ClassDojo: Helping Students, Teachers & Parents Embrace the New School Year

It’s that time of year again, when kids are returning to school after a long summer break. This year, though, things might be a little different in the classroom if your children’s teachers have integrated the ClassDojo app as part of their daily learning experience. The ClassDojo app is school communication platform utilized in and out of the classroom by teachers, students and families to help make a difference in the students’ learning and socialization. Beyond collaborative activities and fun animated videos, the options are endless as to what ClassDojo has to offer.

ClassDojo was created in 2011 to give classroom teachers a new way to engage children (and parents/guardians) through all the steps of their education, encouraging new ideas and creating a new energy in the classroom full of fun and learning. The company’s newest revenue-generating app, Beyond School, can be purchased by parents for at-home access to educational content and activities that take learning beyond the classroom and continues educating youth once the school bell rings.

Wait, ClassDojo is an app?

Yes, ClassDojo is a learning app that allows teachers and students to choose the skills and values that they want to work on, however the actual app is largely handled through communication via the classroom teacher and the student’s parents. The app itself is important because it allows teachers the ability to not only to leave feedback, communicating directly with parents, but also to share the progress that students they have made (both in and out of the classroom.)

Even on the very first day of class, ClassDojo can help teach children values and empathy, as well as how to work beyond cultural boundaries to make learning both engaging and fun, right from the start. The app was created Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, two people who love education and care about improving learning for children all over the world. The app also importantly caters to students and parents who speak different languages because the app breaks down that cultural barrier that many teachers and pupils experience in the classroom. 

Better Communication

When we think about education and school, what is the biggest problem that most parents complain about? Communication. Teachers are always striving to have better communication with their students and the parents of those students, and often, communication is lacking due to jobs and other personal life affairs. With ClassDojo, teachers, students, and parents can message each other to ask questions or leave comments. 

The messenger is easy to use and detailed, and it can be translated into over 30 different languages. For teachers who are always working hard and need to sneak in a little “quiet time,” the app arranges these hours so that parents know at what times the teacher is not available to connect. 

Another great thing about the ClassDojo messenger is that parents, teachers, and students can communicate without giving out personal information, such as phone numbers or other details, making it safe for everyone who uses it.

Never Miss Out Again

Parents will never miss out on what their child is doing in school with ClassDojo. Not only does this app open up a new world of communication, but it offers all parties the ability to share stories and pictures, helping bridge the connection between families and schools.

Since most parents spend the majority of their time working while kids are in school and have limited time to be involved with classroom activities, ClassDojo makes it easy for parents to be connected with their child’s in-school activities by allowing students to create their own timeline or even a portfolio of what they have learned for the day which can be easily shared with their guardians with just a click of a button.

All classrooms have a story, and with ClassDojo, parents will never miss out on a story again.

Always Growing

ClassDojo is all about students growing socially, emotionally, and academically. The app allows teachers and parents to access information and content that can really improve students’ learning over the course of a full school year. 

Not only can ClassDojo create an engaging atmosphere to advance the learning of fundamental academic knowledge, but it also allows students to learn about social and emotional skills, teaching them to be empathetic. Learning things like “being mindful of others” and “never giving up” are just a couple of critical life skills that your child will master with ClassDojo.

How Does ClassDojo Keep it Real?

Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 1.07.44 PM.png

Children can disengage quickly, even as early as the first day back to school. ClassDojo keeps it real by offering real-life activities and videos to support your classroom’s learning goals. Most of the videos are animated “monsters” that foster awareness and help keep students excited about what will come next.

Some of the videos even come with movements that the students can practice in the classroom, such as mindful, yoga-like movements that engage them and keep them calm in any situation.

Many of the pre-set tutorials included in the app are organized activities that help students share their feelings aloud in the classroom setting, helping them stay engaged in a busy learning environment with both the teacher and other students. These types of activities help foster an atmosphere of sharing and help peers learn how to appropriately express their feelings. ClassDojo is great at ensuring that all students have a chance to share.

Another great aspect of ClassDojo is that when the activities are completed, students can take pictures or videos of themselves and add them to their student stories that their parents and other classmates can then see on the app. 

ClassDojo encourages speaking by asking open-ended questions, an action that keeps students thinking and talking. These questions help foster social and emotional learning by pushing students beyond silent classroom writing assignments, which many of us are all-too familiar with from our own days of early education.

How Does ClassDojo Help Parents Succeed?

Children spend more time at home than they do in any learning facility. With that said, it is important that children and parents are able to have learning opportunities when they spend time at home, together. Even though children are at home more than at school, there are learning opportunities that happen all around us, though they are not as obvious or formal as they are when presented in the classroom. This is where ClassDojo really works. 

