Jeremy Goldstein: New York Lawyer and Philanthropist

Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer with a distinguished career in the corporate world. He has primarily focused on corporate mergers and acquisitions, but Goldstein also possesses a broad range of eclectic talents that have led him to succeed in many other areas of life and business. For instance, Goldstein has been able to assist charities as a board member and mentor while also working full-time in the corporate work by managing his own practice.

Career Highlights

Jeremy Goldstein is primarily notable for his role as leading counsel in some of the largest acquisitions in modern history. South African Breweries, Sears, and Alltel are only a sample of the acquisitions that Goldstein was involved in. He even took part in the well-known acquisition of Time Warner by AT&T. To Goldstein, however, his greatest achievement was taking part in acquisitions on behalf of J.P. Morgan Chase.


Acquisitions and Mergers Specialty

Major corporations are eager to work with Goldstein because he is a true specialist in his field. Becoming a specialist often requires practitioners to seek education on their own to combine expertise in several areas together to achieve superior results. Goldstein has experience in corporate finance, commercial banking, and managerial governance that he is able to bring to the table as he works as a corporate lawyer. Without Goldstein's expertise, companies would have to bring together a whole team of specialists in different fields. A team is often not as effective in corporate acquisitions as one individual who can bring together multiple specialties in one mind.

With decades of experience in acquisitions, the lawyer Jeremy Goldstein has been able to master the challenge of ensuring that complex contracts are legally sound. Major acquisitions can involve hundreds of billions of dollars worth of assets, so it is crucial for all parties to ensure that contracts reflect the spirit of a negotiated agreement. Throughout the process of conducting negotiations, lawyers like Goldstein are crucial because they have the expertise necessary to agree to or reject certain negotiated terms in real time. Negotiations are ultimately human in nature, so they require face-to-face interaction with minimal recesses for private deliberations.

Goldstein makes sure that his clients are able to reach agreements quickly so that deals can actually be made feasible. When negotiations take too long, corporate leaders will often sideline an acquisition proposal in favor of other activities that are deemed more effective. After all, most ideas for acquisitions never actually see the light of day. Goldstein, therefore, adds tremendous value by helping his clients to quickly reach agreements without making crucial mistakes that can lead to future losses or cause negotiations to break down.

CEO Guidance

Another area that Jeremy Goldstein focuses on is personally guiding corporate CEOs through challenging times. He started to focus on this area after noticing that many CEOs struggle with making decisions when their companies are going through major changes. For instance, if a company decides to pursue a strategy of forward integration, a broad range of significant assets will have to be purchased, such as factories, machinery, and intellectual property. Goldstein can assist CEOs going through major changes by being at their side to ensure that they pick the right legal strategy.

Although Goldstein is primarily a lawyer, his role often begins to transform as he works closely with a company's CEO. In many cases, Goldstein's close relationship leads him to roles that necessitate setting up proper managerial governance structures to enable a CEO to delegate more effectively. Proper governance also helps to immunize a company from potential lawsuits that could arise from what courts would define as managerial negligence or failure to conduct adequate due diligence. Companies that work with Goldstein, therefore, benefit significantly by avoiding lawsuits that may have otherwise occurred.

A Personal Approach

In Jeremy Goldstein's view, most attorneys take an excessively formal approach to working with their clients. In general, most law offices take on clients acquired through referrals or public marketing channels that lead to the development of a very transactional relationship. Many lawyers simply take whatever cases come their way as long as clients keep their bills paid on time.

Goldstein, on the other hand, believes that client relationships should be as informal as possible to create an effective working relationship. Many of Goldstein's clients were met at dinner parties and other social events in New York City. When Goldstein ends up working with a client who he met through formal channels, he usually tries his best to build a strong informal relationship at the beginning of the relationship. Goldstein's theory is that when attorneys and their clients can work together as friends, they will come to know each other well enough to identify opportunities for further growth.

To nurture strong personal relationships with his clients, Goldstein makes sure that he brings the nuances of his personal life into business relationships. After all, his clients are humans and not robots. These clients like to have a good laugh just like anyone else, and they will definitely trust their friend over someone who is just in it for the money. Through this strategy, Goldstein has been able to nurture client relationships that have lasted decades while adding tremendous value.

Charitable Initiatives

Goldstein is dedicated to meeting as many potential clients as possible at social events in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Although Goldstein initially began frequenting social events for the purpose of growing his business, he came to personally love attending and hosting these events. Today, Goldstein works with organizers in the local community to ensure that major events have the resources that they need to ensure that everyone has a good time.

On May 21, 2019, Goldstein hosted a gala in New York city. The minimum entry fee was $5,000, but it was for a great cause. Goldstein used the proceeds from the event to help fund Fountain House, a charity that he helps to manage. As a board member of Fountain House, he takes a very active role in ensuring that his connections are leveraged to help the organization get the funding it needs to make a difference. Fountain House has been a major contributor to improving the lives of the less fortunate in New York City and the surrounding areas since the organization focuses on helping people who are suffering from mental illnesses.

Goldstein had no problem booking the Fountain House event solid by hosting the event in honor of Jim Finkel, the president of the Atrocities Prevention Study Group. Attendees got to sample world-class wines and enjoy a fine meal. Additionally, the attendees got to make new friends and acquaintances that will eventually lead to new opportunities. Best of all, Goldstein's efforts will help to benefit the local community by distributing funds to people who need assistance to return to normal life.

A Life of Achievement

Although Jeremy Goldstein has realized significant success in recent years, he built everything that he has from the ground up. Goldstein started out by working for other law firms to learn the specialized knowledge necessary to achieve high performance as an acquisitions attorney. As time went on, Goldstein gradually began to think seriously about starting his own practice as he realized success after success. Eventually, Goldstein took the plunge to start his own firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, and he regards this bold move as the crowning achievement of his career.

As an entrepreneurial attorney managing his own practice, Goldstein sees profitability in a way that is quite different from the norm. In his view, profitability is defined by his ability to plan and execute long-term objectives. Most entrepreneurs can fill books with great ideas that could make a fortune. However, without effective execution, great plans can never become reality. Goldstein, therefore, believes that the key to sustainable profitability is to produce actionable plans and to make them happen.

In recent years, the attorney Jeremy Goldstein has succeeded at transforming his philosophy into a thriving practice. He has taken expertise across a broad range of fields and packaged it together to deliver unparalleled value for his clients. Associates at the firm have also grown by learning from Goldstein's success. In turn, Goldstein's practice has grown as clients come to his team for assistance in his unique area of specialty.

Future Growth Ahead

After a successful career as an attorney and businessman, Goldstein is still not willing to rest on the laurels of his past successes. In future years, he plans to continue scaling his firm while looking to diversify into other areas where he can provide insights. Goldstein has long had the philosophy that it is crucial to branch out into several areas at the same time so that he can remain diversified. Therefore, if something goes wrong, he can easily move over to one of his other ideas to ensure continued profitability.

Goldstein also has ambitious plans for growing his philanthropic efforts in the years ahead. Although Goldstein has been quiet about his plans, he will undoubtedly leverage his core talent of bringing people together to raise money for important causes. Goldstein remains committed to Fountain House, and he will likely continue to find ways to help this organization in the future years. Overall, the lawyer Jeremy Goldstein is truly distinguished in his field, and he continues to find new ways to add additional value to his clients, friends, and the local community as a whole.

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