How to Establish an Online Presence for Your Law Firm

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It’s never too late to start building an online presence for your law firm, but it’s strongly advised to do so at the first opportunity if you haven’t put any work towards it already. This is not just beneficial to your success but can be a basic requirement depending on where you operate. Lacking the exposure that the internet provides you can be a huge detriment to your success, and it can put you at a major disadvantage compared to your competitors. The good news is that you have no shortage of opportunities to get help nowadays, as there are service providers for pretty much everything you’re going to need to build up your presence.

Your First Steps

First things first – do you have a website? Hopefully you’ll at least be able to answer “yes” to that, because the saying, “if your business isn’t on Google, it might as well not exist,” has been around for over a decade. Simply having a website is not enough, though, as you need to make sure that people can find it. Companies like Just Legal Marketing can be of great help here, as you’ll need someone who is both an expert in SEO and internet marketing in general as well as familiar with the legal world and its specific requirements.

Social Media Is Crucial

Social media presence is a great thing to have for all kinds of businesses, and law firms are no exception. You can easily break out of the stereotype of the cold, to-the-point practice by sharing interesting things about recent developments in the legal sphere, answering minor (non-binding, of course) questions from your commenters, and contributing in the right discussion threads. This can take a lot of expertise to get right, though, even if you have the content already available, so make sure to work with a competent social media manager or marketing service to get the job done right.

Engaging Online Audiences Correctly

This goes further than just posting the right type of content at the right time. It takes time and participation to get a feel for the specific tone and attitude of the communities around each social media platform, and you can’t really afford to invest that yourself when you’re building your profiles for the first time. Working with someone who knows what they’re doing is going to make a huge difference in your success. In fact, it’s strongly advised to stay off social media if you’re not managing it through an expert – one wrong post can make you the laughing stock of the internet these days!

This will be a slow and gradual process, so don’t expect instant results. It will be useful to do some research in advance and know who you can hire for each specific service so that you can start making contact with each company one by one once you’ve figured out your main plan. Otherwise, you can waste a lot of time between those contacts, which can ruin your progress.