Parents can use ClassDojo beyond any type of curriculum learning. This app helps parents openly communicate with the teacher to make sure that the student is succeeding both in the classroom and at home. This app uses messages that are easy to read and understand for all parents and even gives parents the tools to ask questions to help their child at home. Further, ClassDojo’s sister-app, Beyond School, is designed to carry on learning activities in the settings of your own home. 

How Does ClassDojo Help Teachers Succeed?

ClassDojo help teachers by providing a platform to encourage more curriculum learning for students beyond just the classroom. With the different activities offered through the app, teachers can seamlessly engage students both physically and verbally in learning, helping them to become more confident and sure of themselves in the classroom setting. The benefits from integrating an ease of communication between parents and teachers is also transformative compared to the old day of writing notes back and forth in your child’s agenda.

Teachers can also use the parent portion of the ClassDojo app to help celebrate children when they reach goals at home that their parents set. This can be a dual celebration that the child receives both at home and at school, creating more self-confidence for each student.

Reward Points

Beyond encouraging student’s self-confidence, teachers can reinforce positive behaviors by using ClassDojo to increase or deduct points depending on their behavior in the classroom. This feature allows teachers to include updates to parents on different behaviors that they notice in class; using this app will allow you, as a parent, the same take-aways as if you were shadowing the classroom all day long.

English as a Second Language

We all know teachers do one of the most important jobs that exist; educating the future generation. This job can become increasingly more difficult when students and their families don’t speak the same first language as their teachers. 

Teachers work hard on a national level to reach parents and help them understand what areas of learning their child may or may not be lacking in. Many times, teachers are responsible for educating students who use English as a second language, and this communication issue extends beyond just the student and teacher. Often times students’ parents may not have enough English skills to participate in conferences or communication from the school, leaving them helpless to provide additional out-of-classroom support for learning. 

With ClassDojo, communication between the school, teachers and parents can be translated to different languages which helps bridge this important gap. 

ClassDojo Beyond School Tool

As prefaced, ClassDojo has extended the classroom app with pay-version that allows parents to spend more time with their kids, all while learning at home. ClassDojo Beyond School is amazing and well worth the cost to see your child’s learning and behavior excel beyond expectations. 

With Beyond School, parents can reward children at home for things that they do outside of the classroom, including being kind to their siblings and using good manners. Rewarding behaviors not seen in the classroom can help each child build proactive and thoughtful characteristics.

Parents can use ClassDojo Beyond School points to reward their children for doing things at home, such as being kind, using manners, brushing their teeth before bed, and even for finishing homework and chores.

This point system can encourage your child to work harder and embrace better habits that parents want to build at home. These points can prove to your child that he or she has the ability to be a better person and work hard in all aspects of life, not just at school or during school hours.

Parents can use ClassDojo Beyond School to help set goals at home. When your child reaches that goal, it can be a time of celebration between the student and parent, and the parent then has the option to reward the child, or ClassDojo can help with this by celebrating each and every accomplishment.

If parents are looking for ways to engage with their children while putting a fun spin on learning, ClassDojo Beyond School offers a variety of activities that can be done right at home, with customizable plans and memorable educational milestones.

Why Use an App?

Many people may ask the question, “Why use an app for enhanced learning?” The answer to this question is simple. We live in a digital world, and most students, teachers, and parents have digital tools around every corner.

Connecting students, parents, and educators with a platform that can help engage them in learning while teaching them to use digital tools is a skill that cannot be measured. The importance of understanding and using digital media is a skill that will help with both learning and future skills that will only increase as time goes on.

Having good communication is essential in all educational aspects of learning, and when teachers and parents are able to work together to reach an educational goal, students are more likely to learn and receive a quality education. 

By connecting parents, teachers, and students with ClassDojo, each can work together to make sure that children succeed in school and have a secure future in all that they do. Learning has never-ending possibilities, and with ClassDojo, students can learn in new and exciting ways.

What to Expect If Your Teacher Is Using ClassDojo

Starting a new school year can be stressful for children, but also for parents. If your school and teacher adopted the ClassDojo app this year, it means that your kids’ mundane education is about to be fun and exciting! The app is not meant to work only for a few children; rather, the idea behind ClassDojo is to reach all children in all parts of the world by connecting teachers, parents, and students in and out of the classroom. Yes, that’s correct, many ClassDojo users come from all over the world. 

ClassDojo is not an app that fits into a certain mold; it was designed to help teachers create a classroom that is best suited for teaching all types of children that walk into the classroom. With the simplistic idea of creating a digital classroom aid fusing learning tools and communication, ClassDojo is opening up a world of endless possibilities within schools and helping teachers, parents, and students have access to an extraordinary classroom experience, right at their fingertips.

ClassDojo’s Reach

ClassDojo is used in more than 90 percent of K-8 schools in the United States and in over 180 different countries, translating more than 270,000 messages each week into 35 different languages. This app has helped encourage the growth mindset of over 15 million children around the world using storytelling, story cards, and other learning activities to keep students engaged.

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