TMS Health Solutions: Providing Top-notch Outpatient Psychiatric Care

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Dr. Richard Bermudea founded TMS Health Solutions to develop a group of practice that offers clients innovative patient-centric care alongside the focus of an academic research institution that continually incorporated groundbreaking treatment methods while providing education to the masses at the same time. With the founder's vision in mind, the company has since redesigned the team's practice model. Dr. Bermudea’s passion for incorporating TMS therapy into his practices has enabled him to author books based on the same topic.

TMS Health Solutions is a revered outpatient psychiatric practice committed to freeing its patients from the trouble of mental illness through innovative therapy. The company is transforming outpatient mental healthcare by offering patients the most advanced, evidence-based methods of treatment and therapies, including Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy.

TMS Health Solutions is leading in offering a highly effective, yet non-invasive, cleared therapy for drug-resistant depression. The management is driven by recognized clinical experts serving in psychiatry as well as entrepreneurial business leaders serving in the healthcare sector. As such, TMS provides comprehensive and passionate mental healthcare. The team believes in using a client-centric approach toward its quest to administer treatment. The team-based culture of work follows an innovative approach and a learning collaboration as well as support to the core values.

TMS Health Solutions and its affiliates have an architect-designed medical facility that has been tailored to offer patients, practitioners, as well as employees with a revolutionary, relaxed, people-centered experience through innovative therapy. The company has six main clinics in Sacramento, San Francisco, as well as Oakland. It intends to expand to an additional 25 locations across Northern California.

TMS Health Solutions boasts of having a team of qualified clinicians as well as staff who have dedicated their lives to research and treating individuals with mental health conditions. The management is particularly passionate about helping those with depression to gain access to the most advanced therapies.

TMS Health Solutions understands that mental conditions can be painful as well as isolating. This makes it challenging to seek assistance. The team offers a unique experience to help patients find the appropriate treatment as well as relief for their symptoms. The experts are grateful to practice psychiatry during an era in which there are emerging treatment possibilities coupled with new hope for individuals with mental health conditions.

Services Provided by TMS Health Solutions

Clinical Depression

Depression ranges in severity from mild to brief episodes of persistent depression. But, clinical depression is a severe case of depression, also defined as a major depressive disorder. It is not similar to depression triggered by a loss such a medical condition like thyroid. To be able to diagnose clinical depression better, doctors use official criteria for depressive disorder. At TMS Health Solutions, it's noted that approximately 6 % of the total population will experience an episode of depressive disorder in 2019. It has also been noted that 14% will suffer the same incident in their lifetime. More than 40 % of patients who have a drug-resistant form of depression will gain access to treatment.

OCD Services

Obsession, as well as compulsions, can interfere with a person's daily life. The condition can also be daunting to treat. As such, behavioral therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in addition to Acceptance-Commitment Therapy that encompass Exposure Response Prevention frequently combined with serotonin-reuptake inhibitor medicine are a standard of treatment. They can also work well for various patients.

TMS Health Solutions understands that the road to recovery is unique for every individual. The organization intends to assist the patients to achieve their objectives when it comes to mental health. The standard course spans over six weeks. It includes approximately 30 to 60 sessions.