How To Easily Revamp Your Company Culture

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We are all familiar with the importance of company culture these days. As we spend a large percentage of our time at our jobs, it is no surprise that employees seek to find a job where company culture is a priority. A strong and positive company culture leads to higher employee retention, loyalty, and a more hardworking attitude. By addressing whether your company culture needs work, you could stand to boost your existing workforce’s overall motivation and performance, and you could even find yourself attracting top talent to your business.

When it comes to revamping your company culture, you should know that it isn’t going to happen overnight. To undergo such a drastic change, everything about your core values and everyday behaviors needs to change. It’s going to take more than just distributing an email telling your employees that things are going to be a bit different around the office, that’s for sure.

Here’s how you can revamp your company culture:

Get everybody on board

From you right the way down to the interns that you employ, everybody involved in your business needs to be on board with your revamping process. This is the first thing that you need to ensure, as having everybody working in the same direction will make the whole process go a lot smoother.

To ensure that everybody is aligned in this instance, it’s imperative that you are crystal clear on ‘why’ you are seeking to revamp your culture. You also have to lay out your vision for the future, including what core principles and values you wish to implement into your everyday working process. If you can, you should sit down with everybody involved in your business individually (or at least in small departmental groups) to ensure there is no miscommunication. No matter what your specific vision is, you have to translate it clearly if you want everybody to buy into it.

Keep your communication flow open

Even once your company culture has undergone its revamping, you have to continue to keep your communication flow as open as it can possibly be. This will help to keep all of your employees on board with your new vision, as they will feel comfortable to bring any troubles that they have with regards to it straight to your door.

To keep your communication flow open, you should:

  • Hold meetings regularly.

  • Make sure that your door is always open to enquires and questions

  • Ensure that your communication model never breaks down by using an automation service such as boomerang messaging.

  • Keep in contact with your employees even after the working hours (social media is a good place to start in this instance.)

Improve your hiring process

The people that you hire once you have undergone your revamp will make or break your new company culture going forward. Quite simply, you need to be employing new workers that match your new DNA. If this means that you have to improve your hiring process and be more thorough with regards to it, then so be it.

To do this, you should:

  • Involve as many different people as you can in the hiring process.

  • Make sure your job descriptions are spot-on.

  • Perform a social media background check.

  • Conduct a survey.

  • Encourage applicants to interview you, too.