Genucel and Women Aware Run For Abuse Support

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Genucel is a skincare lineup company that uses some of its proceeds to help battered women. The business is based out of the United States, and one of the programs that it has recently donated to is a race promoted by Women Aware. The theme of the fun run focused on moving past abuse and encouraging victims of violence that there is life beyond their current situation. The event consists of a 5K run and a fun walk. Everyone was invited to participate no matter what fitness level because it all goes towards the abuse cause.

This foundation for women offers support in a variety of different ways, such as a hotline that anyone can call when they need help. The helpline is available in English and Spanish, and someone is staffing it every day of the year all day.

The organization also provides much-needed housing for these victims and their families. In addition to shelter, those in need of help are assigned social workers and get case numbers. Often these situations can benefit from legal assistance, but that may financially be out of reach for many people, so this organization also works with legal services to get people court liaisons, legal advice, and other law services.

All of these support services and entities need to be backed up with mental health counseling and support groups. Many of these people can benefit by knowing they are not alone in the situation, and surrounding themselves with people who understand or who have been through abuse is often just what they need to overcome the circumstances.

Moving on is not a simple one-step process, but there are several moving parts. The skincare company understands that many of the techniques abuse victims use often start with trying to cover up or hide the evidence of abuse. This is where their company has come in because many victims use makeup and clothing as a technique to cover up evidence of being hit in the face, neck bruises, and other lacerations.

Instead of using beauty products to hide abused, the company is focusing on using beauty products to overcome abuse. They matched up with the race and organization to fundraise and bring awareness to this much-needed cause. Genucel donated almost $6,000 to the project while helping victims develop a sense of security, self-worth, and courage. With a little help from the skin care company, women can get the benefit of feeling better about themselves with the company’s unique line of beauty products. Sometimes in their darkest hour having someone show that they care and give them a little bit of glimpse of what life could be like is the catalyst individuals need to move beyond their harsh realities.

The goal of Women Aware and their many supporters is to take one step at a time and help one victim at a time. It can become too stressful to try and heal everything at once. It is a more natural way to breakdown the process and make a difference.

There is no one-size-fits-all in this situation. What may work for one individual may not necessarily cover the needs of another. When considering the physical signs of abuse, not all victims work to cover up bruises. Some of them have signs of age well beyond their years because of their struggles. The skin care products Genucel donated can help with restoring a feeling of pride and youth along with just helping tired eyes, fine lines, and wrinkles that can often appear in stressful environments. The skincare company donated gift bags that were extremely welcomed. The bags carried products from their successful line at no charge to the individuals. It was just a donation to let them know that someone cared and that there were companies, people, and organizations pulling for them and when they were ready, they would be there for them.