Luxury Retailer Gump's to Relaunch This Fall

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Gump's Historic Roots and Tradition of Luxury

Luxury retailer Gump's has more than a century of history in San Francisco. Ever since the company was established by Soloman Gump as a family business in 1861, its name has been synonymous with style, elegance and quality. The first store location was based out of San Francisco. It was always known as being the ideal place to go for unique and beautiful clothing, accessory or jewelry gifts. The store remained open for more than 150 years until 2018. At the end of that year, it was briefly closed down to the dismay of loyal customers and their families. 

Anticipating the Relaunch of Gump's in San Francisco

Thankfully, Gump's was acquired by new ownership at the end of last year. The energy and excitement that the new ownership brings to the table are bound to make the retailer's highly anticipated grand re-opening even more special.

Gump's Continues a Tradition of Family Ownership

In keeping with its tradition of family ownership, a family of Gump's investors led by John and Diane Chachas recently acquired the luxury retailer. John and Diane Chachas purchased the company along with their children, Anne, Christopher and Jack Chachas. The Chachas family members will remain majority owners of the company and are preparing for its relaunch in the fall of this year. 

When asked what inspired the Chachas family to invest in Gump's and then spearhead the efforts to acquire it, they responded that they saw great potential in the luxury products and attentive customer service experience that Gump's has a strong reputation for offering to dedicated customers.

Investors are particularly enthused by the fresh ideas and commitment to quality that the Chachas family is expected to bring to the Gump's experience. Without forsaking the traditions and history that make Gump's such an iconic luxury retailer, the Chachas family is prepared to go above and beyond to breathe new life into the company. 

Maintaining Gump's Tradition of Luxury and Attention to Detail

The good news for the loyal fans of the luxury experience that Gump's was known for providing is that the new owners intend to uphold its tradition and replicate that for future guests. They can expect the same level of attention to detail and a carefully curated selection of quality items that cannot be found anywhere else. The exquisite collection of home furnishings, clothing and jewelry that Gump's stocks was a unique draw for tourists and residents of San Francisco alike. 

Preparing for the Holiday Shopping Season at Gump's

In anticipation of the upcoming holiday shopping season, the new owners of Gump's are thrilled to be able to open their doors to customers. While they eventually intend to oversee the expansion of Gump's locations throughout North America and Europe, its new owners are focusing on the opening of the San Francisco retail location for now as well as an e-commerce business. They expect that Gump's loyal customers will be ecstatic to return to this iconic retailer and that word will quickly spread in both cities about the unique experience that Gump's has in store for all shoppers. 

Online Shopping Opportunities

Along with the launch of the new retail location, the new owners have confirmed that Gump's will have an online presence to allow you to shop from anywhere. The store inventory may be different than what is available online, but you can pick up online purchases from a store location. 

Finding Unique Items from Luxury Designers at Gump's

One of the major reasons why shoppers from all over flocked to Gump's in droves for hundreds of years was the inventory of luxury jewelry pieces and other items. It was the premium place to go to find stunning jewelry pieces from designers like Hermès and Buccellati. In planning for the new opening of the San Francisco location, company leadership has made clear that the same standards for sourcing from the most coveted jewelry designers will remain in place. 

Preserving Gump's Tradition of Selling Top Designer Items

This means that shoppers and loyal fans of Gump's can rest assured that nothing will change in terms of the quality and uniqueness of the luxury jewelry items for sale at Gump's. While the inventory is expected to differ among the various Gump's locations, customers can always expect to find top-level designer items. With the assistance of knowledgeable and helpful staff, you will enjoy a relaxing and attentive shopping experience to select your next designer item for either you or a gift. 

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