their success.

Be the Difference

With the benefits mentioned above, tutoring can really be a great choice to help the young, and to help you in your career and your life as well. The things that you will teach them will make their lives better, and will be an instrument that can benefit a lot of generations in the future. You will be the difference.