Aaron Lupuloff Takes a Stand for Education

Striving to Improve Student Achievement

Aaron Lupuloff is taking a big stand for students and for education in The Gwinnet County Public schools in Georgia. Student achievement is a top priority for this Senior Executive Director. He strives to improve Public Education in the county for all students. Gwinnet County is located northeast of Atlanta. Lupuloff has held this position since November of 2015 and has big plans brewing for education. 

Gwinnet: The Extraordinary System Connecting Scholarship Providers

The GCPS or the Gwinnet County Public Schools foundation has a solid mission in place. This system is fully dedicated to upholding "world-class standards" at their school. This school is known for having an extraordinary system that fosters connections between scholarship providers and students. Aaron Lupuloff believes that this school has developed a solid commitment to all students and it goes well beyond the time they spend on the campus. Lupuloff and his team of professionals hold the belief that education is more than just an average job and schools play a big role is creating a better future for the world with research-backed education practices in place. This foundation is managing approximately 40 scholarships to the students attending Gwinnett County schools. There are variations in terms of the specific criteria. The scholarship awards are between 500 to several thousand dollars. Aaron Lupuloff holds the belief that every student deserves a good education and is determined to provide many educational opportunities to students. Lupuloff is known for his educational advocacy and his has financial advising skills that makes him an esteemed and trusted asset to this school foundation. 

Furthering Education is a Clear Focus

Aaron Lupuloff is informed about the many misconceptions surrounding sport students and their desire to attend college. He understands that sports and furthering education goals go hand-in-hand in their education endeavors. The athletes are not getting into colleges for their athletic abilities only. Team sports is known for preparing many students academically because sports foster top physical attributes, creates team players, dedication, commitment and much more. Athletes are encouraged to move forward in education for sound reasons and they offer much to society with their outstanding abilities. The Gwinnett County Public School Foundation and Lupuloff believe that athletics play a major role in the educational setting and furthering education is essential for every student. It is wise to eliminate all misconceptions surrounding athletes and education. The educational stand is incorporating the creation of more educational opportunities for every student. 

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