Buffalo Rock Golf And Venue: Growing Alongside The Community

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For Oklahoma natives, a spirit of community is the cornerstone behind many endeavors. From pot-lucks and garage sales, to local weddings and celebrations, revelry often becomes synonymous with community engagement. Behind every event, gathering, and local endeavor, the notion of bringing people together acts as the building block of the particular activity, aesthetic, and overall experience. Community efforts build memories, lend a hand in guiding inevitable nostalgia in the future, and generally better the lives of residents in a plethora of ways. As the world continues to change on a local, national, and global level, the concept of community grows, changes, and ebbs in a way most fitting to the current atmosphere.

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For loyal Oklahoma residents, Cushing acts as the perfect example of a thoroughly modern and forward-thinking city that seamlessly blends tradition, culture, and community into the modern realm. In fact, the city’s tagline “personal connections, global impact” imparts the message thoughtfully, acting as a beacon for individuals seeking the best of both worlds. Nestled within beautifully manicured acreage of unencumbered land, Cushing’s historic Buffalo Rock Golf And Venue, previously known as Buffalo Golf And Gun, has mastered the art of growing alongside its’ community, and embracing change whilst maintaining its’ deeply rooted traditions.

Recently under new management, the location’s name change parlays a modern look into the future, showcasing the location’s myriad of possible uses, focused around bringing people together in a multitude of ways. Buffalo Rock Golf And Venue prides itself on providing world-class golfing experiences, fishing, and the community engagement activities that local residents have enjoyed for many years prior. In the spirit of continued community growth, the space also looks forward to hosting fully-catered weddings, expertly curated corporate retreats, showers, bar mitzvahs, and community celebrations. As the local community continues to expand, and welcome a breadth of new residents, the thriving local economy continues to drive business development, local shopping, localized entertainment options, and the increased need for local community gathering spaces. In this vein, Buffalo Rock has not only successfully integrated within the community to become a chosen location for gathering, but has continued to consciously listen to the needs of the community in the spirit of growing in tandem.

In recognizing the importance of maintaining strong community focus, Buffalo Rock Golf And Venue was purchased by esteemed multi-generational community resident Rick Ahrberg. As the current owner of Cushing business staple Ahrberg Milling, Rick has continued in his father’s footsteps, proudly operating the company in the same community as his predecessors. Originally called Hancock Feed upon its inception in 1920, the company has been in the hands of the Ahrberg family since 1960, purchased by brothers Bill and Bob Ahrberg. In 1985, Bill’s youngest son, Rick, joined the family business, and eventually became the company’s President. A graduate of Oklahoma State University, the Cushing native has amassed decades of pertinent experience within the realm of agriculture.

As a lifelong resident of Cushing, with strongly rooted family history within Oklahoma, Rick’s family, including wife and five children, fully enjoy the community based nature of Cushing. Thus, with a desire to maintain the coveted “small town feel”, Ahrberg’s mission statement for Buffalo Rock Golf And Venue focuses on providing hospitality, entertainment, and fun for the entire family, parlaying the local landscape’s desire for community engagement.

Through Ahrberg’s ownership, Buffalo Rock Golf has pivoted offerings to account for the increasing need for curated space for groups to congregate. With a beautiful bespoke event space, Buffalo Rock creates the perfect backdrop for all events, and makes purposeful use out of every square inch of property. Additionally, continued charity tournaments, and various competitions incite the spirit of camaraderie, and lend the space for usage that benefits various organizations. Raising funds for local organizations, Buffalo Rock’s charity tournaments embody the spirit of neighborly behavior, and further propel the space as the community epicenter.

Though Buffalo Rock welcomes vast groups of travelers from all over the world, the venue enjoys an extensive client base of loyal regulars. By maintaining a regular rotation of weekly events designed to bring local residents together for weeknight outings, the site is a local meeting ground for many. Buffalo Rock’s weekly Thursday Night Scramble draws a crowd ready to relax after a long day at the office. With continued efforts to bring community activities on-site, Buffalo Rock’s private lake is the perfect location for an extensive fishing program. Currently closed for rehabilitation, the completed renovation will undoubtedly provide a wonderful opportunity for relaxing fishing trips, as well as competitive fishing tournaments.

In addition to providing amenities and services to the local community, Buffalo Rock Golf and Venue’s continued growth provides jobs within all fields for local community members. With opportunities in hospitality, management, environmental care, retail, and other sectors, the continued success of Buffalo Rock provides unique opportunities for local residents to find meaningful employment. In turn, this boosts the local economy, providing employees with the spending power to leverage sales for other local businesses. With Cushing’s proud history of small business ownership, this type of evolving local commerce aligns with the area’s history, and long-term future planning.

Through various physical improvements, and a re-invigorated focus on community engagement, Buffalo Rock Golf And Venue aims to continue to solidify its presence as the cornerstone of the residents of Cushing. As time continues to move forward, and globalization continues to impact the ways in which individuals interact, the concept of maintaining interpersonal closeness remains integral for local communities to continue to thrive. Alongside the businesses that foster opportunities for community members to engage in various activities, there exists an understanding of the greater long-term benefit of creating a welcoming atmosphere, one that transcends a particularly fantastic golf outing. This spirit is ever present at Buffalo Rock Golf And Venue, which continues to be exactly what the community needs to grow, flourish, celebrate, and remain close.