How to Make Keeping Up With the Law Simple: A Business Guide

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Operating as a business means you need to comply with the law. In the United States, unfortunately, this can become very complicated very quickly. You need to adhere to Federal law, the law of each state you operate in or ship to, as well as the specific ordinances outlined by the towns or cities you work in. Though you can and should turn to lawyers who specialize in this field when just starting out, staying up to date through a lawyer is very costly. 

To help you keep up to date without too much hassle, start by following this guide. Knowledge and prevention is key to staying up to date with the law and avoiding fines and penalties.

Ensure Your Business Complies with the Law Now 

First, ensure that your business is in compliance right now. This is particularly important for companies that cross state lines, like those in the transportation industry. 

Example: Transportation Industry 

The transportation industry offers several issues when it comes to adhering to the law, making it a prime example of why it is so important to stay up to date with legal changes to the city, state, and federal regulations that govern this industry. 

1. DVIR 

The first example of regulations in the transportation industry must adhere to is the DVIR or Driver Vehicle Inspection Report. Businesses are required to inspect vehicles before and after every drive, and to then keep said report for a minimum of 3 months. If a vehicle fails this inspection, it must be removed from the road until it can pass the inspection. 

If you don’t, you could run the risk of breaking down on the road or being stopped and failed during a roadside safety inspection. Failing such an inspection will result in financial penalties. Thankfully there are electronic DVIR services you can use to make this inspection process easy. 

2. Driving Limits 

Drivers have legal limits on how long they can drive before they are legally required to take a break. Do your drivers a favor and reduce these limits within your own company, so that your driver never experiences road fatigue of any sort. 

3. City, State, and Federal Rules 

You will need to have permits and adhere to the unique rules and regulations in every city, town, and state you operate in. It also means, of course, adhering to federal laws. 

Always Go Above and Beyond 

Laws change and become more strict as time goes on, meaning that going above and beyond for health and safety is a great way to stay ahead of law changes. Some things are unavoidable. If you need to apply for a new permit, then that is what you will need to do, and no amount of preparation will help you avoid this step. 

How to Stay Up to Date with Law Changes 

To stay up to date with the law changes, you will want to make use of online resources. Subscribe to them so that you can gain newsletters, or set a reminder to visit these key web pages on a regular basis: 

  • Subscribe to Society for Human Resource Management 

  • Subscribe to Emails from the Department of Labor 

  • Stay Up to Date on Pending Rules from the DOT

Google Alerts can be another great way of keeping up to date on law changes or movements to change a law. Though you won’t be getting as credible information, it can give you an idea of what to investigate further.